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Hello lovelies, so today I have for you a different type of post, DIY? I love a bit of sprucing up, re decorating but I'm never one for actually building things, anything that needs electrical equipment or a hammer, it could be dangerous! I nearly burst a pipe last time I tried to nail a plaque on the wall, my bad. I did however though manage to build some storage for the children's playroom ready for after Christmas, more storage! Do you plan on doing some DIY over the Christmas period? Whether it be fixing shelves, storage units or a new project for the new year. I have some tips to make sure you are safe.

1. Follow the instructions, I know it's boring to read that big manual the object comes with but it's important and vital when you fix it all and left with 10 screws, I think those 10 screws may have been needed, my fiancé is constantly saying oh I know what I'm doing I don't need that then regrets it after and has to start all over again.

2. Be aware of your surroundings, especially if you have young children and pets never leave power tools or any tools lying around and make sure it is a safe area to work around.

3. Take care of your tools, in order for your tools to work correctly you need to look after them correctly, no swinging them around by the cord or leave them lying around near an area they can be damaged.

4. Check your tools, especially if you're using power tools make sure they are in tact, no loose wires or cracked/damaged casings, never use a damaged power tool, whether you are a diy newbie like myself and you are borrowing a tool make sure it is in fully working order.

5. Add safety accessories to your DIY project, not just for fashion but those safety glasses may be a big part in the project to keep the debris at bay and if you're using a loud power tool make sure you have some ear plugs to minimise the damage to your ears.

6. Use the 4-1 rule on the ladder, my fiancé kindly added this tip for me to share, me on a ladder? You must be kidding but he tells me, for every four feet of ladder height the bottom of the ladder should be one foot away from the wall or object it is leaning against. Make sure you read the instructions properly for the ladder you have as they all vary, also make sure the ladder is the right size for the job as a lot of accidents have been because the ladder has been too short for the job in question.

7. Keep a first kit handy, you never know, it's better to be safe than sorry.

8. Although we try to look our best it isn't a fashion show when your doing a bit of DIY so take of any loose jewellery or accessories incase they get caught in a power tool or the project you're doing, it could end badly.

9. A clean workspace is a safe workspace, make sure you are working in a clean area and all sharp objects and power tools are stored away at a height away from young children and cords are out of reach. Make sure your work area is well lit also.

10. Never leave a power tool unattended, you never know who is around especially if you have children and pets.

I hope my tips helped if you are planning a bit of DIY and you are a novice like myself or even the pro DIYers sometimes don't always get it right, if you do happen to have an accident you could be entitled to mesothelioma compensation with Slater and Gordon that can help.

*This post is in collaboration with Slater and Gordon.

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