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Hello lovelies, so today i thought I would share with you all some of my favourite nail polish picks for autumn, as you can see they are all fairly similar in colours and tones but different I assure you.
In the autumn and winter I tend to go for plum shades and nudes on my nails and lips or a deep red, it's not a great autumn.winter if your not rocking the plum am I right?

Seche nail polish in the shade Irresistible £7.95  - This is a really rich deep pink with purple undertones and a slight red tone to it also. It comes a little darker on the nails but I think this would suit most skin tones. Such a gorgeous deep berry shade that look beautiful on your finger nails swell as toes, I'm rocking this shade on my toes at the minute.

Max Factor Glossfinity in the shade Raspberry Blush £5.99 - I adore these nail polishes, not only do they last a while they go on so lovely. Such a gorgeous shade too, I think I'm going to paint my nails this colour after I've typed up this post.

No7 Stay Perfect in the shade Highland Mist £6.00 - Again a huge fan of the formula on the the No7 nail polishes, they make your nails look quite glossy. This shade is a orangey toned nude perfect for autumn. 

Nails Inc nail polish in the shade Kensington high street £14.00 - I can only find the gel version of this online I'm afraid but this has been my favourite shade of them all for autumn winter, i wore this a lot last year and only recently just took it of my nails, it lasts a really long time without chipping and compliments my very fair skin unlike most dark shades, this also looks great teamed up with Charlotte Tilburys Glastonberry lipstick! 

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in the shade Chilli £3.99 - Unlike the hot named chili this nail polish is named after this colour is perfect for the chilli days we have now! Nothing like a warm nail polish to perk you up, it is a browny toned red nail polish and adds a lovely subtle shine to the nails, I like this as a lot of deep dark colours can look a little dull on the nails but this is lovely. They are so affordable too and come in a great range of colours, barry m is one of my favourite nail polish brands.

What nail polishes do you love in autumn? 


Hello lovelies, so I usually give you a montage of lots of lots of photos but I actually uploaded my first vlog on youtube yesterday and edited it myself (As you can probably tell I am very rubbish with technology). So I thought I would share with you all our little trip to Peppa Pig World in Paultons Park, we went here as a treat for Oscar's 3rd birthday, a pre birthday treat as we wanted him at home for his birthday to be with all his family. It took us 6 hours to get there and back! Although it was a very long journey Oscar absolutely loved it so that's all that counts at the end of the day.

I actually really enjoyed it considering I think Peppa Pig is the worlds most annoying tv programme aha, but ti was really cute and I can imagine how awesome it would be to a toddler. I think Oscar enjoyed the George dinosaur ride and the water slide ride the best. I went on once and almost cacked my pants but Oscar has no fear and wanted to go on it again and again so thank god daddy didn't mind it aha.

I thought Paultons park as a whole was great and loved how they had a whole section for peppa pig world if your a parent and know peppa pig well the park is absolutely great and perfect if your little ones love the programme, you have the cars, the boats, you can visit peppa pigs house, miss rabbits helicopter ride, mr potato mans park and a soft play place with a rocket inside! All of it was amazing and the shop, there is literally everything you could want peppa pig themed. We had a really nice day treating Oscar and as much as we missed Lawson it was really nice to just spoil Oscar for the day as obviously we don't get a lot of time with just Oscar on his own anymore and I'm sure he loved it too although he loves his little brother lots.

Let me know in the comments if you thought my first blog wasn't too bad and if you'd love to see more from us all. Have you been to Peppa pig world?


Emily's Cupcakery £1 per cupcake*

Hello lovelies, so the lovely Emily made me some gorgeous cupcakes for Oscar's 3rd birthday the other week, he is obsessed with minions and dinosaurs at the minute so this is what she came up with, how amazing are they?! She is super talented just look at her work above too.

As I am on slimming world I saved my syns all day for one of these cakes and oh boy was it worth it, they take incredibly fresh, sweet just the right amount and the butter frosting just melts in your mouth and just makes you want to eat them all, obviously I couldn't I shared with all the family and they all absolutely loved them. Oscar said there lovely bless him and was super impressed with the designs.

She started making cupcake cakes originally then got into cupcakes and making all sorts of different types of cakes, obviously depending on the design you like, how many tiers etc will depend on the price but she is very affordable and they taste so good! I loved how she put edible glitter on the cakes too, my mum was impressed with this too. I have looked at all her amazing work and will defiantly be having a cake done for future parties for my children. Go and have a really good look through her Facebook page at her amazing work.

She obviously wouldn't be able to send these out to you if your not near to my hometown 'Rugeley' as they could get damaged in the process but she does deliver if your quite near, it is so worth it if you live in the Staffordshire area to try her cupcakes then if your impressed get yourself booked in for a cake. How amazing is that spiderman above?! All her information is on her Facebook profile HERE.

Message Emily if you have any enquiries about her cakes, hope you like the look of them they really do taste as good as they look. Just a shame there too many syns for slimming world aha.


Hello lovelies, on Saturday the 19th my beautiful baby turned into a very big three year old! Where does the time go? I'm still in shock at how fast three years has sped by me. This is probably going to be a really deep soppy post so prepare yourself.

So 19th September 2012 I gave birth to Oscar Jay Kazoks weighing 9lb 10 ounces all natural just on gas and air within 3 and a half hours. About four months prior to finding out I was pregnant with my baby Oscar I was massively depressed and not wanting to be on this planet at all, I didn't feel like my life had purpose or I'd be missed if I was gone, in September that all changed I gave birth to the most beautiful boy I have ever seen and he gave me purpose, I truly believe that he is my guardian angel sent to me to keep me sane, grow into a better person, become stronger and show the world what I can do and what I can achieve mostly to be a great mum I aspire to be. 

I was really lucky with Oscar he slept through from about 8 weeks old, always took to his food really well no trouble with teething or anything like that, he was an amazing baby and gave me no trouble at all I thought this parenting thing is a doddle! Until the little terror hit 2, it's true what they say guys terrible twos, i thought someone had took my angel Oscar and swapped him with satan, he demanded everything and if he didn't get it you'd all know about it! But despite the tantrums, tears, hair pulling and chaos of a house he made me laugh daily, he is the most loving little boy who loves cuddles and kisses, he can't go to bed at night without his green froggy or a bedtime story and is so intelligent.

I honestly don't know where his intelligence comes from, its not me or his dad aha! He's now stringing sentences along lovely, still sleeps through great despite the early wake up calls 'Come on mom get up, its morning!' He has also gained a little brother Lawson who he loves dearly and protects, he strokes his head, puts his dummy back in if it falls out and loves helping feed him or helping me get things. My heart oozes with so much love I have for my little boys and I honestly don't know where I'd be now without them. Dan has his faults like we all do but he is a great dad and tries his best for them, he has truly spoilt all of us this weekend gone and Oscar had the best birthday ever, we surprised him with Peppa Pig world Friday, I shall have a post about that soon he absolutely loved it and was well worth the 6 hour there and back journey! I know right. Up above is just some of the pictures from his birthday meal, he wanted to be spiderman so spiderman he was, his new obsession along with minions and dinosaurs. 

He's been in a nursery since he was 2 so he could learn new things and interact with children his age but he starts proper school nursery in November and I'm so emotional about it, he really is growing into a little man and the days are just going by too fast, so I'm just going to enjoy every minute of them as you should do with your little ones.

He was truly spoilt with lots of presents, cards and love xxx


Septembers My Little 'Fashion' Box £11 pcm

Hello lovelies, I thought I would share with you Septembers 'my little box' as it's amazing! This is by far the best monthly subscription box I've signed myself up too. (Not at all because it has alcohol in it, thats a one off) It has a great arrangement of lifestyle pieces with some beauty bits thrown in too, perfect. 

In this months box I got a gorgeous blue scarf perfect for autumn with a beautiful print on it, they don't give you all the prices of the items in the box but this is 24 euros alone! It is an american vintage scarf. You also got some cute little nail art stickers, I'm not the biggest fan of these but I will try and have a little play around with them or maybe treat my friends to a mani.

Obviously the alcohol, not only did they supply me with this, they put in a little cocktail book! How sweet, I love the sound of the strawberry mint, i'll let you all know how that went down. An exciting product I thought to try was the La Roche-Posay BB cream apparently its great for sensitive skin and I do suffer with sensitive skin in the colder months so can't wait to try this out and hoping it has pretty good coverage too. Another beauty product we got in there was a gorgeous red lip colour it feels like a lipgloss but dries like a lipstick, the formula feels lovely and I love rocking a red in winter, I can't wait to wear this one as its so stunning I will have to get a review up of it for you all. 

Last but definitely not least we got a mini hairspray by Kerastase, I always hear good things about this brand and looking forward to trying out this extra strong hold hair spray, I love mini's to throw in your bag or perfect for weekends away, I'll have to hide this from the fella though as he keeps robbing my hairspray at the moment or maybe even give a review from a mans point of view? Interesting. 

All of the contents in the box cost a lot more than £11 so I definitely got my moneys worth, but its the excitement of not knowing what your going to get and I actually use the things I receive in these boxes as before when I subscribed to beauty boxes they were just products being stored and getting no use at all, I couldn't recommend this box enough to you if you love lifestyle bits and some beauty things. I also love how they give you a cute little card with a message on, I have all of my previous ones in frames around my house, super excited to try all these new things, I'll let you know what I think of them later.

Are you subscribed to my little box or any other boxes?


Hello lovelies, I didn't take that many pictures here as we were all having so much fun! Lawson was with us too aha but obviously too small for the rides. This is an extension of out 'weekend in Teignmouth' post, Crealy is down south and was on the way home so we thought why not spend our last day down south at a theme park for kids?!

Oscar absolutely loved it, well we all did I wished we had something like this nearer to our home I'd be going everyday! So affordable and so many things to do, lots of different food places for everyones tastes, they have two soft play places as well as outdoor ones! Then plenty of rides to keep you entertained. I'm so glad Oscar likes fast rides he had so much fun.

We had the best family time down south, spent quality time with Dan's family too and just explored a bit. I think Oscar's favourite ride was the water slide where you go down in a rubber ring he also loved petting all the animals as he loves animals. I just really wish we lived closer so we could go regularly. 

Have you been to Crealy before?


LUSH Frozen bath bomb £3.95

Hello lovelies, today I have a bath bomb review for you. I was so happy to see this in my nearest Lush store as it had only been in Oxford Street forever! I was so excited to see it and show my little boy as he loves frozen and my lush bath bombs, he loves seeing what colour they turn the water and other magical things they can do.

The frozen bath bomb is everything magical in a bath bomb, it makes the water go an icy blue with gorgeous shimmer running through out, dark and light blues colliding, we were singing let it go as we threw the bomb in because that's how we roll in our house. 

The bath bomb itself has rose oil in it to restore and balance out your skin, grapefruit oil which helps to refresh and uplift you and neroli oil which also helps to uplift and tone your body. The bath itself left my skin lovely and soft and I did feel really relaxed in it. The only downfall to bath bombs for me is they lack bubbles and I'm a huge bubble bath fan so I tend to add extra bits and bobs to have bubbles and an amazing scented, feeling bath.

It smelt gorgeous, Oscar loved whizzing the bomb around and loved it to we give it 8 stars out of 10.

Have you tried the Frozen bath bomb form Lush yet?




Hello lovelies, I have another instalment of my two little beauties, I know I'm biased but how gorgeous?! I think H&M and Tesco is the cheapest place for bulk buying clothes and the quality is so good, it doesn't go horrible after washes and everything is so trendy. You can't beat Next they never seem to let me down and I am obsessed with Zara at the minute, I can't wait to get paid for all the Autumnal stuff that they have in now, someone take my card of me quick.

Where do you like to shop for your little ones?


Hello lovelies, I thought I would share with you all my top three concealers, I know most normal people only use one concealer or two, I have over 20! Some the same one like the collection one, I always have back ups of that bad boy but I thought I would share with you all which ones I love the most and the ones I am always reaching for.

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer 010 Ivory £5.99 - This is quite a recent purchase for me, but I instantly fell in love with it, it's a concealer that adapts to your skin tone and acts as a highlighter as well as a concealer, I find this conceals my blemishes great and I love it applied under my eyes to give them a dewy glow. It's one of those ones you squeeze through a brush type applicator, the only downfall for me as I squeeze to hard usually and have a lot of left over product but that really is the only downfall for me, if your not heavy handed like me you won't have a problem with it I'm sure.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer Chantilly £22.00 - The most expensive of my collection of concealers but defiantly one of the best, very creamy and rich but melts into the skin easy without making you look cakey at all, the coverage is absolutely amazing and I get the lightest shade to make my under eyes look amazing! I don't use this on blemishes at all I purely use it for the Kim K contour style where I really brighten up my under eye area and get the contour out on top. I always get compliments when I wear this, well worth the hefty price tag. This is also an amazing concealer due to the fact it comes in lots and lots of shades whether your really pale or dark skinned which I find hard to see in a lot of drugstores/boots etc. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Fair £4.19 - My absolute favourite concealer ever in the whole entire world, I still can't get over one of my favourite bits of make up is from collection, a very affordable make up brand and its my holy grail! It's the smallest fraction price of my Nars one and is just as good! It conceals blemishes beautifully and also gives me the Kim K contour look with the lightest shade, I use fair under my eyes and the next shade up for blemishes. This is spoke about all the time over the blogosphere and I haven't met anyone who doesn't like it, yet. How can you not? Super affordable and really does a good job of perfecting your face, who needs a filter with this baby.

Whats your favourite concealer?