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Hello lovelies, as I have two boisterous boys I thought I would do it in two sections, one for ages 1-2 and one for ages 4-5. I have put a bit of a selection in there, my son is 4 but looks about 6 he is very mature for his age and plays with things a little higher than his age but obviously you know your own children and what to get for them.

Little Tikes 4-in-1 Bike | Play Kitchen | Raceway Play set | Garage | Pirate play set | Building bricks |

I have a few of these items ready for Lawson, a kitchen - he loves going through my cupboards constantly, I thought he would love a kitchen of his own, he will think I'm turning him into a modern day house husband what I got him this year actually, I got him a kitchen, a hoover, washing machine and an ironing board aha, got to start them young right? We have the bike from Oscar this is a great investment, Oscar stopped using it when he turned three and we got it him when he was one. I love the happy land figures as they are big enough for them and not easy to put in your mouth to choke on but small enough to play with nicely I also think most boys will love pirate ships, what would a boys gift guide be without cars and garages? My boys love their cars and anything to do with them. Obviously all of these toys are fab for girls too but because I have two boys and used to them I thought I would just stick to a boys gift guide and knowing what they both love.

Electronic phonic pairs | Big city loop | Lego juniors | Blaze & The monster machines play set                                                              
                        | Scooter | Remote controlled Helicopter | Furby Connect |

Oscar has asked for a scooter this year, he has a planes one but it was very loved and looking a bit worse for wear now, this funky one from halfords looks fab and easier to move with the two wheels at the front, we actually got him a spiderman one as he loves spiderman! To go with the spiderman craze I put this spiderman lego on the gift guide, my boys love their building bricks and I think most 4+ boys love spiderman. All I hear lately is the craze for these fury connects, I personally wouldn't pay £79.99 for one but I know most of the parents in my town are buying their children one, when they was on offer for £50 I would of been tempted to get one as Oscar is enjoying the game on his tablet at the minute but I missed it! Like I mentioned above my sons love their cars, Oscar loves anything with loops and racing cars I thought most boys would too so threw on a couple of options.

What have you bought your boys for christmas this year?

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