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Hello lovelies, I'm super nervous about posting this as I'm not 100% confident at all with my plus size body but the lovely team from Pink Clove sent me some gorgeous pieces from their new range collection so I had to share them with you. Pink clove clothes range from a size 16-28 and actually have gorgeous clothes for us bigger women! I find it so hard to get clothes that fit me and suit my shape and give the illusion of making me look a little slimmer than I am and actually having some sort of style to it, I haven't got any style, I feel I'm too fat to be stylish at the minute, I throw on what fits me and is comfortable. I have joined slimming world, starting to eat healthier and exercise more so my confidence is slowly coming back but I am super impressed with the range from Pink Clove from tops to jeans, dresses, playsuits and more. I thought I would break it down to three outfit choices of mine casual, day outfit and night outfit.


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Hello lovelies, so today on the blog I have something a little different a family wish list, not just what I'm wishing for but my whole little family...


Hello lovelies, today I have for you a post about introducing lumps to your baby with some expert advice, don't worry I know introducing lumps to your babies diet is scary, it was scary for me even though I've already had a baby before! It is important though to acknowledge babies needs and developing is a key element of feeding and introducing lumps and more advanced flavours. Lawson is nearly one in a week actually, everything seems to be going far too quickly.