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Hello lovelies, so a few days ago a lovely company 'Elm house tree services' sent me a mini gardeners kit to get kids more active in the garden and teach them how to do their own gardening. Oscar had so much fun doing this, they also have a competition on to win £50! If you'd like to take part in this competition then visit this site - http://elmhousetreeservices.co.uk/blog/little-green-fingers-competetion good luck!

As we have some gorgeous weather finally now in the UK it's great to get your little ones outdoors and sometimes its hard to occupy them, toddlers/children get bored easily right? They soon get fed up of the trampoline, sandpit, paddling pool etc. When Elm house sent me this goody gardener bag I didn't know who was more excited, me or Oscar?! Oscar loved the idea of growing his own plants once I explained what we had to do.

We got sent three super cute little pots, I got a big bowl of soil together for Oscar to make the whole process a little easier, he spooned in his soil in each pot then placed the seeds in to each different pot, I was gutted I couldn't find his cute little watering can but we found a jug! Once he made sure all his seeds were in the soil as instructed greatly by the little pieces of paper you got in each seed packet he watered them. I then placed them on our windowsill and will keep an eye out on them watching them grow, it reminded me of when I was little when I got excited about watching my cress grow. I love sunflowers so I'm more excited about those. We got Sweet basil, Sunflowers and Tom Thumb mix? Something I have never heard of before but looking forward to seeing how they all get on. Oscar asks every morning to see his plants. I think not only is this good for learning them how to garden and help in the garden it also teaches them how to look after something and nurture them. 

After taking part in this little task I definitely want to grow more things! We actually knocked down our green house recently as it was a risk with lots of missing glass panels but I'm thinking of getting one of this foldable ones to grow some strawberries and green beans maybe, best see how we get on with our plants first I may be useless aha. If you have little ones though I would highly recommend you getting involved and a bonus you get a chance to win £50.

Do you like gardening with your little ones?


Hello lovelies, it will be no shock to you that I love a bit of Make Up Revolution, well A LOT actually, I work with them and have been fortunate enough to try lots of their beauty releases so know what the quality is like, great by the way incase you was wondering. The best affordable make up I can think of to be honest. They just never seem to let me down, so the other day I picked up a few items that took my fancy.

Make Up Revolution Ultra Professional Blush Palette & High Pay Off Cream Blushers - £6.00

I am a huge fan of cream blush at the minute, I have been for a while powder just doesn't do it for me anymore, especially when your in a rush or on the go cream blush is perfect! I love that this palette holds eight different shades, all wearable too you don't usually get all shades wearable in palettes I see, I know this one won't go to waste at all. They are highly pigmented and last very well on the skin with out needing to top up through out the day/night. It has a mixture of pinks, peaches and some coral with some warmer blushes in there too so a blush for all skin tones, I honestly love them all. I always change my blusher on the occasion, for example I'll wear a lighter blush in the day then a more vibrant one for a night out etc or even depending on my mood. This is an absolute bargain at £6 I can take this anywhere with me as it isn't too big to be in the way its the perfect size to fir in your handbag or your make up bag if you have a big one like mine aha. The only downfall to this product and its a minor one is that it doesn't have the shade names I like to have a name to the shade, is that just me? Look at that huge mirror though, if you carry this around with you doing your make up on the go you have two in one.

Make Up Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in What I Believe - £3.00
Make Up Revolution Focus & Fix Concealer in Fair £2.00

I had my eye on the lip lacquers for a while and fell in love with this shade straight away, I did pick up another one too but it looked a bit too vibrant for me and was worried I wouldn't get any use out of it but this I could wear on a day or evening, it is a stunning pink that really suits my skin tone. It lasts all day pretty much, it goes on very wet like a lip gloss then dries instantly into a matte lipstick it also leaves a little stain to the lips which I like especially if your out drinking as I constantly forget to top up my lippy unless I go to the toilet, you really don't need to with this and so affordable at £3.00 they are very similar to the Rimmel Provocalips but half the price. 

I then picked up the concealer as I am always trying new ones to try and find a good enough one to the collection trusty favourite but it doesn't match I'm afraid. It does what it needs to do but just doesn't live up to the collection expectations sadly but not many do to me. They have a good shade range unlike most concealers and its simple enough to use, I always get a light shade to brighten up my under eyes and this shade is perfect for that. 

Have you been getting any Make Up Revolution bits recently or got your eye on any?


Hello lovelies, hope you all had a lovely weekend. A lot of people have asked me this question, Is it easier second time around? Well honestly every baby is different even if they are related/same gender etc. I have been extremely lucky with my babies so far, touch wood! In that they both slept for longer than 6 hours of a night time after 4 weeks and I think if you have enough sleep anything else is a breeze! I am rubbish without sleep, I can't function even after 10 coffees, sleep means everything to me. But in regards to being easy is bringing up babies/children easy?

As a mother I am sure I do things a lot different than any other mother, we all deal with our children in our own ways. It's not easy in regards to having a nearly threenager! (A three year old that acts like a mardy teenager) and a baby, I swear Oscar turns into satan as soon as we walk out the front door, you might think I'm mean saying that but you have my son for a whole week aha, he may look like butter wouldn't melt but he can be a terror, but then again he is the most loving caring little boy who gives tremendous cuddles and always asks if I'm ok, something many other people don't do and if I'm having a really shit day I only have to look at him and Lawson and everything else just goes away, Oscar is always making me laugh constantly, he is extremely intelligent and makes me so proud and any hard day just makes it so worth it, when I go to bed every night I check on them both and feel so grateful and proud of them both and extremely lucky that I had the opportunity of being there mum.

What do we class as hard?...
Getting two mini people ready and yourself for a quick trip to town?
For a morning run to nursery?
Making sure you get one to bed reading his night time story before the other screams for his bottle?
Making sure you have everything you need for a day out on lack of sleep?
Just lack of sleep?

We all cope with things differently, if I'm having a bad day I either go into another room/outside have a little shout then get on with my day or I wait till there both in bed and I run myself the hottest bubble bath, play relaxing music and have a bit of a pamper. Or I wait until Dan is home and say could you just give me twenty minutes for some 'me' time even if that's just walking around the block for a bit or popping to a friends for a cup of tea.

My answer overall? I don't necessarily think its easier has although Oscar is only three soon I totally forgot how to do everything again from the bottles, routines etc but it does all come naturally only you as a mother/father knows whats best for your children. If people try to give you overload of advice too that can be tough you just have to bite your tongue and do it your way, older people think they know more when they don't really times change and things do, if your a mother/father who loves their children uncontrollably, they are fed and watered and clean your doing a pretty good damn job!

If your a mum/dad second time around or more do you think its easier?


Hello lovelies, today I was wondering around Poundland with my nan and I don't know if your like me but you go in those cheap shops and end up coming out with loads of crap you really don't need, no just me? Well I was quite good on this visit but was curious to try out some of there beauty products they have stocked by various brands. 

The first one that grabbed my attention was the Maybelline Hypercosmos with its chinese writing that makes it very difficult to know what it is, I actually thought it was a blusher stupidly but its an eye shadow, I don't mind as the colours are stunning and I look forward to doing some looks out of them, they are super pretty. I then spotted one of those beauty sponges, I do actually have a beauty blender but still haven't managed to get it out the packaging so I'm going to try this pound one before I do, I hear good things of these beauty sponges so looking forward to the outcome. 

I am a huge fan of Rimmel products and loved the look of the lip liner, I needed one in this shade so perfect to get it for just one pound as they retail at just under £5 in boots. I also liked the look of the Herbal Essences dry shampoo, I only ever usually wear the Batiste brunette one now as it doesn't leave my hair grey but I loved the smell of this one so hopefully it doesn't leave me looking grey, the size is perfect to fit in your handbag too for touch ups and what I love about dry shampoo is not only is it perfect for in between washes but it's also great for giving your hair volume. Then lastly I picked up the Barry M lip lacquer crayon, I don't think I would personally wear this on my lips after swatching it but it looks like it would be a great highlighter! 

The products that I have found are great in the pound stores are nail polish remover tubs where you twist your nails in the sponge, nail polishes from all brands saving you money, wipes, hair accessories and nail accessories. 

Have you ever found any gems in your nearest pound shops?


Maybelline Super Stay Gel nail colour - Red hot getaway £4.49
Topshop - Adrenaline £6.00

Hello lovelies, it's been a while since I did a 'what's on my nails post' so I thought I would change that, now I have two little monkeys to chase around after it's very rare I get those precious moments to spend pampering myself, especially painting my nails as you have to have drying time etc and by the time the kids bed time is around I'm ready for mine too! Even if I am currently catching up with lots of blog posts at 11pm, whoops. Anyway back to the post, I spotted this Maybelline polish in my local boots the other day and fell in love with the shade, it's one of their new summer bliss range, it has lasted over 7 days with the help of the glitter polish which is absolutely stunning from Topshop. I keep looking at my nails thinking is this too much all over as I was just going to paint the one accent nail but I do love sparkles. 

The Topshop polish is one of their 5 years of beauty releases, hence the gorgeous rose gold packaging, I couldn't not pick this nail polish up when I spotted it on the shelf, it really caught my eye and makes my nails and toes look super pretty, glitzy and sparkly. The only downside to glitter polishes is there a right mare to get off! Both polishes seem to be very long lasting and they are very summery and bright.

Have you tried any of these polishes before, what shades are you currently reaching for?


Cath Kidston £75.00 (no longer available) similar here*

Hello lovelies, I thought I would share with you my beautiful baby changing bag, my boyfriend kindly surprised me with this when I had Oscar and I didn't get much wear out of it as it was near when he was about one so I am getting lots of use out of it now. It came with a bottle case, flannel and a little changing matt which is integrated in the front pocket. 

It is made out of PVC coated cotton which makes it super easy to clean inside and out! It has plenty of pockets inside to keep everything as organised as you like and I just love the gorgeous floral desgin of it all. The strap is adjustable and it also has a little back pocket for keeping things safe, so plenty of storage space. Now what do I keep in all this amazing space...

Nappies - Obviously most importantly, I am currently using the Asda Angels nappies, I find these absorb urine well and don't leak through at all and very affordable.

Wet wipes - I am still using the Johnsons first touch wipes, they are as safe as cotton wool and water apparently and wipe so easily and sensitive so great for newborns. 

Antibacterial foam wash/hand sanitiser - Always handy if your out and about especially with a toddler right next to you into everything and if there isn't a sink anywhere near.

Sudocrem - Great for nappy rash or aiding accidents etc.

Spare clothes - You never know, accidents always happen.

Dummies - Lawson has been pretty good he doesn't really need them but there great after feeds just to settle him of so I bring spares just incase. 

Toys - Again more for Oscar the toddler, he gets bored easily so if I fancy a spontaneous Costa or I'm doing something I can occupy him with a toy out the bag. 

Purse/Keys - I don't know if it's just me but when I have a newborn and changing bag is there any point in carrying another handbag? Nope, not when I can fit everything into this thing.

Spare bottles - I am very spontaneous and so is my partner so I always like to be well prepared, if we are out and about I like to take spare bottles as I obviously don't carry my steriliser out with me, if the baby is hungry I can just get some ready made milk bottles from the shop and fill them up in my spare bottles. 

Snacks\Gum - For me and Oscar, if I'm feeling peckish, I usually throw in a couple of apples and a packet of crisps or something and Oscar's juice bottle if he hasn't got his backpack on him. 

Bibs/Muslin cloths - I love muslin cloths there just great for feeding and throwing on your shoulder to prevent sick accidents and bibs to stop gurgle drool and milk etc. 

Notebook and Pen - As I use this as pretty much my handbag too I like to keep this in there incase I have some inspiration to mind or my shopping list, baby brain has never left me!

A little make up bag - Let's be realistic, when I'm out with a baby and toddler am I really going to touch up in the supermarket toilets? Probably not but if I ever need to its there just incase. 

Deodorant - Being a mum of two is hard and sweaty work, you have to be fresh! 

What do you keep in your baby changing bag?


Hello lovelies, today I have to share with you all the products I just can't help repurchasing, being a beauty blogger I have collected way more foundations than a girl with one face needs, I love trying out new ones and seeing which ones are best for me and my skin type but some foundations just can't contend with my firm favourite. 

Rimmel 25hr lasting finish foundation - From early teens I have always been a fan of the Rimmel foundations, remember the pink lid one? Also the one in quite flat plastic packaging? I'm sure I got the original one, anyhow I have always been a lover of the Rimmel foundations they just seem to work with my skin perfectly and have the best coverage without being cakey or too much. I like a full coverage foundation and this does exactly that for me, it lasts all day and night! I haven't worn it for the full 25hrs because well that would just be gross but I have wore it on a night out and its stayed put without any nasty patches or clinging to any dry patches. I think the lightest shade they do is Ivory so may not be the best for really pale complexions but Ivory suits me to a T and I'm pretty pale. It has spf in it so great for the summer but it also doesn't make you look shiny in photographs, not that I've had any problems with that in the past anyway. I would highly recommend this product if you love a medium to full coverage foundation and you want it to last a good solid day, if your a busy worker and don't have five to stop and touch up you need this in my life, thank me later. 

Collection lasting perfection concealer - No concealer has come close to this, not on the high street anyway, the Nars creamy radiant concealer may be a good contender but that's three times the price, maybe more! So for under £5 this is a pretty amazing concealer, it stays put all day, it's creamy and makes my eye bags smile. It helps illuminate under my eyes from being tired and drab to awake and fabulous, atlas that's how I feel anyway. The perfect concealer for contouring too, I always buy this in the lightest shade to give my face that awake look! I have bought it in my shade for blemishes but I hardly suffer with them unless its that time of the month. Its small and sleek so fits easily in your make up bag and easy for touch ups with the doe foot applicator, I'm still yet to find a high street concealer as good as this bargain. 

Rimmel Stay Matte long lasting powder - Another Rimmel product, they just don't seem to let me down make up wise, I honestly think if I could only have one make up brand for the rest of my life I would most likely choose Rimmel, I know bold statement right there but there pretty darn good with their beauty releases. This powder just sits on my skin lovely and I never need to touch up an I have one hell of an oily t-zone. It isn't cakey at all I apply this to my face using the Real Techniques powder brush and it just does its thang. It does cling to my dry areas around my nose but that's usually my fault if I haven't prepped my skin with a primer or moisturiser, sometimes theres just not enough time in the morning, but over all a great powder that I always buy when I hit pan. 

Have you got any beauty favourites that your always repurchasing? 


Makeup Revolution Hypocrisy Eyeliners £1.00*

Hello lovelies, today I have yet another great invention from the makeup revolution team, they never seize to amaze me or let me down and again they haven't with these beauties! I'm not one for colourful eyes usually but after looking on Pinterest and Instagram I have seen a few eye looks that I have wanted to test out on myself and these eyeliners are perfect for that especially priced at just one pound! Even better? Their new formula makes it perfect for your eyes and lips so if you aren't feeling too confident to put the gorgeous bright colours on your eyes you can put them on your lips. 

I love how pigmented the white one is 'Tipx' if you want your eyes to look bigger and brighter applying a white eyeliner to your waterline will really help bring those bright eyes out, I also love the brown eyeliner 'Iconic brown' for a daytime look on my lash line as well as the black one 'Black' for a more dramatic look, they last all day and apply super easy. I know with most cheap eyeliners you sort of feel them tugging on your eyes as you drag the pencil across but you don't get that with these at all. They feel super soft and glide like a dream on your lids or waterline. 

They are also mobile friendly with there super useful sharpener lid, there is nothing worse when you take your favourite eyeliner/lipliner away with you and you forget your sharpener, with these that won't be a worry. I am really looking forward to trying out some colourful eye looks and trying these on my lips too, I shall take some looks for you and put it in a joint post, if you get 5 of these at the moment on the makeup revolution website you only have to pay four pounds so your getting one free. 

Have you tried the new makeup revolution eyeliners?


Oscar -

JACKET - Tesco F&F

Lawson -


Hello lovelies cuteness overload or what?! When I went to Birmingham last week like I mentioned in my previous post I could not help but treat the boys, when I went into Debenhams I noticed they had a pretty good sale on the designer clothes so couldn't resist, I got Oscar and Lawson a couple of bits from the baby baker range at Ted Baker I wanted it all, those leggings Lawson is wearing though how adorable and they? They also go perfectly with his Zara top, the clothing at Zara feels so soft, washes well and lasts a long while. 

I also think Oscar looks super handsome in the chinos and polo shirt combo, his shoes are well loved as you can tell but very comfy and kids and comfy go well together I think. I actually found the jacket upstairs when I was sorting through his old clothes its a size 18-24 months but still just about fits him, Tesco do some lovely clothes at great prices I actually think most supermarkets stock great clothing at an affordable price range. 

Hope you enjoyed this joint fashion post, please comment if you'd prefer them joint or split.