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Clothes Show Live 2013

Hello my lovelies, how was your weekend? Did anyone go to the Clothes Show? If so leave me links below I'd love to know your experience. Me and my friend Amie decided to go on the Last day as we thought we would get some bargains and boy did we! I have never been before and always wanted to. We got platinum tickets as we wanted a goodie bag as well as good seats. The seats were phenomenal literally right next to the stage, the goodie bag though I didn't think was as good. Inside we got a bag of special k crisps, cat food?! A bottle of natural lemon, lime and mint flavored sparkling water, samples but the decent thing in there was a wrist band that got us 10% and 5% of a few stalls and you got a book which showed you times of shows etc and more about the stalls. Pretty special us going on there 25th Anniversary also, here are some pictures of the catwalk. I will confess now the pictures are not perfect, far from it. We was super close, the lighting wasn't the best, my camera settings have completely messed up and its brand new and no idea how to change them. So I used my Iphone which is normally great for pictures but the models were walking far to fast for me ha, I seriously need to invest in a good camera. 

My look for the Show...

Totally forgot to do an OOTD of me and Amie, I opted for an LBD I borrowed of the mother with black tights teaming up with my Office Leopard print boots and furry New look leopard coat. I think leopard print and red really go well together so I wore my new fave lip product, Nars - Cruella Lip crayon
Amie wore a black vest, tartan midi skirt and a black leather jacket looking gorgeous as always.

There was some amazing performances on stage as well as Cat walking some amazing clothes. I loved the Zumba one, the synchronised swimming one wasn't really my cup of tea but was cool, there was like a theatrical performance that was beautiful. Also Scot Innes performed and if I'm honest I can't remember him at all but he did have a lovely voice. He was a bit cringey with the audience but the young girls loved it. The models are so gorgeous, men and women. Ripped body's to die for and looked amazing! They must work so hard. I was thinking the whole time wow I want your body... Also naughtily admiring the mens torsos abit but the boyfriend doesn't know that. So shh haha. The young girls where screaming like One Direction where performing bless them. I loved quite a bit of the clothes shown, a lot of tartan and sparkles. There was a gorgeous gold sparkly dress I adored and these black sparkly boots, I could never pull them of but didn't stop me oooing over them. To me £40 for the over all thing is worth it and not at the same time, our seats where amazing but the goodie bag wasn't and going on the last day of the clothes show means you don't get too see so many celebs as you would on the first couple of days but the sales are amazing! I am defiantly going again next year but think I am just going to get a normal ticket. I would really recommend going the last day purely for amazing bargains but if you want to see celebs I would go the first two days.  

Here are the amazing bargains I purchased.

I'm just going to show you some pictures and explain a little as I am going to be trying some products out and will be doing more in depth posts about them individually. But if there is anything you want to know more about just ask in the comments below lovelies. 

So Susan, Guess how much I got all this for? Nope your wrong, £5!! 5 flipping pounds. Massive bargain, I've heard of this brand before but not a lot and thought why not try them out for a fiver?! I would be mad not too wouldn't I? Firstly the eye shadows are not me at all so that will be given to my Nan, she loves her eye shadow bless her, I think she will love those colours. Just had a quick look on there website and one of the products there are worth £25.00! Wow, I shall be testing these out though and will tell you my opinions. I'm loving the look of the 8 hour cheek stain and that's worth £25! What I liked about this brand too is they have no sulfates, mineral oils, phthalates, triclosan. There cruelty free and 82% water based. Really excited to try this brand out. 

Ciate - Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar, I was super gutted I didn't have a beauty calendar this year then stumbled across this yesterday. How much I hear you, £10. Yup Ten whole pounds, I know your jealous I can see your green eyes, how amazing?! Also the exciting part is ripping ten days worth open all in one go. Already the polishes are so beautiful not one I wouldn't wear. They will fit lovely with the rest of my nail polish collection but I'm going to ask my boyfriend to build me a bigger nail polish shelf as there's no room in the Inn for the others at the minute on my old shelf. I have way too many polishes but that's cool, who doesn't love pretty nails? 

Laurens Way Tan, I love me some tan, hate my pale ass skin. But seeing as I don't go out at all with my friends at the moment if I do it is very rarely, I haven't tanned in ages as I don't see the point in tanning just to be at home/work/popping to town. So I haven't tanned in ages but when I last tanned I went to a salon and they used Laurens Way on me. I absolutely loved it, so when I seen this for £9 thanks to my wrist band giving me 10% off I had to get it. Two 100ml bottles of tan, dark and medium and a prep and maintain moisturiser I think that's an amazing deal. Fab for me as I don't need a massive bottle with not going out all the while and is a perfect gift for tan lovers out there, they have these Christmas gifts on there website Laurens Way for only £15 and I think at the moment they have 20% off so worth checking out if your interested. I will show you a before and after picture of me using this in the new year. 

These are FREE goodies I got with a yearly subscription to Company for £12!! This was an amazing deal for me as you know I love my magazine freebie posts and for £1 a copy I thought this is awesome, got to get me some of that! They also had Cosmopolitan for £12 and Elle and Red were £15 still amazing value. An amazing value to then get free goodies made me a very happy Paigey. I have never tried Bare Minerals so excited to try out this Bronzed and Brilliant Kit a three piece collection for a sun kissed complexion and an Espa Super Active Lift & Firm Moisturiser. To help lift and strengthen your skin containing collagen to make skin look younger, smoother and supple. The only lines that are worrying me at the moment are crows feet popping up, especially when I smile. 

Models Own, All this for £10. I know crazy right, I was buying this simply for the limited edition models own nail polish with the clothes show logo and to get five extra polishes thrown in with a couple of make up extras and heat magazine, I was super happy. Seriously couldn't believe all the amazing bargains we got. I'm going back next year purely for all this goodness. There wasn't a lot of variety of nail polishes to choose from, maybe all the best colours went as it was the last day but I love the ones I chose. I picked up Green flash, Fluro Orange, Bronze Rage, Fuzzy Peach and Pinky Brown. I shall show you the colours more in future blog posts. 

This was a POUND! Outstanding, for company and cosmopolitan magazines with a bag of goodies, I may have ate a chocolate also. I think the loo roll on the go was abit odd, but yeah. Small tube of toothpaste handy for weekends away or a holiday, like wise with the foundation. You can't complain for a quid can you.

Another £10 bargain! I love a Barry M polish, not keen on the green but may come in handy for a nail art session. Two little dazzle dusts, I love these. You didn't choose any of these items just randomly picked and received in this cute neon pink bag, how cute is it?  I got nail varnish shades Silver, Limited edition green, Pink Iridescent, Retro red and Lilac foil. With a Lip Gloss, Intense Black Mascara 3 in 1, Gold glitter stick, Super soft eye crayon in No 5 and a Khol pencil in 16. 

I have always heard people talking about this stuff and never bit the bullet and purchased any, with a pretty big price tag attached to it. But this Moroccan Oil purchase was a lovely £15 price tag which also contained a shampoo and conditioner, its called there repair kit. I was sold, its a 25ml bottle of oil but I heard this lasted people ages so I will see if this does benefit my hair in anyway and If I love it I will know whether to purchase the bigger bottle or not.  A good little investment to try out and experiment with. 

I also purchased a home teeth whitening kit for £30 which I thought was really good, the women were very good at selling things to me and Amie the were dentists and had perfect white teeth so that helped also. You use it every day for half an hour till your happy with the results and the bottle lasts you three years in the fridge, I asked about what if you have sensitive teeth etc and she said it actually helps them, she let us try some out and it tasted nice of peppermint and didn't feel uncomfortable at all, I can't wait to try this out, mainly for my bottom teeth as there discoloring due to my unhealthy obsession with tea and coffee. 

Hope you enjoyed my post and got a feel of what the Clothes Show Live was like, if only you could see it from your own eyes. I really didn't know what to expect but I loved it and defiantly going back next year! All ages were there, men and women even children. There was stalls for beauty, make up, hair, vintage/indie clothing, jewelry stands, clothing for all sizes, food bars there were lots. I sadly didn't bump into any Celebs but there were a few there. My arms were killing me from all my bags though so I couldn't wait to get back to the car in all honesty. We drove there and got a shuttle bus to the Clothes Show and I really did enjoy it and so did my friend. I would really recommend going the last day if you want massive sales. I am going the last day again next year I just hate crowds and people in my way but I managed it, I kept my cool. Again if anyone did go please pop your links below. 

Thanks for reading. 



  1. You got some amazing things. I went last year and was so disappointed, the stands there were so rubbish but this year they all look brilliant.

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

    1. I know babe! Really, oh no :( I want to go again next year just for the bargains! Maybe it was because of the 25th anniversary? I might not be as lucky next year lol but going to see :) xx

  2. I'm so gutted I didn't go to the clothes show this year :( I loved it when I went a few years ago on a school trip with textiles. Was amazing! I'm now following you on bloglovin xx


    1. Just followed you on bloglovin babe, lovely blog! I am defo going back next year! I loved it xx

  3. I know we were there on the same day but what time fashion show did you go to? If one of your pictures was slightly further to the left I'd be able to see if I was sat there! I'm so pleased I borrowed my dad's camera for the fashion show as I managed to get some amazing photos from where I was sat. My post should hopefully be up some time next week x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. 11.30 or something like that babe, Ahh I look forward to your post then, devastated about my camera need to take it to a shop or something. xx


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