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Espa - Refining Skin Polish

Hello lovelies, today I have a product review for you. Nathan very kindly gave me this product to review for you all from his and Rachel's salon at Rachel Lamey's so here it is for you.

Espa - Refining Skin Polish

Along with their clean fresh looking packaging is how there products are too, very clean, natural ingredients and no nasties. Too many ingredients to mention but here are a few, aqua, sunflower seed oil, coconut, beeswax, shea butter and much much more.This can be used on the driest of skins or oily so anyone can try it, just that for oily skin you would only need to use this once a week where as dry to normal skin ideally two to three times a week. 

Looking after your skin is vital especially in the colder months, do you cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin with added extra's daily or even weekly? Do you want nice skin and to age gracefully? You won't if you don't start looking after it now. Some people start at 16, I didn't start using skin care products till I was about 18 and my skin isn't amazing I still have the odd break outs but it is smooth and looks fresh, I hope. I wan't good skin when I age, I don't want saggy skin and it to look dull and unhealthy. I am lucky that I don't smoke or drink as that speeds up the process of bad unhealthy looking skin. 

I massaged this on to my warm damp face in circular motions avoiding my eye area and rinsed thoroughly afterwards. It has the tiniest micro-beads inside that are a bit tricky to remove afterwards as they are so tiny but a few go's with your flannel you will be fine. It is a very light exfoliation but just right to not be to soft on the skin or to abrasive. As I said in my Espa Facial I personally am not a massive fan of there initial scent but each to there own, like I said I love fruity and sweet smells not 'natural' scents but some may love that it hasn't got that strong over powering smell to it.

After just one application of this my skin felt amazing! It was glowing and so smooth, as I was staying in that day I never even wore moisturiser and my skin felt soft all day and radiant. After using this a few times again since it is slowly clearing up my blemishes on my face and is making my skin look more alive and less dull which I love in a product. It sweeps away at the dead skin cells though which makes it reveal softer and clearer skin. As a newbie to Espa skin care I am slowly converting to them and can see myself re purchasing all the range, my skin has never looked and felt so good. I would highly recommend you checking there range out or even getting your self an Espa facial to see the difference to your skin. For my local readers you should really check there products out or get yourself booked in for an Espa facial with the 50% off offer to new customers. But my other readers don't feel left out as Nathan and Rachel are giving you not only 10% off but they will post it to your address for a p+p fee. My local readers also get the 10% off  the product you just need to tell them you're a reader of my blog and this is my unique code 'PWBLOGRSP270214'.

February's Glossy Box.

Hello lovelies, abit late in the month with my February's Glossy Box sorry, but here it finally is. I didn't bother with January's as it was exactly what it said on the tin 'basic'. Alot of people have been slating Glossy box again this year, I absolutely loved last years boxes and umming and arring about this years but it's only February lets see if it get's better?

The box was obviously themed for Valentines Day, I love the packaging with all the colourful kisses on. Inside... When I Initially looked into the box only two products where screaming out to me and the chocolate ofcourse, but after having a deeper look there was more than met the eye. Ok, well I am not going to use that body shimmer stuff, to me it looks really dated and for the elder woman, is it just me? Well anyway I am going to be giving that my Nan as it's not my thang. Then there is the Toni&Guy Hair gum, I never use gum/wax type products in my hair, I can't stand the feel of it through my hair and it makes my hair look greasy and vile but one person who will love to try this is my boyfriend, so that's where that's going. 
Let's start getting on the product's I like, the Ciate nail polish immediately made my eyes light up, I love a nail polish or two, or several! I love the shade, a gorgeous reddy orange it is in shade 'Red hot chilli' if you wanted to go and check it out. Another thing that stuck out was the Maybelline Kohl eyeliner and I was so excited to try it out but guess what? My lovely son decided to open up my box and draw himself with it! I was only next door in the kitchen when this was going down, I know it's my fault for leaving it around but I was so looking forward to trying it, looks like I'll HAVE to buy it now. Also he wasn't harmed at all a quick bath sorted him out, he just looked like he had been sweeping a chimney or something. 
The Cocktail kiss lipgloss, when I first saw this I thought it looked like a cheap tacky lipgloss you get in the bargain shops but it smells so gorgeous they come in a range of flavors apparently and mine smells of a cocktail but can't put my finger on which one, very very sweet its beautiful! It is very shimmery though so would look nice on a night out I am guessing, pretty and pink also in the shade 'Manhattan'. 

Overall I didn't mind the box but it's not as good as previous box'es I've had from them, they need to up there game as so many people are switching to Birchbox and I sadly may have to join them if the next box is mediocre. Come on Glossybox :)

Have you currently switched or are you a Glossybox lover? I'd love to know what you got in your boxes if anything different in the comment's below.

Spring Nails - Pastels.

Hello lovelies, I know it's not quite Spring yet but to get me and you in the mood/prepared for it I thought I would do a nail post for the season. When I think of spring I immediately think of daffodils and pastels, gorgeous pale colours and they make your nails look super cute. I also love pastel clothing, I have my eye on a few things, have you been purchasing any pastel clothing?

Green - Topshop - Gone Fishing
Yellow - Miss Sporty - Popcorn
Lilac - Ciate - Sugar Plum
Blue - Ciate - Ferris Wheel
Pink - Nails Inc - Warwick Avenue 

I think they look so pretty, I chopped all my long talons of too and gone short for a little bit, they grow really quick anyway. What do you think of my pastel nails?


Rachel Lamey - Espa Facial.

Hello lovelies, I had my Espa facial yesterday, amazing! Honestly, I am not just saying this because I am working with them, I would tell you if I wasn't happy with something but It really was amazing, Laura the lovely beautician there really knows her stuff! 

google image.

I walked in with the lovely greeting of big smiles and asking if I'm well, coat was taken off me and asked if I wanted any refreshments and I took a seat and looked at there new Make up line they have in there store right now. Royal Effem, I wan't to try it all after reading up some reviews on there products so hopefully I'll get some samples for you all to read reviews on! There matte finish foundation has top ratings all around the world, so need to give this a whirl. If you go into the store Rachel will even sort you a mini makeover out for you to see how good the products are and see what colour suits you or even go for a different look for a change. That foundation also has long lasting effects and thick for a good full coverage if that's what you like, I am definitely a fan of full coverage! 

Back to the facial though, after being greeted and asked for refreshments I went through to the holistic room and was blown away by the gorgeous aroma's of the Espa candles burning away and the tranquil soothing sounds of the music playing in the background. I was made to feel at ease straight away. I sat down and Laura was so helpful and pleasant with me, she asked if I had any problem areas at all or any advice I may need then pulled out this magic machine I have never seen in my life before after having previous facials. To many of you your probably thinking oh that, I've seen loads but I haven't and was truly amazed by it.

The skin vision lamp.

An amazing lamp that detects your dry, oily, sensitive and wrinkled areas. If it comes up orange that's where it's oily and as I mentioned my T-zone at the top, I was right with a little on my chin also and mainly normal and dry everywhere else. I can't remember the colour for dry skin but I think Laura said purple for sensitive and green for wrinkly, she didn't tell me she saw any green unless she was kind and didn't mention it aha. What was lovely also she showed this to me on another colleague from work there so I could see how it worked. I have honestly never seen this in my life and think it's amazing because sometime's you can't see what type of skin someone has if they have already moisturised or covered in make-up correcting those areas. I tried to take a picture of it using on someone else but it was too blury to show the true effectiveness. 

After that Laura went through all the products that would help the different areas of my skin and explained how the products would work, she if very professional and really does know everything she needs to. If I had a question she didn't even need to think about it, answered straight away. She then which I have never experienced made me shut my eyes and made me smell two cotton pads with different scents of toners to see which one my body needed, which is a fantastic idea! So I did that and that went with all my other products being used on my face. 

After that Laura told me to undress my top half and went out the room whilst I did this for a few minutes to get myself relaxed and also asked if I needed any more refreshments, I felt so at home (although I never get this kind of treatment at home). I was all sorted and Laura came in dimming the lights and turned the music up a little, she did say if it was too loud for me just to say but it was just right. I was in a tranquil heaven being looked after beautifully. She soon cracked on and asked if I minded oil in my hair, I said no and it began.

She started by taking my make up of with the Espa Nourishing Cleansing Balm a rich balm that removes all traces of make up and helps to soften and firm the skin and she used the Espa Bio-Active Eye Cleanser for my eyes, to remove all traces of eye make-up especially mascara, it even removes stubborn water proof mascara. It didn't sting my eyes at all as all Espa products are natural and pure. She then applied Espa Refining Skin Polish this is the product I have got to try out myself at home and I am already loving it after just a couple of uses. It has the tiniest micro-beads in to exfoliate the skin but its gentle, the more abrasive you want it just don't apply that much water before applying the product. I will go more into this product on my review though. After removing that with hot towels, which felt sooo nice she went on using the Espa Hydrating Cleansing Milk, a mild, creamy cleanser that helps effectively hydrate whilst cleansing the skin to leave it feeling soft, suppl and balanced. After cleansing she used the toner that my body needed obviously as that was the scent I went with, Espa Hydrating Floral Spafresh a gentle toner that hydrates, freshens and lightly nourishes the skin. This smelt so beautiful because one thing and the only thing I don't like about Espa is their scent you know like all brands/products have there own unique scent, I personally don't like it but because it is pure and natural it's quite earthy and I'm a lover of fresh and fruity sort of scents which is why I think I was drawn to that toner. After toning the Espa Replenishing Face Treatment Oil was applied which is great for deeply soothing and replenishing your dry areas to quench the dehydration with moisture and also helps to ease the appearance of wrinkles, always a bonus right? Then finished of with the Espa 24 hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser, a finely balanced eye cream that soothes and diminishes fine lines and also eases those dark shadows under the eyes. I remembered all of this, I'm joking Laura kindly gave me a booklet with all the products used and even put a star next to the ones she highly recommends me getting.  After the facial she rubbed some oil into my hair and a little head massage, massaged the top of my shoulders, my arms and hands and my chest, it was all so amazing.

It was honestly the best 45 minutes I've had in a long while, hope all you dirty minded folk don't read that in a different context aha! But on a serious note I would highly recommend it. Laura makes you feel at ease and comfortable and treats all your needs. The room and the music just get you right into the relaxed zone and you want to fall asleep because your so relaxed and into the zone. I wanted to lie there forever, after Nathan complimented my skin on it looking healthy and he was right, it looked healthy, glowing and felt so supple. I really need to invest in an eye cream so my eye is on that one I even noticed after applying my make up today it didn't crease as much as it usually does under my eye area! 

Here is the link to there facial Rachel Lamey - Holistic 

Worth every penny and even better if your a new customer you get a whopping 50% off! Go and book in now because you would be daft to miss out with that offer. 

A big welldone if you managed to read through this massive post aha, but I had to go into full detail for you to fully understand the treatment and experience it with me, does it not make you want to go and get a facial now?

I want to say a huge thank you to Laura for making me feel amazing and Rachel and Nathan for this opportunity. 

Mini Drugstore Haul.

Hello my lovelies, how are you all? Hope your enjoying your weekend. I have recently been to Blackpool and as I was there I did a teeny bit of shopping, maybe got too many lipsticks to add to my unhealthy collection already, woops, but a girl can never have too many lipsticks right?

I'll start of with the lipsticks, as they are my favorite make-up pieces. They just finish of your look don't you think?

I just love them all, I was only going to get a Revlon Matte Balm after seeing so many good reviews, but it was 3 for 2 in boots and I wanted some more Lip Butters too. Woops and it was also 3 for 2 on Seventeen also! I am gutted though as there is one thing missing in this haul and its the Phwoar paint concealer, I have searched high and low and can't find it anywhere. But the Seventeen lipstick is gorgeous, it is a lot brighter on the lips than in the tube though, I defiantly wouldn't be able to pull this off in the day. The Revlon Matte Balm is a lovely soft more subtle pink though and definitely wearable in the day. I am already a massive fan of Revlon lip butters they just feel so nourishing on the lips and the colour lasts a good few hours, just feels like a tinted lip balm. I am also loving matte lipsticks at the moment as I think they just last a lot longer, they can be drying on your lips but if you prep them before hand your fine! The matte lipsticks I picked up where MUA Wild Berry and Sleek's Papaya Punch both gorgeous colours and the papaya lunch lasted me all night in Blackpool after drinking a couple of cocktails too. I will wear all of these though and they look great amongst my array of lipsticks, just need a bigger storage unit now...

As you all know I'm sure I love doing my nails, I haven't actually tried any of the Seventeen Gel polishes so as it was 3 for 2 I thought why not get one, this shade was the only one in the collection I didn't really have shade wise, in my current nail polish collection so that's why I chose this one. I have tried to use this since buying it and can't seem to get on with the formula but I won't be defeated I shall try again soon. Then after looking through Boots I came across BnM and was only going in there to get some snacks for the hotel, but as you do as a beauty blogger you see what beauty things they have to offer and I stumbled across these for £2 what a bargain, considering these are worth £8-£10. I loved the colourful design reminded me of a peacock so I will be trying these out soon, look out for a review!

I repurchased my favorite drug store foundation, in case you didn't already know. But this time I got it in the shade lighter I usually get. I usually buy a foundation a tadge darker than my skin as I am so pale and I hate it, so I like to add some colour in my face but for a change I thought I would get Ivory, used to getting 'classic beige' and its a perfect match! Still a touch darker but a lot more closer to my skin tone than previous shades I have tried. I just love this foundation as it lasts all day and night and its medium to full coverage. 

Then lastly I just bought another handbag hairspray.

I rarely ever used to wear hairspray but now it seems to be a regular thing for me before I go out the door, maybe because it's so windy? I have a huge Tresemme that I keep at home and love dearly but I also love this one too and I buy the little ones for my handbag for touch up's when needed. Like my Tresemme one it's a very lightweight hair spray that you can't feel on your hair, it doesn't make your hair feel nasty and crispy it just feels like air if you understand aha? I just love it so had to repurchase it again. Do you have a favorite hairspray?

So that was my mini haul it was over two days and I ended up speaking to a lovely woman at the Estee Lauder counter in Blackpool Boots and she gave me a little make over and some samples which was lovely of her and then I got a skin care consultation from a lovely woman at the Clarins counter and came back with some sample goodies so I can't wait to try them out as I am new to Clarins skin care and I'm always hearing good things about them, so yeah looking forward to that. If any of you have any Clarins skin care reviews I'd love it if you left your links to them below, thank you.

Rachel Lamey - Update.

Hello lovelies! I will soon be experiencing my Espa facial on Saturday, I can not wait, but for now I thought I would update all my local viewers and anyone who is willing to travel to check out my local hair and beauty salon out on the fantastic offers they have at the moment amongst other things.

Firstly if your new to the salon, they have 50% off for new customers on cut's and blow drys. Which is amazing if your want to try out a new salon and maybe a new style or something different for a change, I personally know Ryan who works at the salon and he is amazing at what he does, he has cut my hair numerous times and I am always so pleased with the finished look he does exactly what you want and more. 

Also they are on the hunt for people to have a FREE hair cut/style! By a trainee stylist, yes free! Who doesn't love a freebie? This includes a restyle from medium hair to a precision bob, a funky hair cut for the men out there, a restyle pixie cut and an a hair up do.

Lastly this Hair and Beauty Salon also offer 'Salon Skilz'

What a fab idea, offering skills to customers so they can learn them self salon ways and get a voucher on KMS products, I am already interested in one on the list and may have to try it out. 

"Don't know how to get the salon look yourself? Our in salon workshops will help you use your OWN equipment on your OWN to achieve the salon look with our support education and guidance."

SalonSkilz workshops cost £30.00 and you get a £20 product voucher to help you achieve the look.

Courses include;
Make my short hair funky
Tame my frizz
Control my curls
I yearn for volume
Love GHD's but cant do curls 

Look out for my Espa Facial Review coming up on the blog Sunday.
Have a lovely day

TAG - Three brands, three favourites.

Hello lovelies, today I thought I would start my own tag. God knows if anyone will join in but I'm going to do it anyway. The idea is to pick three make up brands and three of your favorite bits from that brand. Here is what I have chosen...


My three favorite things from Rimmel are,

1.Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation, this is the best drugstore foundation I have come across if your a full coverage lover like me. It gives you that flawless finish and dries quite matte with a tiny bit of shine. I don't know about 25 hour stay as I have never left it on that long, but it defiantly stays on all day and night. 

2. Kate Moss Lipstick in 03, This is the perfect nude for every day use or to a formal event. I have a little review of it in my month of lipsticks here.

3. Stay Matte powder, I get an oily T-zone so this just stops the excess oils peeping through and giving me shiny forehead syndrome. A translucent powder that is not that visible to the naked eye and just keeps my foundation and concealer in place, it does exactly what it says on the tin. I'm sure you know about this anyway every blogger and there dog has.

Kate Moss lipstick in 03


My three favorite things from Mac are,

1. Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle, This is my favorite highlighter, it gives such a gorgeous warm glow to your skin and enhances your bone structure. I like to apply this under my brow bone, above my cheeks and a little down my nose and on top of my cupids bow to make my lips look a bit more fuller.

2. Pigment in Museum Bronze, This is such a gorgeous shade, a bronze with a subtle gold shimmer running through it. This is featured in a FOTD look I have done which will be up shortly so you will see how pigmented they are. You only need one wash over the lids, no need to keep applying as it is super pigmented and it lasts for hours.

3. Lipstick in Snob, this is also mentioned in my month of lipsticks post here. A gorgeous pinky purple shade that is different from any other shade I own, its beautiful and I always get asked what it is when I'm wearing it.

MSF in Soft & Gentle on top, Pigment in Museum Bronze and Snob lipstick.


My three favorite things from Maybelline are,

1. The Colossal Volume Express mascara, this is my favorite drugstore mascara at the moment. It defiantly gives your lashes volume, doesn't clump and makes them look long and thick but not overly thick, its really good value and would highly recommend it.

2. Colour Show Brocades nail polish in Knitted Gold, this is just absolutely beautiful, makes your finger tips look like sparkling glitter balls. You don't have to only use glitter at Christmas time, I use it all the time. When I need a little pick me up I think sparkly nails helps and this is the one I always reach for. 

3. Colour Tattoo 24 hour eye shadow cream in On and on bronze, I adore all of these what I own but this one is my favorite as I am always using it! It is the perfect base for your brown smokey eye or great on it's own. It's pigmented enough to work alone with a bit of mascara and eyeliner as when I'm not wearing too much make up I just rub a bit on my lids and I'm good to go. Very easy if your in a rush or having to travel to work you can do it on the train and you don't even need a make up brush just your finger. A highly recommended product for you all to try out if you haven't already.

Colour tattoo 24 hour in On and on bronze.

If you would like to do this tag feel free! Just please link it back to my blog and take the picture too if you like. I'd also love if you tweeted me your links as I'd love to see your favorites. 

My favorite chick flicks.

Hello lovelies, different post for you all today. The weather is just crap isn't it? Plus I'm always lonely as the fella is STILL working away so what to I end up doing? Sobbing away like a saddo to chick flicks. Feeling super jealous of the women inside the movies getting to be with there man and the rest of it. But there is a plus there is always a gorgeous stud to dribble over/dream over which ever you prefer or the one that's less creepy sounding.

The Notebook.

Be Pretty | via Tumblr
Massive tear jerker, I find it really hard to watch this because of the ending. I don't want to spoil the ending if you haven't watched it but it is a beautiful film of two people in love with each other who are always fighting like typical true life love stories and live in two completely different worlds will they end up with each other in the end? Also for all the Ryan gosling fans out there, he's cute he's just not on my top ten. I'm sure this is on every girls list right?

The Vow.
(5) Likes | Tumblr
Ok, this is just the best part of the film is it not? Aha. Only kidding my best pervy scene though by far. I love you Channing Tattum. This film gets me every time and I just want to slap Rachel Mcadams in it and be like 'Bitch are you for real? If I lost my memory I wouldn't question it if I was married to that fine piece of ass'. It's based on a true story too and that's what breaks my heart. Imagine if that happend to you and the love of your life. It just makes me well up thinking about it if I woke up and didn't know who Dan and Oscar was.. Ok I'm going to stop but you must watch this if your an avid chick flick watcher, but get some tissues.

Bridget Jones Diary.

Hickory Dickory Dockery., i’m pathetic.
source- private user.
Ok sad or not, this is currently me every day whilst Dan works away aha and when Oscars in bed. Feeling sorry for myself god knows how you poor single girls feel. I love this film so much me and my mum could quote every single word. When I lived at home me and my mum used to take it in turns on the ironing whilst this film was on and minimal ironing got done as you can imagine, or my mum did majority I can't think... A 30 year old something woman(Renne Zellweger) who has trouble finding love and a fuckwhit of a boss(Hugh Grant) who she ends up sleeping with but then falls for Mr.Darcey aka Colin Firth. A hilarious chick flick you just can't miss out on. I love the second one also but it's no where near as good as the first.

P.S I love you.

Don't worry, just freak out
If Gerard butler is in a film I'm more than likely going to watch it but what happens he is only in it for the first bloody ten minutes? Such a lovely film though as he sadly dies she gets to read a letter a day for a year with every last one ending in P.S I love you. She finds it hard to come to terms with at first but then gets to terms with it. Romantic and sad all at the same time but a must watch.

Mean Girls.

mean girls
'On Wednesdays we wear pink.' Great chick flick for all the girls to watch with a bowl of popcorn and tubs of Ben and Jerrys. This film just never gets old however many times you watch it. Featuring Lindsey Lohan before she went off the rails joining a new school all the way from africa and makes friends with the school bitches Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried but ends up being the biggest one of all. Will she change her ways?

The Last Song.

Last SOng (?) | via Tumblr
I don't know if this is a cheesy fave film but I love it anyway. Plus Liam Hemsworth is in it, hubba. Miley Cyrus(Ronnie) is a young girl growing up with her younger brother going between homes as her parents are divorced but as she got older she didn't want to go to her dads in the summer in a small town near the beach she resents her father and has no intention of being friendly or even talking to him for the summer. But after meeting a handsome guy and beginning to fall in love, Ronnie starts rediscovering her love for music, something she shares with her father. Reconnecting with music revives a kinship with her father which proves to be the most important relationship she may ever experience. It made me cry but then again I cry at adverts but this is a great film.


I watched this as a young girl and love it so much, I always used to get bored of the beginning bit though and fast forward it aha. I was always singing 'Nearrrr Farrr Wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go onnnnn'. very morbid but I always said it I wan't it for my funeral song, I have been saying this since I was about 13/14 I think. A film that shows you Kate Winslet falling for a poor but kind artist. (Leonardo DiCaprio) Where they fight for there lives as the big ship sinks. You jump, I jump right? 

Pretty Woman.

Pretty Woman
An absolute classic! I have loved this from the moment my mom made me watch it with her one night as a young teenager. This bit is one of my favorite scenes also Julia Roberts looks so gorgeous in that red dress. A hooker who falls in love with Richard Gere but are they made for each other? They both have a rule of not kissing on the lips.

Dirty Dancing.

welcome to my brain | via Tumblr
Another classic and inherited favorite from my mother, the best line up there. 'Nobody put's baby in the corner' also another fave of mine. 'I carried a watermelon'. You get to witness Patrick Swayzee looking all hot in his tight pants as a young girl falls in love with him at a holiday camp from swarve and posh dinner dates in the day to people getting down and dirty to R'n'B hits dirty dancing all night. A film that will get you singing along to, 'I've had the time of my lifeeeeee and I owe it all to youuuu'. 

Love Actually.

There are two many favorite scenes to pick a gif from, this is so sweet though. Kiera Knightley looks so beautiful here also. It has a range of top actors in including Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Martine Mccutcheon, Rowan atkinson, Emma Thompson, Bill Knightly, Ant and Dec and more. I love watching this more at Christmas time as it is very festive but I will watch this any time. A film all about different people falling in love. It's just beautiful and gives you that good feeling in your stomach.

I have so many favorite chick flicks though just ask if you want to know any more, I love the gifs too!

What are your favorite chick flicks?

Funky Giraffe Bandanna Bib Review.

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a review of bibs. I'm sure all the parent bloggers out there will love or anyone out there who looks after a little one.

Funky Giraffe Bibs - Logo

I got my first ever Funky Giraffe bib before Oscar was born and that was a long long way back when a friend of mine owned her own baby shop and she actually sold funky giraffe bibs and me not being intelligent to go searching for them online I never looked them up! My friends shop closed after a short period of time and I never heard of a funky giraffe bib again! Until one day I read my emails and a lovely PR lady asked if I would like to review three of my choice! I was delighted and immediately emailed back saying yes.

The only thing is there are soo many to choose from. All gorgeous designs, you can have plain colour, paisley, stripes, dots, stars, dinosaurs, florals, flags, areoplanes, animals, skulls. You get the drift right. Oscar is now 16 months and doesn't necessary need a bib any more but I find the bandanna bibs such a stylish accessory! Plus no matter your child's age they always end up getting messy right? 
They come in all range's of sizes to suit the size of your child and go up to an XXL.

These are the three I picked, not knowing that one was pink! Was obviously having a needing to go to specsavers day as I thought it was red! Woops but I'm going to give this away to any Mummy's or Daddy's out there who have a little princess.

As you can see the quality is amazing, gorgeous prints, bright, really attract your eyes straight away! Then you see my pink accident. The paisley one is my favorite.

Paisley Prince 

A close up of the paisley design isn't it just gorgeous? A soft blue paisley design on top of the dark blue background. Would look great as an every day use to stop your child from every day dribbles and drools and mucky pups to also looking good suited an booted at a formal event. I have to bribe Oscar to keep still with raisins, he used to be so photogenic as a baby aha. Now it's just impossible getting him to stay still unless Mickey Mouse is in front of him.

Stripes R US 

I loved the simplicity of the stripes as its bright and cheery colours which look beautiful against Oscars gorgeous blue eyes with the red popping and navy and white together also. I have washed this a couple of times and the colours still fantastic and bright!

Simply Crimson Cotton Comfort Bib

I obviously didn't read the description right on this one and just ordered fast as I couldn't wait to try them all out, sorry Oscar aha. But the two he will get lots of use out of them, I obviously didn't try this out on him as that would have been cruel not that it wouldn't look nice on a boy. If you have a boy who likes wearing then good for you before people jump the gun again aha!

All the bibs are lovely and soft made from a non fraying Jersey Cotton on the front to absorb any dribble and what not then a fleece back as a barrier to stop any wetness going through to your child's chest. They don't irritate the baby's/child's skin at all and easily washable.  They can't pull them of like Oscar has tried thanks to the button nickel free pressed poppers and there designs are just beautiful. They are about £4-£4.50 each but the more you buy the cheaper they are! If your looking for some bibs for your baby or child I couldn't recommend these enough to you! Just have a look on there website and see all the lovely designs they have you will want them all. Even celebs buy there bibs like Sienna Miller

Thanks Funky Giraffe for sending me your bibs me and Oscar love them x