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Rachel Lamey - Espa Facial.

Hello lovelies, I had my Espa facial yesterday, amazing! Honestly, I am not just saying this because I am working with them, I would tell you if I wasn't happy with something but It really was amazing, Laura the lovely beautician there really knows her stuff! 

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I walked in with the lovely greeting of big smiles and asking if I'm well, coat was taken off me and asked if I wanted any refreshments and I took a seat and looked at there new Make up line they have in there store right now. Royal Effem, I wan't to try it all after reading up some reviews on there products so hopefully I'll get some samples for you all to read reviews on! There matte finish foundation has top ratings all around the world, so need to give this a whirl. If you go into the store Rachel will even sort you a mini makeover out for you to see how good the products are and see what colour suits you or even go for a different look for a change. That foundation also has long lasting effects and thick for a good full coverage if that's what you like, I am definitely a fan of full coverage! 

Back to the facial though, after being greeted and asked for refreshments I went through to the holistic room and was blown away by the gorgeous aroma's of the Espa candles burning away and the tranquil soothing sounds of the music playing in the background. I was made to feel at ease straight away. I sat down and Laura was so helpful and pleasant with me, she asked if I had any problem areas at all or any advice I may need then pulled out this magic machine I have never seen in my life before after having previous facials. To many of you your probably thinking oh that, I've seen loads but I haven't and was truly amazed by it.

The skin vision lamp.

An amazing lamp that detects your dry, oily, sensitive and wrinkled areas. If it comes up orange that's where it's oily and as I mentioned my T-zone at the top, I was right with a little on my chin also and mainly normal and dry everywhere else. I can't remember the colour for dry skin but I think Laura said purple for sensitive and green for wrinkly, she didn't tell me she saw any green unless she was kind and didn't mention it aha. What was lovely also she showed this to me on another colleague from work there so I could see how it worked. I have honestly never seen this in my life and think it's amazing because sometime's you can't see what type of skin someone has if they have already moisturised or covered in make-up correcting those areas. I tried to take a picture of it using on someone else but it was too blury to show the true effectiveness. 

After that Laura went through all the products that would help the different areas of my skin and explained how the products would work, she if very professional and really does know everything she needs to. If I had a question she didn't even need to think about it, answered straight away. She then which I have never experienced made me shut my eyes and made me smell two cotton pads with different scents of toners to see which one my body needed, which is a fantastic idea! So I did that and that went with all my other products being used on my face. 

After that Laura told me to undress my top half and went out the room whilst I did this for a few minutes to get myself relaxed and also asked if I needed any more refreshments, I felt so at home (although I never get this kind of treatment at home). I was all sorted and Laura came in dimming the lights and turned the music up a little, she did say if it was too loud for me just to say but it was just right. I was in a tranquil heaven being looked after beautifully. She soon cracked on and asked if I minded oil in my hair, I said no and it began.

She started by taking my make up of with the Espa Nourishing Cleansing Balm a rich balm that removes all traces of make up and helps to soften and firm the skin and she used the Espa Bio-Active Eye Cleanser for my eyes, to remove all traces of eye make-up especially mascara, it even removes stubborn water proof mascara. It didn't sting my eyes at all as all Espa products are natural and pure. She then applied Espa Refining Skin Polish this is the product I have got to try out myself at home and I am already loving it after just a couple of uses. It has the tiniest micro-beads in to exfoliate the skin but its gentle, the more abrasive you want it just don't apply that much water before applying the product. I will go more into this product on my review though. After removing that with hot towels, which felt sooo nice she went on using the Espa Hydrating Cleansing Milk, a mild, creamy cleanser that helps effectively hydrate whilst cleansing the skin to leave it feeling soft, suppl and balanced. After cleansing she used the toner that my body needed obviously as that was the scent I went with, Espa Hydrating Floral Spafresh a gentle toner that hydrates, freshens and lightly nourishes the skin. This smelt so beautiful because one thing and the only thing I don't like about Espa is their scent you know like all brands/products have there own unique scent, I personally don't like it but because it is pure and natural it's quite earthy and I'm a lover of fresh and fruity sort of scents which is why I think I was drawn to that toner. After toning the Espa Replenishing Face Treatment Oil was applied which is great for deeply soothing and replenishing your dry areas to quench the dehydration with moisture and also helps to ease the appearance of wrinkles, always a bonus right? Then finished of with the Espa 24 hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser, a finely balanced eye cream that soothes and diminishes fine lines and also eases those dark shadows under the eyes. I remembered all of this, I'm joking Laura kindly gave me a booklet with all the products used and even put a star next to the ones she highly recommends me getting.  After the facial she rubbed some oil into my hair and a little head massage, massaged the top of my shoulders, my arms and hands and my chest, it was all so amazing.

It was honestly the best 45 minutes I've had in a long while, hope all you dirty minded folk don't read that in a different context aha! But on a serious note I would highly recommend it. Laura makes you feel at ease and comfortable and treats all your needs. The room and the music just get you right into the relaxed zone and you want to fall asleep because your so relaxed and into the zone. I wanted to lie there forever, after Nathan complimented my skin on it looking healthy and he was right, it looked healthy, glowing and felt so supple. I really need to invest in an eye cream so my eye is on that one I even noticed after applying my make up today it didn't crease as much as it usually does under my eye area! 

Here is the link to there facial Rachel Lamey - Holistic 

Worth every penny and even better if your a new customer you get a whopping 50% off! Go and book in now because you would be daft to miss out with that offer. 

A big welldone if you managed to read through this massive post aha, but I had to go into full detail for you to fully understand the treatment and experience it with me, does it not make you want to go and get a facial now?

I want to say a huge thank you to Laura for making me feel amazing and Rachel and Nathan for this opportunity. 

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  1. Hi, do you have any specific morning/night time skincare regime you follow? My face has recently become quite dry in places but oily on my t-zone so i really want to start one but am pretty clueless when it comes to that type of thing. :-)


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