3 August 2017


Hello lovelies, we were very kindly approached a while ago asking if we would like to review a Casdon Baby Huggles Car booster seat, I mentioned to them that my eldest had a doll before Lawson came to introduce him to a baby but he never played with it or was bothered with it, we kept it after Lawson was born but Lawson was never interested in it either so we gave it to a friend who appreciated it. So was skeptical reviewing this.

They said not to worry as I mentioned Lawson did have a cuddly toy he took everywhere with him, his beloved Mickey Easter Bunny special edition bear, he takes this EVERYWHERE with him and is very distressed if we can't find him. So I was quite excited to show him this when it came so he could strap Mickey in the car with him when we went on car journeys.

He loved the fact Mickey was sat right next to him so he could look through his books without struggling to hold onto Mickey and was even showing Mickey the pictures in the book, it was really sweet and he was talking along to him. 

It was very easy to assemble and its small enough to leave in the car at all times without taking up to much space or in the house, it can hold a doll up to 46cm with its adjustable head rest. Oscar said why has Lawson got a pink one? Pink is for girls, I said it's not Oscar it doesn't matter what colour toys are if you enjoy playing with them, he said ok but I don't like it, haha. I can see where he is coming from some boys just don't like the 'girly pink' and it would be nice to see baby ranges have more colour choices than pinks but maybe there is more out there that has an assortment. 

Lawson has loved taking Mickey on adventures with him though and I would imagine a child who has a beloved stuffed toy or a doll would thoroughly enjoy this to take their friend anywhere with them, they can travel safely then side by side. It would also help the children who are a bit of a mare to get in their car seats and whinging about their belts etc, if they see their friend strapped in and looking safe they are more likely to do the same.

It's great to develop their key life skills and great to have a toy so close to real life functions as day to day life goes around us. Lawson now shouts car car with Mickey, it's adorable and makes the car journeys even more pleasant. 

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