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The London Edition

Hello lovelies, I thought I would share with you this months Glossy Box, I think this one is wonderful. Gorgeous box for Great Britain and full of fab goodies.

I adore the inner and outer packaging, the beautiful Great British flag on the front with bold bright colours. Then cute attention to detail on the inside. Now for the more exciting part to whats inside the beautiful box.

An array of gorgeous freebies! I was really excited for this box and once again not let down, they just seem to get better every month this year. Here's a closer look,

A decent sized sample of perfume by Elizabeth Arden - Untold. I think this is more for the mature woman personally or just not my taste in perfume. It is a lovely scent, floraly with a hint of fruitiness with a beautiful little bottle and I love the box it comes in! But as I'm not in love with the scent I may give it to my mum or nan. 

Eyelure - Pre glued Lashes, I've tried a lot of different eyelashes but never used this brand before so I'm looking forward to trying these and even better you don't need glue! But for extra support I think I may just add a little. You can never be too sure with fake lashes haha.

Rimmel - Stay Blushed Cream Blusher, I was pleased I got this as I bought one of these the other day in the other shade and it applies lovely, you only need a pea sized amount as a little bit really does go a long away you can apply these with your finger tips but I prefer to use my Real Techniques Buffing brush to just dab on my cheeks. I find this packaging much more hygienic then pots dipping your finger in and out and the colour is gorgeous; pop of pink.

Be a bombshell - Eyeliner, I have never heard of this brand but loved the fact I got this eyeliner as I've really been loving felt tip like liners there so easy and hassle free to apply on your eyelids so I can't wait to use this.

Toni&Guy - Shine Gloss Serum, I personally love Toni&Guy hair products and have quite a few and excited to try this as my hair has its moments of fly away ends and i think this will defiantly sort these out! It smells gorgeous and really lightweight. Perfect size to throw in your handbag too for on the go.

Did you receive this months Glossy Box? Did you love it as much as I did?

Autumn Lipstick

Hello lovelies, I've never been one for a dark lip but as its coming up to the blistering cold nights and foggy mornings I thought why not venture out of my depth and get a darker shade for the autumn and winter months. So here I have to show you today what I picked up on Monday. I was buying my friend a little birthday treat anyway so thought perfect moment to get myself a new wintery shade.

Seventeen - Lasting Fix Lipstick £4.29 (Boots)

For starting of with new darker shades I think its best to start with drug store makes as there cheaper just in case you change your mind later on or unsatisfied with them you haven't spent too much money on them and can always give to a family member or friend.

I'm personally pleased with my bargain lipstick. After receiving that amazing goody bag from Seventeen not long ago I didn't realise how good there collection can actually be so that has broadened my horizons and made me get a few other products from there range so that I did. This lipstick for the cheap price tag is quite long lasting hence the name and not drying at all, unlike more expensive lipsticks that are drying I find that so annoying so for just over £4 you can't really go wrong plus there colour collection is fabulous! 

I got this shade in 'Autumn Berries'  I love the dark red tone to the lipstick with an undertone of  burgundy. This compliments my pale skin tone very well. But I also think this will look great on all skin tones. 

As where I live the drugstores aren't very good for big collections of colour with all the make up brands so I was wondering if anyone could recommend me any drugstore autumn shades? What are your favorites?

I shall be sporting this lipstick in the Autumn and winter as well as my other shades, I don;t wear certain shades for certain seasons but I do like to get in the spirit of things.

My current Night time Skin care routine.

Hello lovelies, Happy Friday! Today I'm going to share with you my nightly skin care routine I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

I bet your all thinking two micellar waters?! Yup, this is why. My Bioderma has been a life saver for me and a massive favorite since I bought it but as its hard to get I thought I need something similar and I really think the L'oreal 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar solution is the match. But it doesn't tick one box for me, my eyes! My eyes are very sensitive and I feel that this makes my eyes feel a little stinging sensation not massively but enough to make me feel a little uncomfortable. So as I'm on my last bit of Bioderma I have been using this as an eye make up remover and my L'oreal as an all over face make up remover. 

Bioderma is amazing for removing all your make up but like I said it's quite hard to get hold of and can be quite pricey, L'oreal's match seems to do the same jobs so why not trade it in? It's personal preferences more than anything but I love it apart from my eyes. I am on a search for the perfect eye make up remover for sensitive eyes if any one would like to share with me. I find them both cleaning my skin very well and there so much better for you than face wipes. Face wipes dry your skin out so badly! Try to steer clear from then if you can.

Once I have cleaned most of my make up of with my micellar water I scrub my face with a good old face scrub. One of my favorites being this Soap and Glory one. This is a 3 in 1 face wash that smoothes, cleans and scrubs. You only need the tiniest amount in your hands rub it into slightly damp skin and it lathers up greatly. It smells fresh and clean and that's exactly how my skin feels after I've used this. Really revitalizes my skin and should probably use it in the morning as it makes my skin feel alive. But even though this makes my skin feel uber soft and clean I always seem to double cleanse at night time.

I love this cleansing balm so much. Once I purchased it I wanted to immediately take all my make up of and use it! But as it is so rich and nourishing and lovely I wanted to use this after I removed all my make up to get the full effects of the product. The smell is out of this world its so beautiful, the oil in it makes my skin feel silky soft. It has an uplifting blend of moringa seeds, wild sea fennel, Vitamin E, orange, neroli, mandarin, jasmine and rose all beautiful ingredients to help look after your skin. Just the aroma of the product alone makes me feel like I'm in a spa. A lot of people have complained about the packaging of the product saying its cracked. Mine hasn't maybe I just look after it better but I quite like the packaging. Emma Hardie has been my favorite cleanser to use in a long while. As you can tell as I've hit pan, sad times.

Once I have double cleansed I tone my skin. I love this toner, it makes my skin feel so refreshed. Not only can you use this as a toner you can use it as a spritz through the day on top of your make up to feel revitalized and cool your face down. The fresh scent is lovely and keeps my skin feeling great.

After I have toned my skin I like to apply a little bit of this Caudalie oil before moisturising and as i have combination skin more on the dry side this evens my skin out a little, helps my dry bits over night feel soft and gentle. I quite like the distinct smell to this product it smells like rich product. You only need the tiniest bit so I think this will last me a while. It is so nourishing and you can use this all over your body, nails and hair but I mainly just use it on my face focusing on my dry areas.

This part of my routine I change up a little I haven't found a staple moisturiser I love yet! Although I like this product its not amazing. I really thought it would be with its 'dramatically different moisturizing lotion' label but I find it very watery based it does make my skin feel smoother and hydrating but I quite like a thick-ish moisturiser to sink into my skin over night. It's abit too lightweight for me to not feel like its doing the best job I still like it though and going to use it for a a bit longer to see how my skin feels. 

The rest of my products are what I use once or twice a week as my little beauty extras for that extra pampering and make my skin feel beautiful.

Origins - Modern Friction Natures Gentle Dermabrassion.
This is for the extra clean on your skin get all that mucky crap out of your pores. It's not massively seedy to feel too rough on your skin its just right, not to make you feel uncomfortable in any way. I really dislike the scent to this product but I don't let it bother me too much. My skin does feel so soft, smooth and clean after using this.

Lush - Mask Of Magnaminty Face and Back Face Mask.
I love this face mask, Its more for the acne prone skin type as it helps massively with spot prone skin and this is a life saver for me when those pesky blemishes pop up un-wantedly and unexpected! It clears most of my blemishes up and makes my skin feel rejuvenated. It has quite a strong minty scent to it but I kind of like that I also find it stings my skin a little but I like that because I know somethings working, it really does clear all my pores out and helps break my outbreaks from getting any worse.

Origins - Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.  
The smell just wow, a fruity explosion under your nostrils, the most nourishing moisturiser I've ever used I would just love to use this every night but it is very rich. I love the feel of my skin in the morning once I have put this on over night its amazing. I still have some product on my face it sinks in so well and feels smoother, calmer, nourished, hydrated it just ticks every box! It has amazing ingredients inside natures best even including, Plant glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, Apricot kernol oil, Avocado oil, Mango butter and Japanese seaweed. You really would have to try this out to see how amazing it is, I really do love this. Well worth the price tag.

I hope you liked my skin care routine lovelies If you have one please post it in the comments below, or recommend me your favorite skin care products particularly for combination skin that would be great! Have a really lovely weekend.

My make up collection

Hello lovelies, I have been umming and arring alot about this post but finally got round to doing it. Im quite happy with the space my make up collection is in at the moment but awaiting my new dressing table. I haven't got a massive make up collection but have got an unhealthy obsession for lip products! Also probably don't need that many mascaras but this is what I love! Most of my pennies go on beauty products I really am obsessed with make up and skin care products you can never have too much honestly! So here goes, a warning there are lots of pictures.

I currently use my spare room upstairs as my little getaway, my beauty haven such a great place to just chill out. It has most of my favorite things upstairs so I love it very much.

This is a little floating shelf I just popped on top of a radiator, very safe hey. That consists of three little drawers where I mainly keep cu-tips, buttons and random little flimsy things. On top of that a cute little pot I keep my make up brushes in containing Real Techniques brushes, Eco Tools, Elf and other random brands. A little whiskey glass I got from a charity shop in a set of four which I usually keep my little Yankee candles in but this one keeps my eye lash curlers and pencil sharpener. Then a little pot from Ikea which you will probably see everywhere over the blogosphere containing random brushes I rarely use and a glass jar containing eye brow pencils and eye liners of all forms. 

Then in the middle a plastic clear container I got of Ebay which has my mascaras scattered in the slots which is usually for lipsticks but I like to be different consisting of Clinique, Benefit, Yves Rocher, Gosh, 17, Max factor, Rimmel and more and a glass jar next to it full of random lip products that don't fit in my other designated places. Then three clear draws full of my lipsticks from Highstreet to drugstore. Mac, Topshop, Clinique, Sleek, Rimmel, Maybelline, MUA, 17 an others. Next to that a Ted baker tin mug full of lip glosses. Mac, Rimmel, Elf and many drugstore lip glosses. 

Then in the large glass jars I have a big one containing all my little samples, sachets mostly then the other full of cotton pads. Two little jars containing hair grips and perfume samples.  

Then in the two draws below I have in the left hand side my 'Eyes' draw.

In the back basket I have eye shadow palettes and eye brow palettes, I have bigger eye shadow palettes to the side and the little glossy box lid in front I have single eye shadows with a couple of shimmer sticks and eye lid primers. The little black pot next to that is full of random things. 

Then in the right hand side draw I have my 'Face' products. 

This consists of my Foundations, Primers, BB creams, Concealers, Powders, Highlighters Blushers and Bronzers.

My foundations, from highstreet to drugstore consisting of Estee Lauder, Mac, Benefit, Rimmel, Loreal, MUA, Lush and other brands.

Then BB creams, Tinted moisturisers, Concealers, Highlighters and Primers all ranges of highstreet and drugstore.

My blushers, Elizabeth Arden, Mua, No7, Elf, Mac, Rimmel, Revlon and others.

My Bronzers, consisting of Avon, No7, Elf, Bourjois, W7 and other brands. My Powder brush also lives in here as it fits nicely. 

Then lastly on my make up draws I have my nail varnish collection along with my two mirrors.

A whole different variety of nail polishes up above, I love experimenting with nail art and I pretty much have every single colour I think. My nail art bits and bobs are in the bigger draws. If you would like to see more into my nail collection don't be afraid to ask :)

Like I said I haven't got a huge collection but I'm pretty pleased with it its enough for me and I love spending a good few minutes choosing what look I'm going to go for in the morning. I hope you liked this post and I LOVE Make up collection videos and posts and if you have one please pop it in the comments, I love a good nose through.

The One and Only Tag

A post that I was tagged in by the lovely Jessica Hunter over at Coffee&Cosmetics.

The One & Only Tag

A tag about beauty products that I couldn't live without if I had to choose one of them there is just one question and that is,

If you could only have one ____ what would it be and why?

I am a massive fan of the Nivea moisturiser with primer inside but for hiding blemishes at its best I couldn't live without my Benefit POREfessional primer. I got my sample size in a Benefit face set and I love the silky like texture to the pro balm so light weight that once you've rubbed it all over your face you can't even feel it that much. It also contains Vitamin E and protects your skin from free radicals. It helps minimize my pores on those bad blemish days.

Base Product;
The foundation that I have loved from the minute I brought it has been MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in the shade NW20. I love a long wearing medium to full coverage foundation and this one ticks those boxes. Plus I have combination skin more on the dry side and this glides over so smoothly and and I think the gel base helps my dry areas and it feels so luxurious. It's very hydrating and it makes my skin feel alive and soft. I apply this with my Real Techniques expert face brush and it blends in lovely onto the skin, matches my skin tone perfectly. This and Rimmel 25 hour stay are my absolute favorites but if I had to choose one I'd defiantly choose this one.

All throughout the summer I have been loving cream blushes! I don't know if there best used in the summer or all year round but I've only been dabbling with cream blushes for a couple of months. A huge favorite of mine has been the Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in Coral Reef. A beautiful coraly pink blusher that would compliment any skin tones cheeks. You only need the tiniest bit dabbed onto your cheeks as it is super pigmented and lasts a good couple of hours. This is a staple in my make up bag and perfect if you've forgotten your blusher brush you can use your fingers. I will be branching out to new shades of these also to add to my blusher collection.

My day to day highlighter that I use is MUA's Undress your skin shimmer highlighter a subtle shine over your cheek bones, brow bone and cupids bow that gives a lovely shine to my skin to give me a subtle lovely glow. It feels so soft and I love the swirly pattern to the product I've had this a while and only use the tiniest bit so I think this will last me a long while. For £3 I really couldn't fault this product I love it.

Eyebrow Product;
Another MUA product, there so low in price but such good quality, you can't fault them! My favorite eyebrow product has to be there Pro Brow Kit. Its a small enough palette to fit into your handbag/make up bag and great for on the go with two eye brow shades, a highlighting shade for your brow bone but its far too dark for mine and a fixing gel to keep those brows intact throughout the day amonst two little tools, tweezers and an eyebrow brush I don't tend to use these but there great for on the go. Since I went blonde as well I thought I can't use this but the lightest shade works perfectly to match my hair colour. A great palette I think and great price!

This is easy for me! My absolute favorite mascara that I have never come across anything better before has to be Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp ultra volume mascara. Everything about it is perfect! Honestly go out and buy it now I couldn't recommend it enough to you all. It doesn't clump, it volumises, it just makes your lashes look amazing. The wand just hugs to your lashes just please try it out! I'm sure you will love it as much as I do. I'm running out so will have to repurchase this ans I shall always repurchase this! 

Vichy Dermablend Ultra - Corrective Cream Stick in Porcelain. This concealer is the best thing in the world! I have a sample of all different shades that have all worked on my skin when I've had fake tan and not. Porcelain is an amazing shade for under your eyes to make them look vibrant and alive and really brings them out. And the other shades to fit your individual skin tone really does help cover your blemishes its fantastic stuff! I'm defiantly picking this up in full form soon.

I'm not a huge powder fan as it makes me look cakey as it clings to all my dry areas I've tried numerous powders and numerous techniques it's just not for me. But when I do use the smallest bit I always go back to Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. 

A bit of a cheat with this as the bronzer I love is infact a powder blush but its far too dark for my skin tone to use as blusher so I use it as a bronzer and I love it so much I've hit pan on it and will need to do a repurchase. It gives a great definition to your cheek bones and inner nose a gorgeous colour MAC Powder Blush in Sincere. 

Make Up Brush (Single);
This would have to be my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, even though my puppy kindly chewed the handle it's still in tact thankfully but will need replacing as it has seen better days. But this puts my foundation on perfectly I adore this brush along with all of my Real Techniques brushes there all amazing. Sam Chapman your amazing.

Eye shadow; 
Without a doubt my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette I really could not live without this! Every single shade in there I love and would wear any shade any day. A gorgeous array of creams, nudes, browns, shimmers, mattes and great for a smoky eye effect well worth the money. I'm sure almost every beauty blogger out there has this already though.

I have only been using this a short while but also loving this quickly it is just so easy to apply onto your eyelids with just one little stroke. Its the Eyeko London Skinny Mini Black liquid eyeliner. A staple in my bag now and review coming soon.

I don't know if this classes as a lip gloss as its a lip lacquer but it feels and looks like a lip gloss and these are fab! The Rimmel london Apocalips Lip Lacquers in shade Celestial. I love the product and the shade. So easy to apply they go on very wet but dry instantly and look so lovely and glossy on your lips.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid Lipstick has been my favorite lipstick in the shade Shocking coral. A gorgeous bright pink coral colour almost neon. Not only is the colour gorgeous it has fantastic lasting power! This has lasted throughout the day and night for me and I really do need to get more shades from this range. If you love good lasting power you really will love these. You can't beat a bright lipstick to make your face complete although I do love a nudey pink. 

Hope you liked my answers some are the same as my lovely friend who tagged me in this but what can I say we have great taste!

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And any other lovely beauty bloggers who want to join in feel free and let me know once you've done it.