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Hi, I'm Em. I'm a twenty something girl who lives in London.

I'm a zone 1 girl who hates the tube and loves adventuring,  I work full-time for a creative agency where I get to think up and make fun videos, and not so fun videos for a living.  I'm a massive beauty fan and this blog is my little home on the internet to tell you all about my loves, loathes and advice based on first hand experience. I will probably buy anything with an owl on it.

I have followed the lovely Em's blog for a while now and always been a fan of her creativity and style of writing, this girl is gorgeous even with suffering with acne she can look flawless in minutes with her flattering make up skills she can go from Em to Margot Robbie with ease! She inspires me to be better with my make up and can create the perfect drugstore look or a look using higher end products, there is a mix of fashion and lifestyle in there too and her youtube videos are amazing especially if you want to take notes of those make up tips! If you want a good review, haul, favourites read and much more Em is your girl, she is also more than lovely to chat to on Twitter.

You can find Em on Twitter here - https://twitter.com/mypaleskinblog

The Lovecats Inc - a fashion and beauty blog.
Apologies if you've stumbled across this blog thinking it was about my love for cats.
Sometimes I wish it was.

Again I have followed Helen's blog for a while which is odd as I am not normally one for following blogs with a lot of fashion orientated posts but Helen has a great mixture of everything on her blog with the perfect balance! Plus she looks amazing in everything she models on her blog and even gets her boyfriend involved in some fashion type posts too, she has the perfect figure to pull of anything! My most favourite fashion post she has done to date is her styling this gorgeous pale pink coat, I want it in my life. She doesn't just do fashion really well though she is perfect at a good beauty review, season must haves and wish lists with some amazing baking recipes in the mix too! When she posts about a new recipe I'm nearly dribbling wishing I was good at baking so I can run to my kitchen and try to do it pronto, if only you could grab food through the computer right? Above all of that she posts some fantastic tips and tricks with blogging, she has been blogging for a while and knows her stuff and I have watched her blog progress into something really elegant over the years and her layout is really crisp, fresh and easy on the eye.

You can find Helen on Twitter here - https://twitter.com/thelovecatsinc



Hello, my name is Liza and I'm a 25 year old wife and mum, I live in a small town in Devon it's such a beautiful place. My son Vinny was born in March 2013 and he is such a character, you'll see him a lot on here. Here on Glambeautys you'll find a mixture of posts relating to beauty, fashion, home and lifestyle! There really is a huge variety of things you'll see from me, I also love to write about my son Vinny and my adventure as a mum it's a very exciting time! 

I stumbled across Liza's blog about 6ish months ago and haven't stopped reading it since! Since becoming a mum myself I have tried to find a mummy type blog that isn't boring and over powered with baby goop and has a mixture of everything else and Liza's blog is just that! She has some great posts with gorgeous Vinny in, whether it be an outfit of the day, what he's been playing with or where they have been on a day out etc. She is a serious milf with a passion for beauty like myself sharing some great tips, tutorials and storage ideas as well as fashion and lifestyle posts she really does have it all on there. I actually really enjoyed her post about her Kitchen conversion it has made me so envious and making me hate my kitchen even more at the minute aha. I am sure you will fall in love with Liza's blog as fast as I did even if your not a huge fan of baby/toddler posts or have kids yourself I guarantee you will find something you love on there.

You can also find Liza on Twitter here - https://twitter.com/lizaprideaux

I hope all my followers/readers have a lovely Easter break xxxx

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