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Hello lovelies, hope you all had a lovely weekend. A lot of people have asked me this question, Is it easier second time around? Well honestly every baby is different even if they are related/same gender etc. I have been extremely lucky with my babies so far, touch wood! In that they both slept for longer than 6 hours of a night time after 4 weeks and I think if you have enough sleep anything else is a breeze! I am rubbish without sleep, I can't function even after 10 coffees, sleep means everything to me. But in regards to being easy is bringing up babies/children easy?

As a mother I am sure I do things a lot different than any other mother, we all deal with our children in our own ways. It's not easy in regards to having a nearly threenager! (A three year old that acts like a mardy teenager) and a baby, I swear Oscar turns into satan as soon as we walk out the front door, you might think I'm mean saying that but you have my son for a whole week aha, he may look like butter wouldn't melt but he can be a terror, but then again he is the most loving caring little boy who gives tremendous cuddles and always asks if I'm ok, something many other people don't do and if I'm having a really shit day I only have to look at him and Lawson and everything else just goes away, Oscar is always making me laugh constantly, he is extremely intelligent and makes me so proud and any hard day just makes it so worth it, when I go to bed every night I check on them both and feel so grateful and proud of them both and extremely lucky that I had the opportunity of being there mum.

What do we class as hard?...
Getting two mini people ready and yourself for a quick trip to town?
For a morning run to nursery?
Making sure you get one to bed reading his night time story before the other screams for his bottle?
Making sure you have everything you need for a day out on lack of sleep?
Just lack of sleep?

We all cope with things differently, if I'm having a bad day I either go into another room/outside have a little shout then get on with my day or I wait till there both in bed and I run myself the hottest bubble bath, play relaxing music and have a bit of a pamper. Or I wait until Dan is home and say could you just give me twenty minutes for some 'me' time even if that's just walking around the block for a bit or popping to a friends for a cup of tea.

My answer overall? I don't necessarily think its easier has although Oscar is only three soon I totally forgot how to do everything again from the bottles, routines etc but it does all come naturally only you as a mother/father knows whats best for your children. If people try to give you overload of advice too that can be tough you just have to bite your tongue and do it your way, older people think they know more when they don't really times change and things do, if your a mother/father who loves their children uncontrollably, they are fed and watered and clean your doing a pretty good damn job!

If your a mum/dad second time around or more do you think its easier?

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