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Lush - Buffy Body Butter £10.95*

After receiving this in a Lush goody bag from a previous blog meet up me and Jess organised this hasn't been put down since! I know I'm a beauty blogger and supposed to love having amazing skin, face and body wise but I am pretty darn lazy when it comes down to the nitty gritty bits like exfoliating and moisturising, I mean who has that much time to do it every day? Not me that's fo'sho! But with Buffy it does both at the same time, it exfoliates all your body with the ground almonds inside and it will then soothe and soften with the cocoa butter, it will also calm and revitalise your skin with lavender and lemon oil. 

It hasn't got a very strong scent to it, it isn't a normal Lush scent you will have come in to contact with but it is light but I can't tell you how amazing this product is, as Claire who works in Lush demonstrated on my arm what it does I thought it was fantastic and so grateful I got one in our goody bags, now my fella is pinching it too! He actually gets me to rub all his legs and back down in the bath, tmi? But guess what, I don't get the same treatment, never mind I love having a good scrub whether it be in the bath or shower getting rid of those nasty dead skin cells and refreshing the skins surfaces. I always feel so good after I have used it, clean and unbelievably soft and no having to moisturise afterwards, so I can slip into my favorite Pj's and jobs a gooden.

To make the bar last a little longer I try not to use it whilst standing right under the warm shower as I find it dissolves quicker and I also don't just rub my entire body with the bar I scrub a load on and then use my hands preferably with some exfoliating gloves to rub in the excess as it lathers up quite well when you wet your hand also so just saves a bit on the product, I will be sad when I run out but this will definitely be on my repurchase list forever I am sure. I would definitely get one of the team to test it out on your arms when your next near a store and feel the difference from one arm to the other, you won't believe it! It leaves like an oily residue but dries instantly soaking straight into the skin and leaves you feeling like you have just slayed those nasties away and softer than silk, what's also the best feeling ever when you shave your legs, use buffy all over so there softer then ever before, getting into those pajamas and fresh bed sheets! You honestly won't regret it if you buy this, I honestly can't even think of a bad word to say about it. 

Have you tried this body butter or what is your favorite body butter/exfoliator? 


BarryM Gelly Hi Shine - Sugar Apple £3.99

Yet again I have another pale number, I just can't get enough of them. I adore the name Sugar Apple and the gelly finish, it is a gorgeous very pale mint shade that lasts a good few days with no chips. It looks gorgeous on the nails even if you represent pale Caspar skin like myself and would look even more great with a tan I think. It is a pale shade but so bright and eye catching. There is always some sort of great deal on with Barry M too, at the moment in Boots its 3 for 2 on all nail polishes so I would definitely recommend picking up some gelly hi shines and adding them to your collection, so affordable, come in a range of shades and finishes and longevity is amazing. 


I saw that the lovely Rebecca from Autumn Leaves did this tag a bit ago which I thought would be a fun tag to do, all though hard at the same time but here are my answers.

Low End Brand - How hard is it to pick only one brand? For me it has to be Rimmel though there foundations, nail polishes, blushers and lipsticks are amazing and I would be pretty happy if I could only have make-up from this brand.

High End Brand - Again very hard to choose but for me it would have to be Mac another lover of there foundation and they have a range of everything I would be happy if I could only shop there too.

Primer - Very bad beauty blogger of me but I don't always prime, I use Mac studio cream moisturiser every morning at the minute and it works amazing as a primer! Review coming soon but I do like Benefits Porefessional for my nose,

Foundation/BB Cream/Tinted Moisturiser - Foundation is so hard to choose one as I have two ultimate faves but the one I wear daily is the Rimmel 25 hour it is medium to full coverage, flawless finish and lasts all day and night! BB cream I have been loving lately is the Maybelline Pure BB cream, it covers my redness and imperfections slightly and light to medium coverage, I never usually like BB creams but I am loving this for summer as its light weight and doesn't feel like anything on the skin. I never wear tinted moisturisers so couldn't comment on an only one for that. 

Concealer - What do you think? Obviously Collection lasting perfection.. duh!

Bronzer - I have recently just purchased Benefits Hoola and loving it but if I could only have one, it would have to be my Bare Minerals in Faux tan, perfect for contouring or bronzing to give you that summer glow and not muddy looking at all.

Blush - I am a massive cream blush kinda girl now and the one I reach for the most is the So Susan 8 hour stain cream blush, it doesn't have a shade name as there is only one but it lasts all day and gives you rosy cheeks to make your cheeks pop and look pretty.

Powder - I only really need powder in the summer and the only one I use is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, again how original of me?

Setting Spray - I only have one and it's the Mac+ fix but I am not overly keen if you have any recommendations I would love to know in the comments below.

Eyebrow Product - I am such a noob when it comes to brows, I just pay for them to be done with some tint and occasionally powder them, the powder I use daily is the W7 brow bar for under £5 it does the job and I love it, I would love some product recommendations for noobs like myself though?

Eyeshadow/Palette - Naked 2 is my go to palette I adore it so much being a massive fan of nudes, creams and browns but I have recently bought a Charlotte Tilbury palette so who knows it could be in winner spot soon!

Eyeliner - I only ever wear liquid eyeliner on the top and I have adored using the Maybelline Black Shock gel eyeliner it stays put for hours, super easy to apply and I am pretty sure it is pretty much a dupe for the new Benefit one.

Mascara - I have two favorites again but my most reached that never lets me down is the Maybelline The Collosal volum' express, intense black that gives you wow lashes, volume and lengthening

Lipstick/Lipgloss/Balm - If I only had one lipstick? Are you kidding me, this is most probably the hardest question of them all, you can't do this to a girl aha. But I absolutely adore my new YSL lipstick and would be pretty happy only having that one but £25 is quite pricey to keep repurchasing so it would have to be the Bourjois Rouge edition Velvet lipsticks, they come in a range of fab colours and longevity is amazing. Ligloss would have to be the Lancome lip lover, these have converted me back to lipgloss I don't ever wear lipgloss anymore unless I am after a glossy finish on top of a lipstick but the lip lovers are very opaque, moisturing and come in gorgeous shades and for lip balm it would have to be my EOS one. 

Nail Polish - If I could only pick one brand it would have to be Barry M they do nail poish to the T, every shade imaginable, any finish you fancy and so affordable! They don't chip easily like most either and they look super cute stacked up in a row.

Beauty Tool -  Any Real techniques brush I would be pretty pleased with but my ultimate favorite for doing my foundation with is the expert face brush, blends out beautifully, gives my skin a flawless finish and so easy to use.

Why don't you join in and pop in the comments below when you do so I can see your answers.


Hello lovelies, you have probably already had the email but ahhh! The best email to appear in my inbox, FIVE POUNDS off most lipsticks at Debenhams. Apparently its national lipstick day, you don't need to tell me twice, i'm all over that. Like I need any more though? Of-course I do for five pounds less, I can get the two Mac lipsticks I was eyeing up now as I was refusing to pay £15.50 now they just keep rising! But I am going to search Debenhams now and maybe get the Mac pigmented I wanted while I am there, are you going to be splurging on a lipstick you was eyeing up or getting a luxury one you have always wanted now its five pounds cheaper? Let me know in the comments below what lipsticks your thinking of getting, keep tuned for the lipsticks I purchased! 


Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you, well probably more the parent bloggers who might have an interest, in what is inside Oscar's day to day bag currently. Firstly a bag would help, I searched high and low for a Mickey Mouse bag when we was out shopping a couple of days before he was starting nursery as before this new Jake the pirate edition I was using a Cath Kidston floral number baby bag, not really cool for Oscar to be rocking up to nursery with I am sure, not that boys can't have floral before anyone attacks me... Anyway, the bag itself was a steal under £5 from Sports Direct as that was the only bag in the area with Disney characters on, Oscar loves Disney Junior and said wowww, ake ake (jake) when he saw it, but what is inside the Jake and the never land pirates bag?

  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Spare clothes
  • Socks
  • Dummy
  • His little blanky (froggy)
  • A couple of toys
  • A little book
  • Juice cup
  • Snacks
  • Suncream
  • Sudocrem
  • Hand sanitiser

If he is going to nursery I don't put in his toys as there are plenty to choose from there or snacks as he is fed well there also so no need for them to be wasted in there. Essentials are obviously nappies and wipes but all the things above if your out around town it is no bother if you have forgotten something because you can pick it up in the shops but depending where we are going for the day I like to be prepared, long trips? Stopping at nanny's? There might be more things added or things taken out if you would like to see what I have/need for different days let me know in the comments below. We will be going on holiday in September so I could do a suitcase vlog or blog post, may be useful to mummy's first time going away. What do you have inside your little mans or girls bag for the day?


Foxes-Glorious-iTunes-Deluxe-Version.jpg (600×600)

Foxes - Glorious 

Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne - Right Here 


George Ezra - Budapest  


Mr. Probz | via Tumblr

Mr Probz - Waves

You see the gorgeous Foxes graces this post again, I just can't stop listening to her at the moment and this song is always going on in my head same as Jess Glynnes Right here, just makes me want to get up and dance my cares away. Budapest is always on when me and Dan are in the car and we have singing matches, I obviously always win hands down, he sings better in the shower. What songs have you been listening to non stop lately? Have you got any song recommendations for me, I am constantly updating my iPod and I listen to pretty much anything! 


YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in shade 52 Rosy Coral £25.00

Hello lovelies, can you just witness that gorgeous packaging and lipstick? Ah the embossing of the YSL on the lipstick is enough to make me go weak at the knees, yes I am sad but I love my lipsticks. My boyfriend is still trying to get over the fact I spent over £20 on a lipstick, he asked if that was real gold but men just don't understand. My lipsticks are like his power tools, I have an addiction ok but this is the first YSL lipstick I have ever owned sadly, it is quite pricey to be splashing out every week, fortnightly or even monthly on one of these beauty's but I won some money on a scratchcard and thought I have to have one of these in my life, now I do woohoo.

The shade is a gorgeous rosy coral as it says on the tin, I am really loving corals and this has reds and pink tones to it which I love in my lipsticks, it is very easy to wear a bit bright for work depending on your job but it is just so pretty, the formula is pretty darn amazing too, it feels ultra moisturising and a little bit glossy on the lips but it lasts! The longevity is fab, I wore this from 9 in the morning till about 5 in the afternoon and it was still noticeable that was through a Nando's, coffee and drinks and shopping so well worth the pennies, it leaves a little stain on your lips but I like that in a lipstick as I know it will stay on for a long while. If your paying a lot out on a lipstick you want the thing to stay put for a while right?

It has an Spf of 15 inside which will protect your lips so you can go off into the sunshine and show of your satin rosy coral lips and get everyone staring, my mum instantly fell in love with it when I met up with her that morning may have to treat her at Christmas that's if I don't go into bankruptcy after purchasing all the shades now... They give an opaque finish almost instantly and make me feel a million dollars this is the colour that makes you feel happy within yourself and confidence to go out rocking for the day, you need to go and swatch this at your nearest YSL counter, I did feel a little naughty after this splurge but we have to treat ourselves once in a while so just do it! 


Kris - Fashion Journalism Student, Blogger, Youtuber & Professional unicorn rider.

Hello lovelies, another installment of my favorite blog of the week, I have loved Kris's blog for a while now but fell in love again with it recently. Her layout and pictures are so clean and professional looking which makes it very easy on the eye and her content is fabulous. She makes me look forward to things such as the the Topshop beauty collection coming soon featured here. I love how she puts in pro's and cons so great if you had a product in mind and find some little facts about them and see if there worth purchasing yourself. As well as beauty she has some great lifestyle and fashion posts and even fitness thrown into the mix too! Starting with her Fitness Fridays which is great if you need some motivation like myself. She could be a model with her amazing figure and fashion knowledge, in some of her lifestyle posts she even includes little restaurant reviews which is great if it is a well known branch or if you live in the same city, me and my partner are always on the look out for great restaurants. I think Kris deserves way more followers, she blogs so well so effortlessly she makes it look so easy, I love a night time read catching up on her most recent posts whilst I'm drinking my tea and loving her Youtube video's too go check them out! 

Connect with Kris - Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin & Instagram.

Let me know in the comments below what you think to Kris's blog and give her some comment love xxx


Nails Inc - Haymarket £4.99

Hello lovelies, you're probably thinking where did she get a nails inc polish for under a fiver? Well Tkmaxx of-course they always have fab beauty bargains or you may have already seen my little haul post previously here. This is a gorgeous shade a cross between turquoise and duck egg blue, I think it would suit most complexions and nails inc polishes have great longevity. I love there simple packaging, they look lovely lined up on my nail varnish collection shelf. I think I would pay the normal £11 price tag if I wasn't so stingey but you can't beat a good bargain and I didn't want to leave it for under a fiver, it was a right steal. Do you like nails inc polishes, if so what are your favorite shades?


Hello lovelies, it has been a while since I posted a little beauty haul on the blog and I have been to Birmingham recently, so I did a bit of retail therapy of-course and here is the outcome. Since actually picturing these I went to Birmingham the day after and actually got a couple more bits, woops and didn't picture them all together so I will just tell you what I bought. I am not going to be going too much into detail about the products I have bought as they will all pretty much have there own review on here soon. The first time I went to Birmingham was with Jess and Hayley for a Mary Kay event which was just dia so I won't be doing a blog post about it and the second time was to help my brother style himself for a date, even though he says its not a date either way we didn't do much shopping as I have taste and he doesnt... but I did take his Nando's virginity and now he wants to go again soon, winner! Who doesn't love Nando's? 

Aussie Beach Mate Shampoo - Firstly this was purely down to Jess telling me I needed it as she always provokes me to buy things, who am I kidding like I need telling? Once I sniffed it I was like take it to the counter! (My hands were full) I can't wait to get using this, I love the fact it is full of ingredients and oils to smooth out and condition my hair and will sort it out before going in the sea and beach in September, if you're going on holiday or had a rough time in the sea I would go check this out.

Nails Inc in Haymarket - I got this little beaut in Tkmaxx just quickly passing, as soon as I'm near a Tkmaxx I just have to go straight to the beauty bit, I am always picking up nail polish bargains or skin care bargains I just love it, I picked this up for a mere £4.99! It is a gorgeous minty blue shade and will hopefully be in my next what's on my nails Wednesday post.

Face Matters Cleansing balm - I also got this little bargain from Tkmaxx it said it retailed at £54! I got it for £5 just ridiculous all because the lid was cracked, I smelt it and fell in love, I love myself a cleansing balm and it smelt to similar to the Emma Hardie cleansing balm I used to have, I have already been using this and it is just amazing but review to come very soon!

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail polish in China Flower - I have been eyeing up these polishes for absolutely ages now but kept umming an arring about them but having a mooch around boots before waiting for our train back from Brum I finally thought sod it, I'm getting one to try! So I will let you know how I got on with that in a future womw post. 

Lush The Comfortor - I am forever repurchasing this, it is my favorite thing in the whole of Lush as soon as I get into Lush I just go over and have a real long inhale of it, it smells bloody amazing! It turns your bath pink with lots of bubbles too what more could a girl want right? Also men as my boyfriend loves this too, slightly worrying when I go into the bathroom and hes laying there all girly and pampered, bless him! It feels as if your floating on a blackcurrant cloud, if you haven't already smelt it get into Lush and go take a whiff!

Lush Brightside - I unfortuntely forgot to picture this product and the product below as I went here the day after this little haul was pictured and very naughtily went back into Lush, I was umming and arring between my ever so trusty Comfortor bubble bar and this new one I have never bought so thought why not just have both? It smells of oranges, so citrussy and fresh I love it.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty - Another repurchase, this stuff really cleans my skin and brings it back to a normal state, getting rid of unclogged pores and calms down any red areas. My skin feels as soft as a baby's bum after and I love the strong minty smell to it, it masks well and does a good job hence my repurchase! 

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet - Jess and Amie are to blame for this purchase in Selfridges the other day, I am always lusting over Aimess constant Charlotte Tilbury splurges and Instagram pictures and Jess also finally bought bronzed garnet, as soon as I swatched it in Selfridges it was like love at first sight, I don't want to go into too much detail but you all need it in your life. 

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in shade 52 - Obviously I saved my favorite purchase of the day till last! How beautiful are the YSL lipsticks? I have lusted over one for so long but the price does put me of a little but I won on a scratch card, quite a bit so thought its time I treated myself to one! Again I'm not going into too much detail as this will be on my blog again very soon but I already want more! Sorry bank balance.

Have you been shopping lately? Send me your hauls I love nosing at what people have bought.



Hello lovelies, today me and Oscar had a lovely day in the garden after a stroll around town, Dans mum kindly bought him a couple of tops from Birmingham and got this from Primark, I never usually bother with Primark clothes anymore for Oscar as I don't find they wash well but I love the print on this tee its really cute and I love the colour as it will go with anything. He is constantly living in his Vans at the moment, they are so comfy and so easy to move in I thought blue would go with most things and he loves them. Do you find your children wear one item the most?


Hello lovelies, I was very luckily gifted a free ticket by Chloe from Unwritten Hollywood to this years first ever wireless festival in Birmingham. I was over the moon when she said she had a free ticket spare but also a bit anxious as I had never met her in the flesh before and truth be told a bit cheeky to get a free ticket of someone I had never met, but that's just me. I did offer to give Chloe some money but she said no, she was luckily gifted free tickets herself though so it's all good. I made my way to wireless with Hayley (Strangeness&Charm) who I had fortunately already met up with previously and we met up with her friend Jess who isn't a blogger just a friend of Hayley's. I was really excited to be going to Birmingham's first ever wireless event and couldn't wait to see Pharrell, Jess Glynne and Foxes perform after seeing the line up. Sadly missed Jess Glynne perform but got to see Foxes who was amazing, she sounds exactly the same live as she does on the T.V, Pharrell, Tinie Tempah and Kanye West. Pharel and Tinie Tempah had great stage presence, really engaging with the crowd and getting everyone involved. Pharrell actually made me go a bit goosepimply and emotional near the end of his performance, I loved how he picked random people to go on the stage with him, pretty gutted we wasn't more closer to the stage I could of had a selfie with him! But what was even more lovely was that he chose this girl to come up on stage with him alone who you could tell was a massive fan of his, she was singing along to one of his songs and they had a few hugs and she got very emotional and I just felt the love up there, it was really lovely to see and so touching. Kanye West was also great but was wearing this really freaky mask, he did his usual ranting/speech which bored everyone to tears, we just wanted to hear him sing, I am not the biggest fan of his new stuff to be honest but he sang some old classics so that was great to dance along too! Over all I did have a lovely day but I think next year they should have more of a mixture with the artists/bands, just putting my opinion out there. I would like to say a massive thank you to Chloe for giving me the ticket and Hayley for making me smile with her drunk belly dancing (that she can't even remember) and for all the artists for doing an amazing job. I was glad to be apart of it all and most probably would do it again as it's great to have a festival pretty much on your doorstep. We didn't do too bad at all with the weather either on the Sunday just to be safe I wore leggings incase I had a fake tan mishap or something and boots in case it was really wet and muddy and I wore a beautiful dress from my local shop called smug, a place that sells designer dresses for cheap and it wouldn't be a festival without a rose head piece right?

Have you been to any festivals yet or going to one soon?


Cluttered Closet | UK Beauty Blog



'A 24 year old beauty fiend- mainly looking for a concealer that will cover up the under eye luggage I've got going on. '

Well, what can I say about Kal and her blog? Firstly you wouldn't believe me until you see for yourself that she has only been blogging since December! Not even a year and she has grown so much in such a short space, I remember when she came on the blogging scene and I thought wow her blogging game is strong, her pictures are always on top form and her content is gorgeous to go with it. She is good at describing objects/products and making you want to go out and buy it that day. Most useful one I have loved is the products for dry and frizzy hair as I can relate to it being a constant hair dyer - blog post here. She also has a great dupe post here. Her blog is very clean and easy to read with a bit of colour which I love in a blog, I know monochrome is what a lot of people go for but I like a bit of colour injected in for personality and good measure. I think you will all instantly hit the follow button once you go over to Kal's blog, she is equally as nice on twitter we have banter (you bully) and she is very helpful and sweet. I said she would be on here whether she thought I was being serious or not here's your five minutes of fame babes aha! Lots of love sweetie xxx

Connect with Kal - Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin & Instagram

Who's blogs have you been loving lately? Share there links in the comments below so I can see them and put yours in to so everyone can see them.


Hello lovelies, sorry for lack of blogging I have been so run down with a cold thanks to my little man for passing it on to me bless him. I have been that all over the place I totally forgot to picture my Cosmopolitan magazine! I didn't bother with Glamour as I already have the full size moisturiser and have a mini mascara and no where at all had Clinique chubby sticks, so gutted! But here is what freebies are in the ones I bought this month...

Cosmopolitan - £3.70
I opted for the lip and cheek tint by Cid but you could have a mascara also, I probably wont use it as a cheek tint but it smells nice and looks lovely.

Marie Claire - £2.50
I love Balance me and haven't tried there cleanser yet so I had to pick this up as it was a bargain, but they also have there moisturiser on offer with the magazine also. I love there packaging it is so simple yet so pretty and grabbed my attention. 

Elle - £4.00
In this months Elle you get a little travel set from Malin + Goetz including a cleanser, lip moisturiser and face moisturiser, Cheryl cole looks so beautiful and classy on the cover too I didn't even recognise her at first. 

Red - £4.00
Like I needed another lip balm but I just wanted to try the Rodial skinfood lip balm out for good measure, obviously.

Instyle - £3.90
I am massively into my hand creams at the minute so had to pick this up, I love Neal's Yard products too they just feel so luxurious, I also love there packaging this smells beautiful I can't wait to start using it as the one I am currently using is almost up.

Have you picked up any magazines for the freebies this month yet or have your eye on any? I am still on the hunt for a Clinique chubby stick, I am really hoping I find one.


Hello lovelies, a bit of a new one on Mummy Monday feature this week, I thought for all the other mummy's out there and daddy's of-course I would share my experience with nappies and which ones I found the best and nappies I would never repurchase again. Obviously everyone's experience is different and my little man drinks a hell of a lot and fills his nappy very easily but I think some brands should not have on the front super dry because it is a massive fail. The prices below are for nappies of a size 5/6 as that is what size Oscar is currently and the standard packet size.

My top three -

Aldi - Mamia Ultra dry £4.49 - By far the best ones we have had and the cheapest! They look really comfy on him and snug, they keep him dry all night and he is a very good sleeper from 7pm till 8am! They have even won awards for being the best nappy and for dryness. No leaks, soft, high and he loves the little animals on there aha.

Tesco - Loves baby ultra dry £5.97 - If were in Tesco's and nearly out of nappies we pick some up, Aldi are like our top nappies but these come in second best only slightly, again great at keeping him dry at night time, comfy and very soft great if your child has sensitive skin and they always have good offers such as two packets for £10 and they have a great amount of stretch in them for baby's on the move.

Asda - Little angels comfort dry £5.97 - Asda nappies usually have great offers too such as two for £10, we don't go to Asda a lot as there isn't one in out town and it's just easier for us to get ones locally but when we have been out and had these nappies they have been great! They leave no leaks, soft and there quite high up for when they do those nasty number two's all up there back, you know what I'm on about parents, yack! Brilliant value and great also for little ones on the move.

Nappies I haven't got on that well with -

Pampers - Simply dry £5.60 - I think people who are new to parenting believe Pampers are the best or the most expensive nappies are the best and I think they couldn't be more wrong. Not always the most expensive of things always work out to be the best. This is a price based from Asda I know Pamper's nappies range in price wherever you buy them from.What gets me is this particular nappy claims to have an extra dry layer and protective leak cuffs? Well Oscar always leaks in these and is really wet by morning once he has slept in them, I actually gave away pretty much a whole packet after trying them for a few days so we will never be repurchasing those again, but like I said before every one has different experiences and Oscar also had rashes from these nappies.

Morrisons - Little big comfy dry £5.89 - Sorry I completely forgot to put these in the little collage above but these nappies are like paper thin, they don't last more than a couple of hours without leaking through, again we gave these away after persevering but had no luck with them. 

Boots - Super dry extra absorbent £4.99 - Not extra absorbent at all, soaked his sheets after the first night of using these and again don't last longer than two hours in the day. I had high hopes after the woman said she used these with her children and found them great, when your a new mum you will try anything! After searching high and low for the best nappies you want to try every shop and brand going but these didn't work for us at all unluckily. Everyone has there own favorite though and works with whats best for them.

Overall winner - ALDI MAMIA ULTRA DRY 


Hello lovelies, following from my summer nail picks I thought I would share with you which lipsticks I've been grabbing lately in Summer, I love a bright lip in Summer, they make any make up look look more made up I think and gives you a boost in confidence, I believe you wear a lipstick suited to the mood that day though, I know I wouldn't pick a bright lippy if I was having an off day as a bright lipstick can bring attention to yourself and that's the last thing you want on an off day, right? I am also loving pinks and corals this year. Anyway back to the ones I have been loving lately in Summer...

From the bottom in the swatches going up in this order,

Revlon Lip Butter - Candy Apple - A gorgeous red that isn't too in your face, very moisturising on the lips and lasts a good few hours, a well pigmented lip balm that's not too shiny or glossy.

Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition - Ole flamingo - A highly pigmented fuchsia pink that packs a punch, super long lasting and makes any out fit and make up look pop!

Nars Satin Lip Pencil - Lohdi - My current go to lip crayon at the moment, a beautiful coral that is long lasting and isn't drying at all, a lovely satin finish on the lips.

Collection - Pretty please - A creamy finish with a coral tone with yet shades of pink and red coming through.

Maybelline Colour Vivid Sensational - Shocking coral - My absolute favorite summer lipstick to reach for, not for the faint hearted an obnoxious bright pink with orange undertones, very long lasting, opaque and leaves a slight stain to the lips.

Topshop - Ooh la la - This is such a stunning coral shade yet it is very drying on the lips, you have to prep your lips good before applying this lipstick. You know your lips are in good shape when this applies nicely, I love there simple packaging too.

Mac Cremesheen - Crosswires - Ever since I bought this shade in June it has stayed in my hand bag, its the perfect colour for say or night, slightly creamy with a shine. Lovely red shade with hints of pink and compliments my pale complexion I just love it! 


Hello lovelies, I finally lost my HD brows virginity! I was walking through town with astonishingly bad eyebrows how awful of a beauty blogger, but were not all perfect. Anyway I was walking through town and a lady from Gymophobics gave me a leaflet for beauty services I immediately asked if they did brow wax and headed straight there! I was greeted by a lovely lady named Amanda and I told her I was a blogger and was happy enough to post about her on my page and she kindly knocked ten pounds of the price for me. Her services usually cost £25 for HD brows but as you can see below it so worth it, for those of you who don't know what HD brows are they shape your brows by adding tint, waxing, plucking and threading then applying HD brow palette to give extra definition. Having amazing brows makes your whole face look different I think, it just makes your whole look better, it isn't cheap but it is well worth the price tag they last about 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your brow hair grows. Also for people who have had there brows threaded before and never went back because it hurt too much Amanda doesn't actually thread your eye brow hair she threads the facial hair and that didn't hurt at all, I was pleasantly surprised and was so happy with the finished results, my eye brows are so fair naturally and quite thin, I think this makes my eye brows look thicker but still looks quite natural, you just go as dark as you like. I have had so many compliments and will always be going there now for my brows. For all my local readers I don't think any where else in my town does HD brows so make the most of it why the lovely Amanda is there, she is there every other Wednesday and will make you feel fabulous.


Hello lovelies, carrying on my little collection of Summer posts I have chosen a few of my favorite nail polish picks for Summer, I do wear all sorts of colours throughout the year but I do get drawn into brights around the Summer time. I have picked quite a few pinks also not intentionally but here we have it. I have put some swatches above for you to see the colour on nail, to hopefully see how they would look on your nails and to see if you like them. 

N07 Cheeky Chops - A coraly pink toned nail varnish.
Seventeen Peacock - A shimmery metalic blue/green shade.
Ciate Red hot chili - Orangey red shade.
Models Own Fluro orange - A very obnoxious fluorescent orange,
OPI Elephantastic pink - A pinky coral with warm undertones, quite barbie pink.
Barry M Passion fruit - In the middle of pink and red bright and eye catching.
Barry M Key lime - A bright yellow based lime green. 

What are your favorite summer nail polishes?