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Christmas Nail Tutorials, Candy Cane.

Hello lovelies, as were are in December I thought Id share with you some Christmas nail art tutorials and I'm going to start with Candy canes. I'm going to attempt to #blogmas.

Who loves candy canes? I think there yummy, pepperminty goodness.

This Is what you will need;

To start with choose your choice of base, If you read my blog you will know I'm pretty lazy with this so I skip this step but I really need to start using it as when I paint my nails a dark colour it stains my nails bad. But anyway once you've painted your nails on your base you will need to choose a white nail polish, my chosen one is
 Maybelline Colour Show in 'Winter Baby' then you will need a red I have gone for Maybelline Colour Show in 'Power Red' or if you would like a sparkly red opt for Barry M in 'Red Glitter'. Then you will need some stickers or some sort of tape and scissors to cut them up with. 

So firstly start by painting your nails in the white polish you have chosen, wait a good few hours before you carry on with the design so it doesn't smudge or ruin.

Then cut up your strips of sticker/sticky tape, I have cut mine thin and thick for added effect.

Then place the bits of sticker/tape on your nail on how you want your candy nail design to be.

I chose to do mine at an angle so it wasn't too straight. Then you chose which red polish you want and paint over the strips.

Blow on your nails or use a fast drying spray/polish then slowly pull the bits of tape/sticker of in a gentle manner.

Finish of with a top coat to seal in your design then there you have your candy cane nails! You can add abit of green for extra peppermintness, leave the sparkles out or add more. You could do a red base then white on top, whatever you fancy. I hope this helped you and inspired you to dabble with your polishes at home. Thank you for reading and keep your eye out for more tutorials.


  1. ahh thats what i did! took me ages, you make it look easy, i like the glitter idea x

  2. Don't know if you've tried this but I tend to take the tape off straight away, It creates a cleaner edge! :)



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