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Hello lovelies, I'm back again hopefully not with empty promises this time. I really want to get back into blogging, read some old school blogging like the good ol days. You think during a pandemic when we're all stick indoors it would of been the perfect time to start blogging again right? Well what really was there to talk about?! What we watched on the TV?! What books we read or how we cleaned the house 3/4 times a day haha! I love writing about our adventures! So hopefully I can do that this year. I have a good feeling about 2022 but don't worry I'm still approaching the new year with caution after the last couple of years we've had! So I just thought I'd share with you 22 things I'm wanting to do this year.

1. Read more.
2. Eat healthier.
3. Move my body more, I'm trying to do a 10K daily steps challenge!
4. Stop scrolling so much on social media.
5. See my friends more, making more time for myself.
6. Go to Scotland.
7. Start saving for Disney Land.
8. Make time for arty farty things.
9. Drink more water and less diet coke.
10. Learn a different language.
11. Learn sign language.
12. Visit some new parks with the kids.
13. Have more date night/days with Dan.
14. Stop putting others happiness before mine (unless its my kids)
15. Go to a spa.
16. Get the garden finished.
17. Finish the front of the house.
18. Get a new sofa.
19. Get some new breakfast bar stools.
20. Visit more National Trust places.
21. Blog more.
22. Take the kids on as many adventures as I can.
I give up on resolutions, anyone else?! Even the Romans who made up the calander months didnt wan't to change things about them selves they said It was the perfect time to be kinder to other people and put the past in the past, I'd have to agree! Is there anything you're looking forward to this year?!


Hello lovelies, again I've been missing in action for a while again but want to come back as more of a hobby this time as I missed writing but I never seem to have the time at the minute. I've had family in hospital, Dan working away, working full time with being a mother too can be rather hard! It's almost half term though thank god and I have a few blog posts planned for you all! But today is all about the C word and not the horrible one thats ruined the last year and a half the good C word haha! CHRISTMAS! I know it's a bit early to talk about Christmas but with the delivery problems were facing atm why not order early?! Zavvi very kindly sent the boys two gorgeous Christmas jumpers with their favourite things on them. They have such a large selection for you to choose form to suit everyone! - Christmas Jumpers.
The boys absolutely loved their Christmas jumpers and can't wait for Christmas jumper day at school so they can show all thier friends! Lawson said it's so soft inside. Oscar's usually really fussy with jumpers too and he thought it was super comfy! I would highly reccomend checking out their selection of Chrismtas jumpers and they also sell so many items perfect for Christmas presents so why not treat yourself or family and friends this Christmas. Let me know whats your favourite design they do!



Hello lovelies, I thought I would share with you a super simple 'bake' you could do with your children this valentines. You could make these as a dessert or a valentines breakfast.

All you will need is -

A roll of puff pastry
Chocolate spread
An egg
Baking paper
Heart cookie cutter or cardboard heart to cut around.

Pre heat your oven to 180
Start of by rolling out your puff pastry sheet then cutting into it with your heart cookie cutter.
You should get 12 hearts out of the roll of puff pastry at least. Start of with the six hearts on your baking paper on your baking tray

Now cover those six hearts with chocolate spread trying not to go too far to the edges.

Now cover your hearts with the remaining six hearts from earlier and pinch the sides together then coat in egg wash.

Now bang those in the oven until golden an crispy for 15-20mins or so. 

Voila, super easy chocolate heart puffs! I covered mine in icing sugar and some in jam but it didn't look very photogenic! But you could top yours with whatever you fancy. My kids absolutely loved these so I shall definitelybe making these again. 

I hope you enjoy them if you make them! I did a little reel on my instagram, tag me if you make any.