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Mini Body Shop Haul.

Hello lovelies! 2 days till Christmas, ahhh. Who is frickin excited?! I am, I am. I am like a big kid at Christmas and even better now I have my own. He is still young but understands alot more than last year. I really can't wait to see his face this year. Anyway, back to the post!

I didn't go over board this time around as I really didn't need that many things, but you can't resist a Body Shop 50% off. I have far too many body butters from them that I could set up my own shop so these are the things I finally chose.

Body Shop - Reed Difusers 
I was around a friend of mine not long ago and she had one of these in her bathroom, I have never been keen on these before as I never though they gave of much scent but hers made the whole room smell gorgeous so has it was £15 but down to £7.50 with 50% off I thought why not try it and it has actually gave a gorgeous aroma off in my living room. I chose Aloe and Fresh linen as I love the smell of freshly washed clothes, mmm and it has left my living room smelling lovely and fresh, clean and pure. I think £15 is quite alot for some oil and sticks but it does power a huge room so well worth it if you did miss the 50% off offer. 

Body Shop - Blackhead remover

I luckily do not suffer with blackheads but I bought this for my spots to see if it would be easier? Apparently more hygienic too. My friend bought one a while back and was very curious so bought it just on a whim really, I shall test it out though. £4 to £2 couldn't really miss a bargain even if I'm not that sure how to use it??

Body Shop - Shower Gels/Creams.

Like I don't have enough, but I do love a Body Shop shower gel/cream. There very moisturising, highly scented. I adore the smell of Almonds and my favorite shower cream is the Cocoa butter one it leaves my skin feeling so soft. I love fruity scents and seen the Blueberry one so just chose that to try really. Then I got the Coconut one for my boyfriends mum as she loves the smell of coconuts so she will love this product. 

Body Shop - Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter.

I was in need of a new cleanser so came across this, suitable for all skin types which I thought was great as I have normal to combination skin. I liked the sound of it being sumptuous and a butter. I have recently tested this out and I am already in love with it! You know some cleansers make your skin feel tight after using it this defiantly doesn't! It leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean and plump/refreshed. I can't even explain how nice your skin feels after just using it once. I can see myself loving this for a long time. I haven't noticed if it is helping with my blemishes as such yet as only used it a couple of times but I just love the way my skin feels after using it. Winner already.

Then lastly on top of 50% off you got a FREE moisturiser and luckily a favorite of mine from Body Shop.

Body Shop - Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

Love this moisturiser, super gentle on the skin, light so it absorbs into the skin really quickly and rich in Vitamin E to hydate and protect and leaves your skin feeling soft and healthy looking. This is worth £10 so amazing to get given this for free after an already great offer!

What are your favorite Body Shop goodies?

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