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Hello lovelies, today I have for you a little lush haul I say little as I didn't get much but it still come not far of £50, makes me want to cry a little, I adore Lush but it's so expensive when you're getting a few bits at a time.


EcoEgg Hard surface cleaner fresh lavender £23.54* 

Hello lovelies, for anyone who knows me they will know I have a mild OCD problem, not every day of the week granted but majority days of the week, I can not settle when the house is a mess, I can't go to bed if the dishes aren't done, I have to have clean kitchen work tops, bathroom has to be spotless, I think thats more down to germs etc. I haven't really talked about my cleaning routine or anything like that on here which I should do as sadly I actually quite enjoy cleaning when I get into it. Anyway Ecoegg kindly sent me two 500ml hard surface cleaners that came with two extra sponges and two microfibre cloths. This kit would usually come to us under £24 but on QVC you can get it right now for half the price. Ends at 12 tonight!


Hello lovelies, we are finally in Autumn, my favourite time of the year, apart from Christmas, obviously. We very kindly got sent some gorgeous clothes from Roco clothing for Oscar to style in, I am awfully late as I've been ill as I mentioned in my last blog post but better late than never and he could hardly wear a thick jumper in summer right?


Peppa Pig Softee Dough Picnic Playset £12.99*

Hello lovelies, if you know Oscar you will know he has always been an avid Peppa pig fan, he has almost every toy set from them and we have hours of fun playing with them, my favourite is pretending to be Ms. Madame Gazelle? Is that her name, its funny either way. Another thing we love doing is playing with play-doh! This softee dough is so much better to play with, I prefer the texture and for some reason it smells nicer and it's Peppa pig? Oscar was over the moon when this came for us to review.


Sing-a-Ma-Lings £9.99* 

Hello lovelies, so we kindly got sent these quite cute goofy looking singing toys a couple of weeks ago and I honestly don't know how to review them. My youngest son Lawson hates them with a passion, he cries as soon as he hears them sing and Oscar just loves opening their mouths and tries his hardest to get them to bite you...


Hello lovelies, so before I talk about how gorgeous these cakes were from Caketoppers I thought I would let you all know what we've been up to. So we had a gorgeous week in Belamadena as I mentioned in a previous blog post, we had the most amazing week but as soon as I came home I become so ill, I have been bed bound for three days which meant I missed out on Oscar's birthday treat to Drayton Manor that I wanted to film and keep for him, which also meant I was so ill for his birthday too! I felt like the shitest mum alive honestly! I've never cried so much this weekend due to being ill and feeling like the worst mum for making Oscar have a crap birthday, although Oscar said it was the best birthday ever bless him! Dan has the worlds worst feet from holiday and has been walking around like Tina Turner but saved the day and took Oscar to Drayton manor thankfully and Oscar was at school most of the day Monday and I did push myself to go into town and let him pick his own birthday cake and now I'm feeling better we can finally play with all his new toys!


Left to Right - Peppermint, Whiskey & Bailey

Hello lovelies, meet our three amigos, brother guinea pigs! I have been after guinea pigs since I was a 12 year old and my best friend at the time had them, I had always wanted one but my mum never let me. I was waiting for Oscar to be at a good age and he loves animals so a few weeks ago now I got these cutie pies, I originally only wanted two as I know they don't do to well alone but the man said I do have only three left, I said oh goodness I can't leave one behind I'll have to have all three, he said he was happy as they are brothers! I felt much better keeping them together and they seem to be getting themselves comfortable here.


Peppa's Alphaphonics Campervan £19.99*

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a great educational toy! I love educational toys because it means your children are learning whilst having fun so it doesn't feel like a chore at all and can I just say for just under £20 this is an absolute steal, I am so so impressed with this toy I would of bought this myself if I knew about it. 


Hello lovelies, as you are reading this post me, Lawson, Oscar and Dan will be either on the plane to Benalmadena in Spain or soaking up in the sun, ahh. So I thought I would share with you all a little survival kit I come up with for our plane journey.


Hello lovelies, a bit of a different post today. Do you ever think about the dream you had the morning after? Thinking what the ... was that all about? I often think about them and google why I'm dreaming about them, like the ones where you've dreamt your teeth have all fell out or when you wake up naked at school? I hope I'm not the only one that dreamt that.. The weirdest one though, are you ready?


My Summer Makeup Bag.

Hello lovelies, I know were practically in Fall now but I'm going on my jollies on Friday so still in Summer mode, don't get me wrong I can't wait to get into my wooly jumpers and sip pumpkin spiced lattes but I would feel weird writing about Autumn then all Summer holiday stuff when I'm back so my lovely friend Dena kindly offered to do me a summer guest post and there will be some summery types of posts for an extra couple of weeks, hope you don't mind then I'll be in full fall mode.