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Hello lovelies, at the start of this month I was very kindly gifted a place in Emma's wreath making workshop at Floral Studio in Rugeley, my home town. I was so excited and over the moon to do this as I've always wanted to make my own wreath. Emma's shop is absolutely beautiful, it is always full of the most beautiful flowers, arrangments, decor and more! Her window always looks gorgeous and you just want to buy everything you see in there.


Hello lovelies, I hope your little ones have well and truly settled into their new classes or even enjoyed starting big school or nursery. I have some new learning toys perfect for pre schoolers, Lawson is four now but still very much into Peppa Pig so was over the moon when we got asked if we would like to review some of Peppa's new learning toys. 


Hello lovelies, last month Elastoplast got in touch with me and told me some facts. 

"Research conducted by Elastoplast has found that almost a third of UK parents (29%) spend less than 2 hours a week playing outdoors with their children, despite it being shown that 1 in 5 parents said they felt younger after playing outdoors with their children and a third felt more relaxed — with this in  mind Elastoplast has found a way for to keep you safe while making those important memories…."


Hello lovelies, my children are really loving jigsaws at the minute. More so Oscar as he loves sitting down and thinking about where all the pieces go, but as you know most three year olds have a short attention spam so jigsaws aren't usually a popular go to. However this peppa pig puzzle had Lawson transfixed! I guess it helps being a huge Peppa Pig fan, but he was in ore of this puzzle and couldn't wait to finish it!

MY 10 GOALS FOR 2019

Hello lovelies, I've had a long break away from blogging but really want to get back into it now! A fresh new year and start. So what better way than to share with you my goals for the new year, no more resolutions because lets face it do we even stick to those? Goals seem more realistic, something to aim for or hopefully smash!