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My New Year Resolutions...

Hello lovelies, that time of year where everyone's status's, 'New Year, New Me'.
But we all know its a load of bull. We should all just try and be a better version of ourselves.

I thought I would share with you some of my resolutions.

1. Loose baby weight once and for all! Plus extra... 
2. Stop hoarding
3. Spending Ban
4. Project Pan
5. Be even more organised
6. Keep on top of the ironing, (yeah seriously)
7. If I haven't worn something for more than 6 months (not including seasonal wear give it to a charity shop or chuck it!)
8. Give more time to friends
9. Meet some lovely blogging friends I have met over Twitter
10. Go to New York (The boyfriend has promised to take me)
11. Go on nights out more and enjoy myself, even though I'm a mom I do need to let go a little and have some more 'me' time.
12. Start a Youtube
13. Learn to drive properly for good!
14. Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day
15.  Cut down on coffee and diet coke!
16. Plan family holidays.
17. Love my family more than I ever do now and cherish every single moment with them because you never know what will happen in life. So never take your loved ones for granted including friends. Life's too short to hold grudges just be the better person and let by gone's be by gone's and make the most of life, in less of-course they did something you really couldn't forgive then i'll let you off ;).
18. Try and be more confident in myself. To stop putting myself down so much I always try my best to be a good person and that's all that should matter I never look at someone for there outside beauty and wish people would do the same with me.
19. Lastly be more efficient with my blogging, post at least twice a week Sundays and Wednesdays maybe. With an extra post if possible.

What are yours?

Boots Sales I Whipped up.

Hello lovelies, have any of you took advantage of the Boots sales yet? 1/2 price on all gifts from the Christmas lot, I picked up a few.

Firstly apologies for the appalling pictures, I searched forever online for these gift sets because un-blogger like of me I just couldn't wait to photograph my own products I ripped all the boxes open and couldn't wait to try things out and as Boots no longer keep things online which they have sold out it took me a while to find pictures of the products, sorry! Here is what I picked up any how.

Soap & Glory - Washful Thinking ; A beautifying duo for dry hands which you get a hand wash and hand cream. Although I own several hand creams around the house of hand food I LOVE the smell of the hand wash and as it went from £10 to £5 I couldn't resist picking this up. 

Soap & Glory - Face time ;  The box lured me in it just looked really pretty. I love Soap & Glory skincare so was keen to try this out! I am already loving the lip balm you get inside amongst some 3-in-1 daily purifying wipes, anti puffiness eye cream and a spf bb cream! I shall be testing these out and reviewing them all for you. A steal from £25 to £12.50!

Dove - Complete Pampering Gift Set ; I buy this my mum every year without fail for Christmas she loves Dove. It smells divine and does leave your skin feeling so soft and nourished. At £15 I never usually buy myself this but I do like to pick one up in the sale! £7.50 is a bargain for all the bath time goodies you get inside. I have been loving the body lotion inside at the moment so luxurious feeling for so cheap.

No7 - Fingers and Toes Gift Set ;  In case you don't already know me, I am a massive nail polish junkie, I think I have nail varnish problems! But I just can't resist them or a bargain. I also loved the hand saviour you get inside as I tried it out once from a friend of mine and its an exfoliator for your hands which makes them feel amazingly soft and you get a foot balm in to which now my feet are feeling pretty damn pampered right now. A great set to get honestly especially from £20 to £10!

No7 - Skincare treats Gift Set ; I got myself this last year in the sale. I love No7 hot cloth cleanser makes my skin feel lovely and soft amongst a day and night cream, head band a muslin cloth there muslin cloths are great too to get at all the grime of your face gently. 

I have loved my sales from Boots and my lovely Boyfriend actually treated me to all this in two different go's, I was going in to spend my Boots points but he wouldn't have any of it, lucky me! Now I have £30.50 on my boots card to treat myself with any time. As I'm on a spending ban soon this will be good if I flake at some point or is that cheating?! Say no...

Did you pick up anything out the Boots Sales? If so link below! 

LUSH - The Melting Snowman.

Hello lovelies, Christmas Eve. I'd not long finished my shift and was sitting up stairs in my little beauty room and thought what shall I do? (Oscar was next to me in this play room) Then I turned around and looked at my cake stand holding various Lush bath products and seen my little snowman and thought yes a lovely bath for me and Oscar would be lovely just before Christmas Day. So that's what we did!

LUSH - The Melting Snowman.

Isn't he the cutest? Oscar loved him too...

Oscar did want to eat him though :/

I managed to save the poor snowman from my sons mouth but not the water... Poor snowman melted away in our bath but we had lots of fun with him. I adore baths with my son as he's older he has his own little personality and trying to talk he loves a bath! I usually sit on the toilet whilst he's on the bath but fancied joining him tonight and we laughed away in the tub and watched Mr Snowman melt into a creamy lather. The Almond in it is gorgeous, I really do love the smell of almonds and hint of Cinnamon. Christmas smells just reel me in there gorgeous. I think these are a great way of fun for you and your child to share bath times with or just watch as they see the goodness of Lush bath bombs/melts etc. I love a bath and Lush products, there my fave. Oscar doesn't bath in Lush all the time by the way this was a one of, he usually bathes in his favorite Baby Johnson's. 

This little cutey is only £2.25 (the bath melt not my son hehe) and is only around once a year so quickly get him before he melts away till next year!

Hope all my lovely reader and followers have an amazing Christmas and get spoilt rotten! I am so excited to see Oscars face in the morning, I'm not going to lie I love receiving presents but I am far more excited to see what Oscar gets this year and all his reactions. 
Have a lovely day and enjoy all your time with your family and friends.


Mini Body Shop Haul.

Hello lovelies! 2 days till Christmas, ahhh. Who is frickin excited?! I am, I am. I am like a big kid at Christmas and even better now I have my own. He is still young but understands alot more than last year. I really can't wait to see his face this year. Anyway, back to the post!

I didn't go over board this time around as I really didn't need that many things, but you can't resist a Body Shop 50% off. I have far too many body butters from them that I could set up my own shop so these are the things I finally chose.

Body Shop - Reed Difusers 
I was around a friend of mine not long ago and she had one of these in her bathroom, I have never been keen on these before as I never though they gave of much scent but hers made the whole room smell gorgeous so has it was £15 but down to £7.50 with 50% off I thought why not try it and it has actually gave a gorgeous aroma off in my living room. I chose Aloe and Fresh linen as I love the smell of freshly washed clothes, mmm and it has left my living room smelling lovely and fresh, clean and pure. I think £15 is quite alot for some oil and sticks but it does power a huge room so well worth it if you did miss the 50% off offer. 

Body Shop - Blackhead remover

I luckily do not suffer with blackheads but I bought this for my spots to see if it would be easier? Apparently more hygienic too. My friend bought one a while back and was very curious so bought it just on a whim really, I shall test it out though. £4 to £2 couldn't really miss a bargain even if I'm not that sure how to use it??

Body Shop - Shower Gels/Creams.

Like I don't have enough, but I do love a Body Shop shower gel/cream. There very moisturising, highly scented. I adore the smell of Almonds and my favorite shower cream is the Cocoa butter one it leaves my skin feeling so soft. I love fruity scents and seen the Blueberry one so just chose that to try really. Then I got the Coconut one for my boyfriends mum as she loves the smell of coconuts so she will love this product. 

Body Shop - Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter.

I was in need of a new cleanser so came across this, suitable for all skin types which I thought was great as I have normal to combination skin. I liked the sound of it being sumptuous and a butter. I have recently tested this out and I am already in love with it! You know some cleansers make your skin feel tight after using it this defiantly doesn't! It leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean and plump/refreshed. I can't even explain how nice your skin feels after just using it once. I can see myself loving this for a long time. I haven't noticed if it is helping with my blemishes as such yet as only used it a couple of times but I just love the way my skin feels after using it. Winner already.

Then lastly on top of 50% off you got a FREE moisturiser and luckily a favorite of mine from Body Shop.

Body Shop - Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

Love this moisturiser, super gentle on the skin, light so it absorbs into the skin really quickly and rich in Vitamin E to hydate and protect and leaves your skin feeling soft and healthy looking. This is worth £10 so amazing to get given this for free after an already great offer!

What are your favorite Body Shop goodies?

Decembers Glossy Box.

Hello lovelies, today I have for you Decembers Glossy Box full of 'festive treasures'.

I love the Christmassy December box, My type of Christmas tree! Gorgeously wrapped in adorable candy cane tissue paper with green shreds. So Christmassy and pretty. Now what was inside?

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - Nude Lip Gloss

A 4ml cute little lipgloss very handy to squeeze in your over bulging make up bag or the little pocket in your handbag that is useful for nothing, but now this. It is a gorgeous shade, the perfect nude for an everyday flush of colour with a hint of peach. It doesn't say the shade on the tube just 'beautiful lips' An 8ml tube of this will set you back at £12. I would say that is fairly reasonable as it isn't a sticky lip gloss that gets tacky and also rich in jojoba nourishing for your lips. I am loving this already.

Maybelline New York - Volume Express Colossal Smokey Eyes Mascara 

I have used a Colossal Mascara from Maybelline before and loved it so I'm sure I will love this one also. It plumps your lashes for a smokin hot look, ideal for your Christmas party to flutter away at the gorgeous single men... If your single too obviously. Or women. Nice thich brush with little bristles, I don't find this to be clumpy at all and makes them quite thick and dark. Used to be a favorite of mine a couple of years ago. Looking forward to trying out there newest version of it. If you want to pick one up they will be around boots and superdrug for £7.99.

Seche - Nail Lacquer in Irresistble 

This shade is just gorgeous and fab for Christmas, I am actually waiting for this to dry on my nails as I'm typing away. It is a beautiful deep cherry red. This does dry quite quickly and leaves a satin finish, smooth and ready. You only need one coat for maximum coverage but go over once more if you wish. Seche nail polishes usually last a good few days too. I really do love this shade and they are £9.95.

Yin Yang Skincare - Rich Skin Food

I love trying out new skin care products to see if they agree with my skin and most importantly to see if they do anything brilliant to my skin. This is an organic skin care moisturiser which claims to nourish and repair fine lines and sensative skin. I will try this out over the next few days and let you know my thoughts on it. 
Luckily I had this as a saved post I had an email today of Glossy Box saying these could be out of date! Not good at all, so won't be testing them out. 

Wilkinsons Sword Intuition - Naturals Razor

I saved the strangest to last, A razor? Hmm. Very different but I'm not knocking it, actually pretty pleased as I needed a new one. It looks groovy and even has a little suction cup for you to rest it in the shower. Great for me to stick up high out the way of little man. I would say this is perfect for weekends away etc too as you don't need soap/shaving gel or body wash with it so if you have forgotten any of those items you can still shave your legs last minute. This is going to sound so gross but in the winter I tend not to bother with my legs that much, extra warmth right? Some of you are thinking woah gross she has hairy gorilla legs but the other people reading this are like hell yeah that's me too! The only thing I actually miss about being single is I could let my legs get hairy and not have to worry about it as I weren't getting my pearly whites out in the cold winter months. But being in a relationship does mean from time to time you do need to make the effort so thanks Glossy box for the new razor it shall be tried and tested. Another fact is that it has 100% natural Aloe and Vitamin E inside the shield containing the razor blades that lathers up to shave and moisturise in one easy step and they cost £6.49 not bad!

I have been pretty happy with my Glossy Box this year, well I stuck it out just over a year this time with out cancelling and they even sent me a lovely email saying Thank you for that and they would put in a chocolate for me in the next box, well Glossy Box not impressed I had no free chocolate? Could have done with it the week I had last week too and past couple of days but hey ho. Diet starts in January... 

Did you receive anything different in your glossy box? Leave me links below.

Beauty Crown - Week 3

The Beauty Crown Awards are a yearly favorites collaborative effort including beauty bloggers around the globe. The Beauty Crown Awards were created by Lily from Beauty with Lily Liz from My Pretty Obsessions, Jackie from Five Two Certified, and Shalunya from Shalunya & Boyet. We felt that a collaborative effort from a large number of beauty bloggers would be much more interesting to our readers and would garner more attention. The Beauty Crown Awards are a 5 week event with each week covering types of products.

Week 1 - Personal Care Products - Dec 2 - Dec 8, 2013
Week 2 - Facial Products - Dec 9 - Dec 15, 2013
Week 3 - Lip & Nail Products - Dec 16 - Dec 22, 2013
Week 4 - Eye & Misc Products - Dec 23 - Dec 29, 2013
Week 5 - Facial Care Products & Tools - Dec 30 - Jan 4, 2014

Week 3 of the Beauty Crown Awards covers Lip & Nail Products. Below are my Week 3 selections:


Lipliner; I am not a lipliner user, I just can't do it for toffee they always end up looking really ridiculous so I give it a miss.


Nars Lip Crayon - Cruella.

Technically its a Lip Crayon, but that's ok isn't it? I am obsessed with this at the minute! From a non red lipstick wearer it may come to you as a bit of a shock but I am in love with it. A matte deep red shade that doesn't budge through food and lots of wine. The only down fall like most mattes is its a bugger for clinging to those dry bits so prep your lips for this gorgeous crayon with lots of lip balm! Vivianna at Viviannadoesmakeup shares my obsession for this too ;)

Lip Gloss;

Rimmel - Apocalips

I have loved these babies since they were released. I have them in three shades at the moment but will be picking up some more in the future. There super glossy and pigmented and stay put. What more do you want from a lip gloss? There not sticky at all and I love a good pigmented lip gloss these tick all the boxes for me. Some people hate them, I don't know why but each to there own right. I have shades Celestial - A gorgeous deep pink with blue undertones. Luna - Beautiful peachy orange, my favorite out my three and Nude Eclipse - The perfect nude to make your lips look natural and glossy, great for every day work.

Tinted Lip Balm;

Figs & Rouge - Cherry Blossom Lip Balm

I adore figs and rouge lip products they are very nourishing and do such cute packaging. Not only do they work there pretty. I loved my little tin of lip balm but I like the idea of the tubes, more hygienic too and are you a hater of those people that dip there finger in your tin and make a dent?! I hate that so much! No dent making with this lovelies ha. It gives a gorgeous flush of colour on your lips with the cherry tint to the balm. A girly pinky/red shade, your lips but better. I have loved lugging this around in my handbag/baby changing bag to use on a daily basis. Also its 100% natural always good to know.

Lip Treatment;

LUSH - Santa's Lip Scrub

I swear by Lush's lip scrubs, not only do they help un chap your lips they smell AND taste amazing. Who doesn't love a beauty product you can eat? Hmm. Anyway this is a Cola flavoured lip scrub like the Christmas Cola Truck theme. Tastes and smells so yummy and has adorable little hearts inside. Your spreading love across your lips to save them from soreness and chappedness. I use this every night if I don't forget and for extra exfoliation I like to scrub it on with an old (clean) toothbrush and leaves my lips feeling smooth and soft. Great for kissing that someone special under the mistletoe ;). I have featured this also on my Winter Lip Care Saviours >Here<



Max Factor - Glossfinity and minis

I am loving this drugstore nail polish at the minute, I seriously have nail polishes from all sorts of brands and love them all so this is so hard for me to pick but at the minute for longevity and shade range I am loving Max Factor. They really do last up to 7 days without scruffing. I don't really hear much about Max Factor polishes on the blogoshpere but worth testing out trust me. My boyfriends mum loves these for longer lasting too as she thinks doing nails are a bit of a bother, unlike me changing them every few days. But I would defo recommend you trying one out. Gorgeous shades available, I got lots of compliments on the purple shaded one above called Diva Violet. The other shade if your wondering is Cobalt Blue which I got in the Max Factor Christmas Gift set offer from boots another gorgeous blue shade.


Sally Hansen - Powerful Acrylic Gel

For all of you religious readers of my blog you will all know I am a lazy base coat user! I just never can be arsed. But with being an ex nail acrylic user my nails are like paper at times and they need hardening up. This works wonders. Just one coat and your nails go hard like rock. You can use this alone for a subtle shine to a natural nail or under your choice of colour. Another reason I have tried using base coats is my nails were starting to stain from using bright or very dark colours and no one wants nasty yellow nails, yack. 


Sally Hansen - Insta Dri Anti Chip Top Coat

Another Sally Hansen gem, I love this purely for the fast drying effect. I don't think it is a great anti chip charmer but it makes your nails dry within 2 minutes and I am very impatient so love this stuff! I also love an Avon fast drying spray but I am waiting for a new one of them and this is always used. I would like to try the OPI top coat but this is my favorite at the moment. 

Nail Treatment;

OPI - Cuticle Oil Stick Pen

This is great for moisturising your cuticles and smoothing out your rough finger tips. It is scented with lemons too, I love the smell of lemons. You just apply one drop to each cuticle three to four times a week and it nourishes them beautifully. Great size for your handbag and like I said smells gorgeous!

Liking any of my favorites? Can't wait to read yours.

Hugo Boss Orange Gift Set Offer.

Hello lovelies, another offer for you I promise I'm not sponsored by Boots at all haha, I always just find the best deals here and anything to add up my points card before the January sales! 

Do you like Hugo Boss Orange? I'm guessing so as your reading this...
Your going to love it even more at a fantastic price!

All of this for £29.50 from £60!! Crazy bargain, it would have been rude not to, right?

To be honest, I wouldn't have just splurged on this even if it is at a fantastic price as I'm on a tight budget for Christmas and have way too much perfume than a woman and an army needs but my Nan always gives us £30 along with lots of prezzies every year and I just couldn't let this bargain go! I had smelt this in magazines before and loved it but couldn't fork out £60 for it I have a 15 month baby/toddler to feed/entertain guys. But £29.50 is an amazing value and it smells amazing!

It is fruity, with apple scents mixed with amber and vanilla and a slight cinnamon scent to it also, go and have a whiff if you like the sound of that. I was hooked and had to pick it up straight away as I seen it was this weeks offer so don't know how long it will be up for? It is online also HERE. If you don't want it for yourself would be a great gift for a perfume lover. Your sister, Mum, Nan, Aunty, Teacher etc. My Nan and Mum loved this. For a 50ml this is great but you also get these goodies...

100ml Body Lotion that equally smells as gorgeous as the perfume as well as the 50ml Shower Gel I think these added bonus's make the perfume last that little bit longer, on a night of going out I like to shower in the shower gel then rub all the body lotion all over me especially my arms and chest then spray away making me smell gorgeous and ready to hit the town, an also handy when your out an about a handy Atomiser case that you can fill with this perfume or any favorite of yours. ALSO the gorgeous clutch, you can take that on the tiles to. It is so beautiful a suede effect brown clutch with the Hugo Boss detailing on the front, I love it. 

Will you be picking up this fab bargain or already have? So pleased I picked it up, they have amazing deals on most perfumes at the minute.

Boots Offer, Max Factor Gift Box.

Hello lovelies, Have you checked Boots out lately with amazing Make up free goodies when you spend over £15 on that brand?

Bourjois, Max Factor, Loreal and N07 are involved. I think I'm right in saying they do this every year right?

I was umming and ahhing for a good ten minutes on which one I preferred and in the end picked up the Max factor gem. They were all lovely but I knew I would get more wear out of the Max Factor one all the goodies inside are worth £30.

Inside containing,

Max Factor False Lash Effect Full lashes, Natural look waterproof mascara in black/brown. I love a good Max Factor mascara especially the false lash effect one. I am sure I got this last year for a Christmas present and loved it so will defiantly be used up.

Max Factor Lip Infinity Lip Colour in 340 Essential Natural. A gorgeous shade of pink with peachy undertones. This stuff really doesn't budge after applying the after lip balm. You can't really use this alone without the balm as it is very drying and clings to all the right places like a tight LBD after a big Christmas dinner. But after eating and drinking it still stays on the lips all day using the two products. I adore this shade it is so natural yet gives enough colour for either a day or night time look. I would recommend checking this shade out at your nearest Max Factor counter.

Max Factor Glossfinity 'Glossy nails for up to 7 days' Nail polish in Cobalt Blue. A gorgeous dark blue nail polish that I have worn, I was never a lover of dark blues but there's something different about this one that I can't quite put my finger on. Being so fair I really just don't think dark blues suit me but this did. Its so beautiful, a shiny satin finish that does last a good few days. I think this lasted me a good 6 days at least. You only need one coat for maximum coverage but your own preferences on that.

Then you also get a Voucher for saving £3 of there new foundation. I am going to give this to a friend as that foundation doesn't work well with my skin type but lovely all the same to get a little bargain. Over all I loved this the most out the other boxes but I know the L'Oreal is very popular too which I was stuck between the most. The offer is online also, so what are you waiting for?

R.I.P Bouncer

Hello lovelies, not one of my usual posts but just a place on my blog that is a piece of my heart. My old dog/mums dog Bouncer sadly had to be put to rest yesterday due to mainly a lot of things being wrong with him and his cancer tumour. Me and my mum the most were devastated and absolutely heart broken. I'm blubbering away again just writing this. Not many people understand the pain that causes when loosing a 'pet' but he was much more than just a pet to us. He was apart of our family and filed it with love and joy. 

I completely understand if you pass this without reading I just wanted him on here as he was a massive part of my life and he deserves a place on here.

My mum knew a few weeks ago something wasn't right but kept putting the vets of as she had an inkling what they was going to say. He was honestly the best dog you could ever come across, big cuddly soft bouncing ball of fur hence his name. He would sit by your feet all day if you gave him a little stroke. When I lived at my mums he was always there for me when I was upset and lonely he would just come and put his head upon my lap and look at me as if to say everything will be ok. Through bad break outs he would lie in my bed with me and we would spoon each other even if he did take most of my big double bed up. I used to love taking him on massive long walks to get out the house and clear my head we would go anywhere sometimes for a few hours. He was my best friend, we got to have him for 8 years in our life. My mum got him when he was 3 his old owners had to give him up as she was a busy worker and her kids got older and moved out so didn't have the time for him, it was the best £50 my mum had ever spent. My Grandad also took him on a walk near enough everyday up the Chase he loved it so much. Animals, baby's, elders, teenagers he got on with everyone and everything. He was scared of his own shadow bless him. Sweetest animal I have ever met and loved. Awful to say but I was more devastated when he died then when my nan sadly passed away not long ago due to her illness it was easier to accept as she went away along time before she actually passed away it was easier to deal with. But having Bouncer in our lives and living with every day and finding out two days before he had to be put down just broke my heart completely. I wish there was something that could have cured him but there was nothing we could so sadly. 

I couldn't even go to the Vet's with my mum when they put him to rest because it was killing me already. My boyfriend was very fond of him and so was my Son, Oscar said Dog for the first time to Bouncer which will stay in my heart and memory forever. Some of you may find this really sad to have such love and devotion and hurt so bad of the loss but you obviously are not an animal lover and had a pet you have been completely besotted with like I was with mine. They are like humans to me, I love dogs more than most humans to be honest. They are always there for you they may not be able to speak but you know they care. His kisses may have been sloppy but least it showed he loved me. My last kiss to Bouncer :( I just hope he is heaven with my Great Nanny now and there having the time of there life up there. No more pain or suffering, he can run to his hearts content and eat as many treats as he can stomach. When its my time up there I will give him the biggest cuddle ever! All my friends who met him adored him even after meeting him just the once, he will be very sadly missed and in my heart forever. 

He got on really well with my friends dog Diesel and Diesel doesn't get on well much with other dogs the loved a play around the field.

See what I mean he loved lying by your feet.

He was always giving Oscar sloppy kisses.

Last Christmas that he didn't make which my Mum was even more sad about :( She was going to leave him going the Vets till after Christmas but we didn't want him suffering any more.

R.I.P To the best dog in the whole wide world, you made our family complete I just hope my own little family dog Alfie will turn out just like you. For now it is goodbye but I will see you again some day. My heart is truly broken at the minute but in time it will heal, there will never be another one of you. <3 

I could literally write for ages about him, but I wont bore you all I just loved him so so much.

*mops up keyboard*