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Yellow & Lime Floral Necklace - Adorning Ava*

Hello lovelies, today I have for you this stunning necklace from Adorning Ava, I was very kindly given this at the Fabb event I went to last Sunday, I am not a huge fan of green at all but I do like nice minty greens and these colours work together beautifully. It is a great statement piece and would look great with shirts or a plain top to snazz up your outfit a little. Since receiving this necklace I had a good look on their website and I now want tons of new statement necklaces! They are so beautiful and super affordable. They also sell earrings, rings, bracelets, arm cuffs and sunglasses, their products have been seen in Look magazine, Grazia, Daily Express and even on This Morning. I would recommend you checking out there website and drooling over all the pretty jewels. 

What do you think to this floral piece of jewelry? 


Models Own Sweet Shop Rhubarb & Custard £4.99

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a nail varnish with scent, a gorgeous scent! My nails smell so edible, I can't stop whiffing them I have had this polish on for 2 days now and I can still smell rhubarb and custard, I am truly amazed, I have tried scented polishes before but nothing smells as good as this now I want the whole Models Own sweet shop collection. Not only is the scent ahhmazing look how beautiful it is? It is quite Christmassy with its redy pink sparkles but I love it. I am feeling festive and I smeel shweeet. 

Have you tried any of the Models Own sweet shop range?


Hello lovelies, first things first please ignore my awful skin at the moment and my unruly brows but I thought I would show you my neutral tones face of make up. As I wasn't really going anywhere this day apart from my local town I didn't bother with any primer, I just popped on my Rimmel 25 hour foundation, it is my up most favorite drugstore foundation. It is medium to full coverage and sticks around all day, I then go in with my concealer, I try to cover my blemishes with Mac studio fix concealer and lighten my under eyes with the Collection lasting concealer in fair as I really like to brighten that area up, especially if I've hardly slept the night before, it makes a huge difference. I then to finish of the base go over with a slight dusting of powder focusing more on my t-zone where I am most oiliest with the Rimmel stay matte powder, this keeps my greasy looking skin at bay and doesn't dry out my skin at all. My next step is brows and I have been adoring the Illamasqua brow cake, it stays around all day and you can make them look as natural or as defined as you wish, one of my favorite things from Illamasqua at the minute. 

After brows its eye shadow, I picked up this stunning shade from the new seventeen range, it is a beigy brown with a hint of shimmer, I have a review coming up soon so I wont say too much but it is so pretty and under five pounds! Then to finish of my eyes I can't help but love a liquid eye liner, for a change though and after going to the Bobbi Brown event I am now addicted to their gel eyeliner*, I always thought that gel eye liners where for pros, but they are so simple to use especially if you have the right tool for the job. It glides on like a dream and stays put all day with no smudges or gunky bits in your eyes like some eyeliners tend to do, I am totally converted! I have also been loving their smokey eye mascara*, it volumises and lengthens, what more do you want in a mascara? It is super black opaque and makes your eye lashes really stand out. 

After eyes I usually go onto contouring or some bronzer but I skipped that step this time and went straight on to blusher, again I have a review coming up of this soon but this Benefit Majorette cream blush to powder is just stunning and smells divine. I also added a touch of highlighter to illuminate my skin a little, Illamasqua highlighter* in gleam was quite a strange product to me at first as when I swatched it I wasn't expecting it to be creamy/liquidy. It was very strange in texture but it does give a nice 'geam' to the skin without being too much, it makes the top of your cheeks pop and a touch of sheen to the skin, it's lovely. Then to finish of my look I went in with the Lancome Lip lover lipgloss in 314 a lovely pinky nude, for a lipgloss this sticks around for quite a bit and isn't sticky at all its very nice and pretty. 

What neutral shade products do you love?


Hello lovelies, we have finally started pumpkin carving, sorry about all the different lightening, the weather outside didn't play ball today. Me and Oscar had lots of fun though, I cut of the lid and Oscar had lots of fun scooping out the gunk, I hate the smell of the inside and it feels gross but Oscar seemed to enjoy it. My dad was luckily around as I am not the greatest at removing it all properly and had a great idea of using a potato peeler to scoop every last little bit out, we soon had a hollow pumpkin ready for a tea light. It is now pride and place of our windowsill and Oscar keeps saying wow ooooh. 

Have you been carving pumpkins with your little monsters?


Hello lovelies, near the beginning of October I was lucky enough to be invited to a Bobbi Brown master class with a few other bloggers, greeted with glasses of champagne or elderflower with macaroons, almonds chocolate and apples (Bobbi Brown believes in healthy insides as well as outsides) their aim was to show us all how to create the perfect smokey eye especially using their new gel sparkle eye shadow. I was wowed at the transformations from both models, they showed us two different looks on two types of skin tones and it is all in the shape of your eye also. I was also a gel pot eye liner virgin and now I am hooked, it really is the most easiest liner with there eye liner brush of-course the trick is a long confident sweep rather than doing a little bit at a time which is what I previously did.

The gel sparkle eye shadows were stunning, so pigmented with the right amount of sparkle to dazzle but not too much to be over the top, after the stunning model transformations they did a look on some of the bloggers that stayed afterwards. I have always been told that purple brings out green eyes but never found the right purple which I liked without looking a bit of a clown. The beautiful make up artist Amy on hand put the purple gel sparkle on my eyes and I couldn't believe how it truly did bring out the green in my eyes and the whites even whiter and brighter, I was so pleased and will definitely be re-creating the look!

We was even more extremely lucky to receive the goody bags of all goody bags! A whole bag full of Bobbi Brown goodies to create the smokey eye look, I am already using the gel liner daily! The eye cream is a dream but I shall be reviewing them bit by bit on my blog so look out for that.

If your ever near a Bobbi Brown counter I would highly recommend you have a little smokey eye make over done, step out of your comfort zone because you will love the finished look!


Hello lovelies, I made my way to the Merry Hill shopping centre the other weekend with my blog gal Chloe and my little family. Dan took Oscar in the opposite direction and me and Chloe did a little bit of shopping thanks to the very generous £30 gift card we received and our little goody bag tote bags and had a look to see what was going on! We sadly missed the fashion shows! I thought it was quite badly sign posted in all honesty but there was fun bag making going on and I enjoyed Doug Hydes little artist collection in the Whitehall gallery, he has some fabulous pieces my favorite being the..

I absolutely love Merry Hill as a whole, plenty of car spaces and free which is a bonus, so many choices for food and plenty of shops to choose from, me and Dan also love doing a late night last minute Christmas shopping trips as they are open till 9pm. They have a cinema near by too so you can really make a day of it there. I didn't go mental shopping this time around, I picked up some bits from Tiger from never being in there before I loved it and found some unusual but very cool things and some new clothes. We finished our day off with a Nando's of course and purses a little lighter, I had a lovely day though and if you missed this years be sure to go next year, they had lovely ladies giving out leaflets with lots of offers in most of the stores.

Have you ever been to Merry Hill shopping center, what are your thoughts?


Hello lovelies, I was very kindly tagged by my beautiful October advertiser Francesca, as I love autumn I just had to do the tag...

1. Coffee - What's your favorite seasonal drink from Starbucks or any other coffee shop?
Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks definitely! So warm and inviting. 

pumpkin spice latte #starbucks

2. Accessories - What do you opt for, scarf, boots or gloves?
I love my boots but I do love my scarves too, I'll have to say both!

3. Music - What's your favorite music to listen to during Autumn
Soft sort of music and relaxing, I listen to pretty much anything all year around though.

4. Perfume - What's your favorite scent for this time of year?
I always go back to my Theirry Mugler Alien in the autumn/winter months as it is more richer and warm notes, I love stronger scents in the colder months.

5. Candles - What scents will you be burning this season? 
I am loving spiced oranges at the minute from Yankee Candle I also love Merry Berry, I love the stronger rich scents such as cinnamon, spiced fruits and things like that. 

6. What do you love best about Autumn?  
Walking through the crunchy leaves, filling the room with candles and sitting cosy in front of the tv with your blanket wrapped around you with a hot chocolate.  

7. Favorite makeup look?
I love brown smokey eyes and love wearing darker/berry lips as the nights get colder.

8. What are you looking forward to the most in the Autumn?
It will be the first year I get to take my little man trick or treating so that will be great and carving pumpkins!

I tag these lovely ladies...

Jessica - Blonde of carbs
Aimee - Aimee Loves
Vanessa - Theothervw
Chloe - Unwritten Hollywood
Hayley - Strangeness & Charm
& Sophie - Eskay Beauty.

*The pretty little picture is thanks to Pinterest.


Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you my top five nude lipsticks because as well as rocking the berry and red lips for autumn I also like to rock a nude too, especially if I have a really smokey eye look. 

Illamasqua - Rosepout, This is like butter on your lips, it is soo soft and just a touch darker than your natural lip shade, this is my most recent go to nude as the pigmentation is amazing as well as lasting power and it just feels a dream to wear.

Mac - Shy Girl, I didn't take to this at first but I have been wearing it a lot more recently, It is a touch darker to hue and is a lovely natural look and great for those no make up make up days. It is a creme sheen finish so gives your lips a lovely sheen to it and they also feel lovely on the lips.

Mac - Hue, The lightest of the nudes and it all depends on my eye look for which nude lipstick I would go for, it is a glaze finish which isn't one of my favorite finishes from Mac but it isn't drying in any way and lasts a good couple of hours before needing to top up.

Rimmel - 03, One of my favorite high street nude lipsticks, it lasts a good few hours and has superb pigmentation, the only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a shade name! All part of the fun is the names I think, I sometimes get drawn into lipsticks by the shade name, but obviously it is all down to the colour and this nude would look great on anyone I think. 

Revlon Lip butter - Creme Brulee, This is a nude lip butter which makes mt lips feel much softer after just the first application, I love the packaging of the Revlon lip butters and there great for quick touch ups without needing a mirror, they are quite pigmented for a lip butter and they smell quite nice too. 

What nude lipsticks do you love?


Barry M Gelly Hi Shine - Chilli £3.99

Hello lovelies, today I haven't got nail swatches for you as when I painted my nails it got darker and darker, I didn't want to give you terrible lighting painted nails and I didn't want to miss a week so I thought I would just take some pictures tomorrow then add them in. It is a gorgeous autumnal shade, a warm red that looks perfect with my pale white hands. This is one of there new releases, I did want to pick them all up but was more drawn to this color. As I have said before Barry M offer such a huge range of shades and they last for ages with such a small price tag! 

What do you think of Chilli?



Hello lovelies, today me and Oscar didn't have anything planned so we just gave nanny a visit, as Oscar was playing around with the ball in the garden I thought it was a perfect excuse to take some outfit snaps as I had left my camera in my bag from a previous event. It was hard to get shots of him still but I managed to get a couple. I absolutely love his sausage dog jumper, it is so soft and not too thick, I also put on his body warmer with this outfit.

Where do you love shopping for your little one?



Hello lovelies, another ootd post for you, I still feel totally awkward posting these as I am rubbish at taking photos like these, I only love a good selfie, I am trying though and I wanted to share with you all my new favorite jumper from H&M it was £20 or £25 I can't remember but it is soo cosy and keeps me nice and warm for the colder months. You don't need a coat with this especially if you're going shopping for the day. I also love these leopard boots I got them last year in the sale for just £10 so pleased with that bargain. 

Have you got any jumper recommendations, I am after lots!


Hello lovelies, today I have for you my favorite purse friendly brand on the blog with there products starting from just ONE POUND that is including these new gorgeous atomic lipsticks! Some are more daring than others but there are two I am in love with already, can you guess which ones they are? Carry on reading to find out and a bit more about them.

Make Up Revolution Atomic Serpent £1.00* - Poison Ivy green is the only colour I can describe for this lip shade, I personally wouldn't go to town and get the milk with this on my lips, I probably wouldn't even be brave enough to wear it out in the dark but this would be perfect for a Halloween look! 

Make Up Revolution Make Me Magnificent £1.00* - This is one of my favorite shades from the atomic lipstick range and probably the most subtle, it is very frozen princessy I think, a beautiful pinky purple with a crystal shine to it. All of the lipsticks glide on the lips so smoothly and don't latch on to any nasty dry bits.

Make Up Revolution Make Me Tonight £1.00* - A great autumnal shade, quite a brown shade with a hint of plum purple, this would go on much nicer with a dark lip liner and if you apply a lip liner underneath not only do they make the color pop more they also make the lipstick last that little bit longer.

Make Up Revolution Atomic Ruby £1.00* - This is my second favorite lipstick out of the bunch, red lipstick seems to be really growing on me at the moment, I love wearing red lipsticks in winter and this will definitely be worn a lot! Look how stunning it it, bright, very intense, cheery and as red as a post box! You really would turn some heads with this on your lips. 

Make Up Revolution Make It Right £1.00* - Another gorgeous autumn lip shade, plummy purple with an almost metalic shine to it. 

All of these lipsticks have at least a couple of hours wear out of them and they leave the tiniest stain behind which is great if you like longevity from a lipstick. They are super affordable and feel like butter on the lips. Which shades are you liking from my post?

What are you waiting for, go an order Atomic Ruby ;) Or whatever shade takes your fancy at www.makeuprevolutionstore.com  


Maybelline Color Show - Noite De Gal £2.99

Not only have I been going from berry to vampy on my lips I have also gone vampy on my nails, perfect for autumn and Halloween! This is a stunning deep purple that looks a tadge lighter when the sun hits it. I find these polishes great for the small price tag, you get a good 2-3 days wear out of them without chipping and they have all sorts of shades and finishes. One of my favorite winter shades is brocade a gorgeous gold glittery one, but this is a stunning shade as I don't usually wear dark nail polishes because I am sooo pale. 

What are your thoughts on dark vampy polishes?