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Hello lovelies, who isn't rocking the berry lip at the moment? Why? Girl own it, I for one would never have rocked a berry lip or any dark lip a couple of years ago but now I am braving it, stepping out of my comfort zone and feeling more confident in new shades with the seasons. Here is five of my favorite lip products for autumn...

Topshop - Wicked, This is my most recent purchase, it looks really brown in the tube but once I swatched it in the shop I fell in love with the gorgeous berry shade, it is quite ox blood like also and just bang on trend at the moment.

Seventeen - Rule Breaker, I think this is more of a reddy purple yet looks very mulled wine on the lips, an off burgandy shade so pretty and so affordable.

Makeup revolution - Rebel with cause*, The best pound lipsticks you will ever buy in my opinion and what better way to be on trend and getting brave? Don't break your bank balance if your new to darker shades buy this gorgeous pinky purple lipstick for a quid. You really can't go wrong and it goes on like a dream.

Charlotte Tilbury - Glastonberry, This is the bravest I have gone with a lipstick shade, I was walking around selfridges and eyeing up the new matte range and thought why not try it on and be brave, it looked stunning on when the make up artist applied it as you can see above I rushed the swatches and they look awful, apologies but it did look stunning on and I just bought it! It stays put for hours and isn't drying at all for a matte lipstick. 

Nars - Cruella, This matte lip crayon is the only red I have actually felt comfortable in, everyone suggests to me that I wear red with my pale skin and dark hair but I just don't feel right in it but this is stunning. It lasts for a good night with partying, drinking and eating yet it is quite drying you do need to prep your lips before you apply this especially if you suffer from really dry lips and a lip pencil would help, 

What lipsticks are you loving in autumn?



Hello lovelies, I am loving that it is finally Autumn, snuggly clothes, dark nights becoming earlier and plenty of hot chocolates. Me and Oscar had lots of fun in the garden the other day on the trampoline, the slide and his new scooter so I thought it was also a perfect time to take some ootd pictures. Next on the list is jumping in muddy puddles, running through heaps of leaves and finally conker picking as we failed last week! What have you been getting up to or want to enjoy?


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hello lovelies, I have an exciting giveaway for you all, something a little different to the norm but be quick as there isn't long for this giveaway. Who wouldn't like a year subscription free for 2 for 1 on treatments and 25% off for places you want to go such as beauty salons, nail bars, tanning salons, hairdressers, spas, clinics, gyms and even a personal trainer! 10% of products and accessories & venue offers?! I have one and I am so excited so start using it all you have to do when you have entered is obviously wait to see if you have won and I will give all your details to the lovely sponsors who have made this giveaway possible for all my lovely readers who I cherish so much. Then check out www.fabyouless-card.com for your local venues.

Good luck to all my lovely readers I can't wait to see who the lucky winner is and I will reveal all on my Twitter page so make sure to follow me on there and my blog to see who's won.

Rules & Conditions 

  • All your details will be checked before I refer your details so no cheating!
  • You must be aged over 16 and ask a guardians permission before you apply.
  • I will share the winner on Twitter.
  • UK only based.
  • Print your name clearly as well as your email and location.

                                               Good luck and best wishes everyone xxx


Hello lovelies last Sunday I went to a fab event hosted by the lovely Abbigayle, This girl is literally the most organised person ever! I have never been to a blog meet so organised, prepared yet relaxed all at the same time. Prior to the event I met up with my blog gal Hayley then we met up with some new blog friends by Primark and about three of us ended up getting the same dogtooth scarf, we had a quick Starbucks then made our way to Brindley place. 

We got to Brindley place and arrived to the meet up destination The Slug & Lettuce, We made our way in and sat our selves down at a table, the best table, where the jugs of apple juice and other refreshments where may I add, we sat opposite to Kirsty Lo who did a lovely presentation on Motives cosmetics and shown us all a gorgeous eye shadow palette which was pretty huge! I have never seen such big eye shadows then we got to do some fun little games. Firstly we took selfies with the amazing organizers Abbigayle had made us to win a prize, then we got a yummy cupcake and had to think of a good slogan to go with the cupcake, strangely me and Sophie came up with the same one! 'Keep Calm and eat a cupcake.' Sophie I had met for the very first time and were literally like sisters seperated at birth yet shes bloody gorgeous! I clicked with her straight away and now have a fab friend thanks to Abbi's meet. Alongside with my Hayley and was lovely to see Rachel again and meet new faces. We managed to sneak in a little selfie whilst we was there as you can see above.

After we had fun with some games as well as a game that got us all involved together and getting to know each other a bit better we had a little tutorial from the lovely ladies from The Central school of make up artists to create the perfect flick/wing/liner. There best tip was to tilt your head whilst applying I still don't think each side will be equal but I am going to keep trying till I master it. After all the fun, games and tutorials we finally got to tuck into the most scrumptious buffet, there were the cutest mini burgers, the best wedges I have ever tasted, prawns, breaded mushrooms, chicken strips, chicken burgers, pulled pork burgers and profiteroles! If all this wasn't enough we got the most loveliest goody bags. Abbigayle talked a bit about the products and the amazing sponsors that got involved they were all very very generous. My favorite brand Lush gave us some lovely products and a firm favorite 'tea tree toner', River IslandBee Good, Lylia Rose, Nanshy, Brat & Suzie, Milton Lloyd, Lovely Lotions, Female First, Harlequin Cosmetics and Dottie rocks. 

I want to give a massive warm thanks to Abbigayle for putting on an amazing meet and I hear its just the first of many! So keep your eyes peeled and don't miss another, a big thanks to all the sponsors and for the lovely bloggers I met on the day, to the ones I didn't speak to you all looked beautiful and will definitely pick the courage up next time to have a natter with you all. 


Hello lovelies, I feel really bad that I have let my blog slip lately but I have had so much going on in my little world. Firstly I'm pregnant again if you didn't already know! I know wow, I was totally cacking myself and scared witless at first but now the shock has worn off I am so excited and well I have just been very sick with it and exhausted, Oscar is having really miserable days lately, I don't know about terrible twos just mardy two's which makes my day quite testing, so by the time the day is over and little man is in bed, I just want a huge bubble bath and my own bed which obviously gives me no time at all to blog. I am trying to fix some sort of blog rota though so hopefully this will all go to plan soon so you all have good posts to read! Anyway enough about my little life update...

This morning me and my gorgeous boys and the dog had an early walk up the beautiful chase that we very luckily live by. There is nothing better after your morning coffee (decaff) than the smell of fresh air going into your lungs walking through crunchy leaves and twigs. We had such a lovely morning but to my disappointment there was no conkers! We officially went conker picking as I read they help get rid of spiders so instead we had a little wander then went on the park for a bit, after the park we spotted lots of fur cones so we just went and collected those instead, why the hell not? They look super cute in a home made potpourri too, I have actually put a candle in a large wine glass and surrounded it with potpourri and now my fur cones plus its a great activity with the kid(s). 

Going in the big outdoors is absolutley free and priceless to see your little ones face light up doing totally pointless things but making there world light up. The fresh air does you good and will help to keep you fit. It gets the little ones learning new things too and testing their senses, I have had the best morning and it has cost us nothing and Oscar has been such a good boy all day, even better! Put your snuggly coats on, mittens and scarfs and go and kick some leaves about or jump in muddy puddles.


Natural Collection - Black Cherry £1.99

These pictures are actually quite old but I thought there is no point in wasting them, isn't this just the most perfect autumnal/winter shade? Another one for you, this is a gorgeous deep Cherry shade with a shimmer to it, I love this shade and so cheap! I have wore this for three days and its still not chipped, what a bargain at £1.99!! Simple packaging which is fine you can see the shade clearly through the bottle and lasting power without top coat is a bonus. A favorite of mine, always have good deals at Boots on Natural collection too, most of there products are under £5 definitely worth checking out.


Illamasqua Complement Palette £34.00

Hello lovelies, I actually got this for £15.00 I am so pleased I got this when Illamasqua was having a sale the other week, how stunning is this quad? I think this will be perfect for an autumnal/winter look with the purpley plum shades. I love the packaging of Illamasqua and since having one lipstick from them I just want to make my way through there products, oh dear another obsession, sorry bank balance!

We have first Slink from the top left a champagne shimmery shade, perfect for inner corners or brow bone, then top right Focus a metallic brown which is a cream eye shadow, perfect for a base or on its own, then bottom left Forgiveness a chocolate plum shade which I think is quite similar to Mac's cranberry but don't quote me on that as I haven't got it just from seeing Google swatches, then lastly Queen of the night a dark plum shade. All of the shadows apart from the cream one are super soft, pigmented and haven't creased on my eyelids and lasted a good day of wear. I look forward to sharing a face of the day for you all with these shadows on maybe an autumn make up look? 

I for one am massively excited for autumn/winter snuggling in my cozy jumpers, getting a black forest hot chocolate from Costa and all the make-up looks to go with it, I need to be braver with a darker lipstick so if any of you have some recommendations I'd love to know in the comments below. I was brave to get this quad to be honest as if you know me you will know I always use creams and browns so I can't wait to put a bit of purple on my lids. What autumnal/winter looks do you like or what eye shadow shades do you tend to go for?


Hello lovelies, a beauty purchase all down to Pixiwoo I have to blame someone right? After watching Samantha do a make-over on the gorgeous Niomi Smart I just needed it, for someone who doesn't wear eyeliner on the bottom, I only ever wear liquid on the top I have struggled to find a liner suited for me. I find black on the bottom for me is far too harsh and after seeing Sam's amazing makeover on Niomi I was curious to try it on myself. I love that this isn't to harsh yet gives my eyes some definition and opens them up. It was strange looking at myself with eyeliner at the bottom but it looks stunning with a smoldering smokey eye and I will definitely be wearing this on a night out soon, it is long lasting and doesn't smudge as much as previous liners I have tried in the past.

You can apply it thinly or as thickly as you like, you can use this on the bottom or top of your lids depending on the look you're going for. It is really easy to apply and a stunning dark brown, for some strange reason when I went in to Mac in Selfridges I had on the brain it was a pencil in the shade chocolate and the lady said no we don't do that shade so I luckily picked up coffee thinking it was the most similar one and I go back to check the video and it was coffee she used, duh. I will try and re-create an autumnal/winter shade like my previous picture on my Instagram for you all to see the eyeliner in action.

Do you wear eyeliner on the bottom?