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Hello lovelies, I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and have an amazing new year, I'm very glad to see the back of 2016 but I'll mention that in my next post. Here is to a better new year and my little tips on getting yourself pampered ready for your new years party.


Hello lovelies, as I have two boisterous boys I thought I would do it in two sections, one for ages 1-2 and one for ages 4-5. I have put a bit of a selection in there, my son is 4 but looks about 6 he is very mature for his age and plays with things a little higher than his age but obviously you know your own children and what to get for them.


Hello lovelies, so Christmas is 6 days away eek! I'm all organised thank the lord but the more I have done these christmas gift guides I'm thinking ooh I love the look of that. Some of you may be thinking this is a bit late to post gift guides but I know theres still some people out there that haven't even bought one present, yeah you. So it feels a little late to me so I'm just going to do one big one for women, a whole one for children under 5 in to two parts and one for men over £20, I've been really poorly recently so slacked a bit in the blogging department but I have scheduled a better plan for my new year in blogging and I can fully enjoy my Christmas break with my family after these christmas gift guides and I have a couple of other posts, I am SO excited for christmas this year!


Christmas Friends My first puzzles Ravensburger

Hello lovelies, so christmas is creeping around the corner and I don't know about you but do you dedicate the whole of December around christmas? Well I do, whether it's crafts, watching christmas films, puzzles, talking about christmas etc and when I got in contact asking if I wanted to review a christmas puzzle I was all over that and so was my son Oscar! Lawson is just under 18 months and did manage one of the puzzles but it was more for Oscar however easy it was for my four year old.


Hello lovelies, so today I have for you a different type of post, DIY? I love a bit of sprucing up, re decorating but I'm never one for actually building things, anything that needs electrical equipment or a hammer, it could be dangerous! I nearly burst a pipe last time I tried to nail a plaque on the wall, my bad. I did however though manage to build some storage for the children's playroom ready for after Christmas, more storage! Do you plan on doing some DIY over the Christmas period? Whether it be fixing shelves, storage units or a new project for the new year. I have some tips to make sure you are safe.


Hello lovelies, so today I have for you a post all about Office furniture, I'm not a full time blogger unfortunately although I do make a bit of money from it so I class it as my part time job and where I spend a lot of my evenings as soon as I've sorted out my tribe. When you are blogging a lot do you not think it is important to be comfy? As well as all you lovely people who work in an office you have to be comfy to be sitting at a desk all day right? Not only do you have to be comfy it has to be health beneficial too or their could be consequences in the future.


Hello lovelies, today I have for you a special post especially if you have little ones, who doesn't love the magic around christmas? I thought Christmas was amazing before kids now it's even more amazing, watching them grow up and get excited for the big man coming, talking about the big man I have a website that you and your children are going to love!


Hello lovelies, today I have for you something a little different, I am not personally a driver myself but a passenger always in my finance's car, mother in laws car etc along with my two gorgeous boys. My fiancé works away a lot in the week and now it's getting frosty, a bit slippery on the roads it is a constant worry for me when he is away and obviously when I get into the car along with my children, safety first!


Hello lovelies, so a while a go I set up a little mini series of 'Interview a blogger' I thought I would bring it back, one blogger a month for you to check out, share the love and even follow if you love their content or even connect with over social media. I think it's a lovely way to find new blogs, I struggle finding new blogs if I'm honest unless I'm in a Twitter chat or someone new follows me on Twitter so I thought I would share the love with some blogging friends and new people I've never spoke to and the chance to read their blogs. First up I have my gorgeous blogging friend Laura who I love dearly, you can also check out recent ones here.


Hello lovelies, I have an exciting blog post for you today, especially if your children love Nick Jr, Nick Jr is always on in the background at our house, my son loves Blaze and the monster machines, Ben and Holly, Paw patrol etc. They are doing a 'Carol-oke' right now! If you want to get involved check the information out below, all you have to do is upload your little one who is aged 2 - 7 singing Deck the halls!


Mr Tumbles Christmas Party Album £9.99*

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a little something to get you into the Christmas spirit especially if you're a parent, who's child doesn't love Mr.Tumble's? I know us parents aren't a massive fan of him, or maybe I'm just speaking on behalf of myself aha but I know for sure my four year old loves him, even my 16 month old has just started taking a liking to the television a little now and lights up when Mr.Tumble's comes on so what better gift for them then a Christmas album with him singing on it?


MORSE TOAD Personal gift £12.00*

Hello lovelies, so recently I've been eyeing the internet up and down for gifts for the children and my fiancee, it's so hard to buy for men! I know my kids will be happy with cars, lego and whatever else is in the Argos catalogue but Dan, he's SO hard to buy for, I struggle every Christmas until Morse Toad got in contact with me...


Hello lovelies, so I was very kindly sent the most generous hamper from Debenhams a couple of weeks ago, not only for me but they treated my two boys too. Originally a lovely member from their team asked me to come up with a 'wish list', we all know as a child those wish lists we had on what presents we wanted, I don't know about you but I never got that dream dolls house I wanted aha, but I very generously got all the items of my wish list and more! 


Hello lovelies, thought I would give you a little update on how Lawson's weaning journey is going, he eats everything and anything really! He isn't a fan of broccoli or strawberries though, his favourite dinner is spag-bol whether it is is my home made one or the Hipp Organic's shop bought one as pictured above, I personally think theres looks better, taste wise I can't comment as I haven't tried Hipp's myself but Lawson is a huge fan as you will see his near enough empty plate below shortly.


Hello lovelies, firstly apologies for the rubbish quality picture but it's my excited I lost 8lb in a week face and got myself an award! Ok, so anyone who knows me knows I have been a yo-yo dieter since, well since forever. I have NEVER ever been happy with my body, I was a slender 10/12 before children and was I happy then? NO , stupid cow! Haha, back before kids I used to say to my family and friends and boy did I annoy them 'Why am I so fat, I need to loose weight'. I've always been the tallest friend and most curviest, well before children when I had a whole group of friends, they died out and so did the nights out and so did my self esteem even more!


Hello lovelies, today I have for you a gorgeous wall mural from Graham & Brown, how gorgeous is it? We are in the process of decorating the play room at the minute, I recently got contacted to this project that Graham & Brown were doing for children to be imaginative and choose their own decor for their dream bedroom, we have updated their bedroom as you can see here so we thought we would revamp the playroom, Oscar chose this wall mural and he is so impressed with it as I am and loves all the colours, its a delight walking up the stairs now, I always show case their art work but this is just stunning and because it's vintage it will never grow old, who doesn't love Disney? 


Hello lovelies, I'm braving another OOTD eek, I just don't feel confident at the moment what so ever but like I said to my fiance, I've joined slimming world, I want to get back to feeling like 'me' again and if I post pictures of me at the moment now, in the near future I can see how far I've actually come, so I thought sod it, Paige just post your pictures and I want to know, do I suit hats?


Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you all what I get up to on an 'autumnal pamper night in'. Firstly, I have pamper nights A LOT, I'm a home bird I don't go out very often at all, who can even stomach hangovers these days? Plus I have two young children under five and I just couldn't and wouldn't put myself through it on a weekly basis, once in a blue moon for me but that's how I like it!


Hello lovelies, so today we went pumpkin picking, yes its a little early but my decorations have been up since last week! Oscar is so excited about Halloween he said he's more excited about this than Christmas, I beg to differ he just can't wait for all the 'treats' but he's been asking for pumpkins for days! I saw on my Facebook someone talking about pumpkin patches and I thought, wow I've never actually been to one before, searches google...


Hello lovelies, so the lovely blogger Kate from Crafts on Sea, very kindly sent me and some other bloggers her E-Book of Halloween crafts for kids over! I absolutely adore doing crafts with the kids, I think not only is it fun but its that great bonding time too and of-course the mess for the kids. I sadly have been really unwell and problems with family to do any of the crafts yet but I had to share with you all Kate's new book before Halloween is over so you can do some fun crafts with your children.


Brio Farm Tractor Set £19.99*

Hello lovelies, today I have for you one of the first toys collection range from Brio there Farm tractor set, my kids love vehicles, anything with wheels they can push along they absolutely love so when this came through the post for us to review they were very happy! That happy I apologise for the missing horse, Lawson grabbed it and ran of with it and anyone who knows one and a half year olds, when they have something it is theirs! So no horse in the picture once we opened it but hopefully you can see the lovely wooden horse above inside the box and the lovely attention to detail.


EcoEgg Hard surface cleaner fresh lavender £23.54* 

Hello lovelies, for anyone who knows me they will know I have a mild OCD problem, not every day of the week granted but majority days of the week, I can not settle when the house is a mess, I can't go to bed if the dishes aren't done, I have to have clean kitchen work tops, bathroom has to be spotless, I think thats more down to germs etc. I haven't really talked about my cleaning routine or anything like that on here which I should do as sadly I actually quite enjoy cleaning when I get into it. Anyway Ecoegg kindly sent me two 500ml hard surface cleaners that came with two extra sponges and two microfibre cloths. This kit would usually come to us under £24 but on QVC you can get it right now for half the price. Ends at 12 tonight!


Hello lovelies, we are finally in Autumn, my favourite time of the year, apart from Christmas, obviously. We very kindly got sent some gorgeous clothes from Roco clothing for Oscar to style in, I am awfully late as I've been ill as I mentioned in my last blog post but better late than never and he could hardly wear a thick jumper in summer right?


Peppa Pig Softee Dough Picnic Playset £12.99*

Hello lovelies, if you know Oscar you will know he has always been an avid Peppa pig fan, he has almost every toy set from them and we have hours of fun playing with them, my favourite is pretending to be Ms. Madame Gazelle? Is that her name, its funny either way. Another thing we love doing is playing with play-doh! This softee dough is so much better to play with, I prefer the texture and for some reason it smells nicer and it's Peppa pig? Oscar was over the moon when this came for us to review.


Sing-a-Ma-Lings £9.99* 

Hello lovelies, so we kindly got sent these quite cute goofy looking singing toys a couple of weeks ago and I honestly don't know how to review them. My youngest son Lawson hates them with a passion, he cries as soon as he hears them sing and Oscar just loves opening their mouths and tries his hardest to get them to bite you...


Hello lovelies, so before I talk about how gorgeous these cakes were from Caketoppers I thought I would let you all know what we've been up to. So we had a gorgeous week in Belamadena as I mentioned in a previous blog post, we had the most amazing week but as soon as I came home I become so ill, I have been bed bound for three days which meant I missed out on Oscar's birthday treat to Drayton Manor that I wanted to film and keep for him, which also meant I was so ill for his birthday too! I felt like the shitest mum alive honestly! I've never cried so much this weekend due to being ill and feeling like the worst mum for making Oscar have a crap birthday, although Oscar said it was the best birthday ever bless him! Dan has the worlds worst feet from holiday and has been walking around like Tina Turner but saved the day and took Oscar to Drayton manor thankfully and Oscar was at school most of the day Monday and I did push myself to go into town and let him pick his own birthday cake and now I'm feeling better we can finally play with all his new toys!


Left to Right - Peppermint, Whiskey & Bailey

Hello lovelies, meet our three amigos, brother guinea pigs! I have been after guinea pigs since I was a 12 year old and my best friend at the time had them, I had always wanted one but my mum never let me. I was waiting for Oscar to be at a good age and he loves animals so a few weeks ago now I got these cutie pies, I originally only wanted two as I know they don't do to well alone but the man said I do have only three left, I said oh goodness I can't leave one behind I'll have to have all three, he said he was happy as they are brothers! I felt much better keeping them together and they seem to be getting themselves comfortable here.


Peppa's Alphaphonics Campervan £19.99*

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a great educational toy! I love educational toys because it means your children are learning whilst having fun so it doesn't feel like a chore at all and can I just say for just under £20 this is an absolute steal, I am so so impressed with this toy I would of bought this myself if I knew about it. 


Hello lovelies, a bit of a different post today. Do you ever think about the dream you had the morning after? Thinking what the ... was that all about? I often think about them and google why I'm dreaming about them, like the ones where you've dreamt your teeth have all fell out or when you wake up naked at school? I hope I'm not the only one that dreamt that.. The weirdest one though, are you ready?


My Summer Makeup Bag.

Hello lovelies, I know were practically in Fall now but I'm going on my jollies on Friday so still in Summer mode, don't get me wrong I can't wait to get into my wooly jumpers and sip pumpkin spiced lattes but I would feel weird writing about Autumn then all Summer holiday stuff when I'm back so my lovely friend Dena kindly offered to do me a summer guest post and there will be some summery types of posts for an extra couple of weeks, hope you don't mind then I'll be in full fall mode.