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Juice Plus, Week 1

Hello lovelies, for everyone who was looking forward to seeing my journey here is the first path! I was so excited to start this to kick start me and stop my bad eating habits, so far so good! I have noticed some changes already, my hair and skin feel healthier for one and I know it sounds strange but I feel lighter. I'm obviously not but I think its the feeling of my insides, I'm not feeling groggy or sluggish etc. I'm feeling really healthy and good about myself which is always good, I thought I would show you what I started eating before my shakes to help me along the way.

Don't judge me as this will be the last time I see these numbers again but my before and after weight after one week! I won't be too disheartened as a lot of people say you loose more inches than weight the first couple of weeks and to be honest I couldn't care about the number on the scales I just want to look good and feel good in my own skin.

I am weighing myself every Friday,

Before: 16st 7lbs
After Week one of Juice+: 16st 2lbs

I was going to do before and after pictures but I decided to do it monthly so you can hopefully see better results.

I started eating clean the first few days before my shakes arrived, I didn't picture all my meals as I have pretty much been eating the same things but here are some examples.

For breakfast I had been eating eggs and asparagus, fruit smoothies, fruit salads and omelettes.
Lunch I was pretty much sticking to salads with chicken to fill it up more and the odd jacket sweet potato.
For my tea I have been eating chicken stir frys with rice noodles and chicken, Roasted sweet potato's, vegetables and chicken, Jacket sweet potato with salmon and vegetables and Quorn mince with vegetables.
Then for puddings I have just been eating lots of fruit and coming up with inventive ways to make it look more satisfying and tasty, like the bottom picture I loved layering fruits in between Greek yoghurt, it looked so scrummy I couldn't wait to delve into it. 

Then the shakes finally arrived, woo! You get two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, I haven't tried the vanilla one yet but I'm loving the chocolate one with hazelnut Alpro milk its so yummy. When you join they give you a welcome pack full of amazing recipes I'm still yet to try and shake ideas to make them taste even tastier, you can also bulk them up with frozen fruit. It's completely up to you how you chose to do it, you can have two shakes a day and one main meal or one shake a day and two meals. For quicker results I am doing two shakes for the first month then I will do one shake next month.

I have one shake at 9ish for breakfast unless I'm working I will have it earlier, then I have a healthy snack at 11ish like an apple. I then have another shake at 1ish and a snack around 3  like a rice cake with some strawberries then a main meal around 7/8ish. You can have a 600cal meal as your last meal of the day, to be honest I don't count calories I just eat healthy foods I know I'm allowed on the plan. Gone are the days of feeling sluggish and sick, I am full of energy and my insides feel amazing. My co workers are complimenting me on my clearer glowing skin that will be all the water I'm drinking. I am also loving green tea again and testing out new flavoured tea's if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments below. Along with Juice+ I am also doing the 30 day shred, oh my its a killer on your legs especially if you never worked out ever in your life before! I must have had the best metabolism as a child and before pregnancy because I could eat anything in the world and always stayed the same weight, damn metabolism sucks.

So that's my first week lovelies, I hope I didn't bore you all too much, how are you getting ready for summer's bikini body?


  1. Love your meal ideas! I'm trying this 'eating clean' biznizz too purely to feel healthier and I definitely agree on feeling 'lighter' after a few days...probably just the lack of usual bloating ha :P
    Will definitely be following you along! :)

    Aisling x

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