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Mini Drugstore Haul.

Hello my lovelies, how are you all? Hope your enjoying your weekend. I have recently been to Blackpool and as I was there I did a teeny bit of shopping, maybe got too many lipsticks to add to my unhealthy collection already, woops, but a girl can never have too many lipsticks right?

I'll start of with the lipsticks, as they are my favorite make-up pieces. They just finish of your look don't you think?

I just love them all, I was only going to get a Revlon Matte Balm after seeing so many good reviews, but it was 3 for 2 in boots and I wanted some more Lip Butters too. Woops and it was also 3 for 2 on Seventeen also! I am gutted though as there is one thing missing in this haul and its the Phwoar paint concealer, I have searched high and low and can't find it anywhere. But the Seventeen lipstick is gorgeous, it is a lot brighter on the lips than in the tube though, I defiantly wouldn't be able to pull this off in the day. The Revlon Matte Balm is a lovely soft more subtle pink though and definitely wearable in the day. I am already a massive fan of Revlon lip butters they just feel so nourishing on the lips and the colour lasts a good few hours, just feels like a tinted lip balm. I am also loving matte lipsticks at the moment as I think they just last a lot longer, they can be drying on your lips but if you prep them before hand your fine! The matte lipsticks I picked up where MUA Wild Berry and Sleek's Papaya Punch both gorgeous colours and the papaya lunch lasted me all night in Blackpool after drinking a couple of cocktails too. I will wear all of these though and they look great amongst my array of lipsticks, just need a bigger storage unit now...

As you all know I'm sure I love doing my nails, I haven't actually tried any of the Seventeen Gel polishes so as it was 3 for 2 I thought why not get one, this shade was the only one in the collection I didn't really have shade wise, in my current nail polish collection so that's why I chose this one. I have tried to use this since buying it and can't seem to get on with the formula but I won't be defeated I shall try again soon. Then after looking through Boots I came across BnM and was only going in there to get some snacks for the hotel, but as you do as a beauty blogger you see what beauty things they have to offer and I stumbled across these for £2 what a bargain, considering these are worth £8-£10. I loved the colourful design reminded me of a peacock so I will be trying these out soon, look out for a review!

I repurchased my favorite drug store foundation, in case you didn't already know. But this time I got it in the shade lighter I usually get. I usually buy a foundation a tadge darker than my skin as I am so pale and I hate it, so I like to add some colour in my face but for a change I thought I would get Ivory, used to getting 'classic beige' and its a perfect match! Still a touch darker but a lot more closer to my skin tone than previous shades I have tried. I just love this foundation as it lasts all day and night and its medium to full coverage. 

Then lastly I just bought another handbag hairspray.

I rarely ever used to wear hairspray but now it seems to be a regular thing for me before I go out the door, maybe because it's so windy? I have a huge Tresemme that I keep at home and love dearly but I also love this one too and I buy the little ones for my handbag for touch up's when needed. Like my Tresemme one it's a very lightweight hair spray that you can't feel on your hair, it doesn't make your hair feel nasty and crispy it just feels like air if you understand aha? I just love it so had to repurchase it again. Do you have a favorite hairspray?

So that was my mini haul it was over two days and I ended up speaking to a lovely woman at the Estee Lauder counter in Blackpool Boots and she gave me a little make over and some samples which was lovely of her and then I got a skin care consultation from a lovely woman at the Clarins counter and came back with some sample goodies so I can't wait to try them out as I am new to Clarins skin care and I'm always hearing good things about them, so yeah looking forward to that. If any of you have any Clarins skin care reviews I'd love it if you left your links to them below, thank you.


  1. I love all the lipsticks. I'm so tempted to buy a couple more lip butters!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  2. Revlon have released some great lip products over the last year or so - I love the matte balms & lip butters xx

  3. I need those 3 for 2 deals for revlon lip products. I need to get some lip butters and want to try the new lip balms as well.

  4. You got such pretty lip colours, I want them all! And I have the revlon lip balm and I've been wearing it non stop!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.


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