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 Hello lovelies, today I thought I'd share with you a gift guide for 8 year old boys! As you know I have two boys, one is 11 and the other is 8 and I don't know about you but I find it harder every year on what to get and never know what to get for their age range other than anything to do with gaming! Thats where Wicked Uncle comes in, it is an amazing website to find things for all ages! Especially if you have a family member or friend who wouldn't have the slightest idea what to get your children, you can point them in the right direction with Wicked Uncle as it's the most easiest run website and has sections for all ages and for girls/boys/all and categories. It made Christmas shopping that little bit more simpler.



I don't know about you but the years seem to be passing us by quicker and quicker each time they come around which make the months even faster! So I decided in my journal to write nine things every month I would like to do. I colour in the boxes once I've done it, is there anything more satisfying? 

So my nine things that I have this month are -

  • Do something crafty
  • Date night with Dan
  • One evening with Lawson
  • One evening with Oscar 
  • Try a new recipe 
  • Yoga
  • Do a YouTube dance video
  • Visit a friend
  • Pamper night

Some things on my list may seem small to you but sometimes life gets so busy that we forget or don't have the time to do those little tasks. I work and I don't stop with the pup and the kids after school pick up so making time for me and them on their own is a main priority I always want to maintain.

I absolutely love being creative so I always have this on my monthly make it happen list as well as spending one on one time with the boys and a date night with Dan. It's so important when you're in a relationship with kids that you make time for each other. It could just be going for lunch or an evening meal, the cinema or a little shopping trip. It doesn't have to be expensive, you could even go on a nice long walk together child free, that's free! It's just about having that quality time with each other. 

I tend to also add try a new recipe every month as I get sick of thinking what to have for tea most nights! Recently I have been absolutely loving Taming Twins blog for recipes, she has so many quick and easy ones and they're so yummy! I also always have visit a friend because I am so guilty at not seeing my friends, I just feel like I don't have the time to fit it all in, but even just meeting for a quick coffee is nice! I recently visited my friend Antonia at her house, she's recently had a gorgeous baby boy Reef and it was so lovely to see her gorgeous home and baba! I'm always a call or text away with any friend but definitely need to make sure I find time to actually see them in person. 

Yoga is something I really want to get back into, now I'm in my 30's my joints just aren't the same anymore, I want to feel a bit more flexible! It's so good for the mind too! As is exercise and dancing is my favourite so I'm going to make sure I have time to fit in a fun dance workout this month. 

What things would you have on your make it happen list?!




Hello lovelies, well we had January that lasted an eternity and you sneeze and February is over! 

We got up to lots of lovely things over February considering the month isn't that long though. We started the month of by having a gorgeous limited edition Lolo milkshake in Costa! It was by far the best milkshake I've ever had, I wish it was a drink that could stay forever, it would be perfect for the summer! We then went bowling, we did a wildlife watchers group event at the Wolsley centre, that was so lovely! We did a winter scavenger hunt, learned so much and made some gorgeous creations. We can't wait for Aprils as they're making rafts. 

We've been to parks, lots of dog walks, I've been teaching the kids about self care, ran them both a bath and put some orange juice in a plastic wine glass and did face masks, we talked a lot about childrens mental health too. Lawson had a girlfriend come over for tea, I did home made pizzas with them. Dan went to Austria with the lads! He had an amazing time. 

Me and Oakley met up with the gorgeous Talulah a chocolate cockerpoo! We made kindness stones and necklaces. We joined a kindness course! They did a fantastic event up the forest, the boys and me made dens, bird feeders, yoga outdoors, made wooden necklaces, planted seeds and even got to take a Hazel tree home with us to plant. The kids had their valentines disco. I went on a lovely dog walk with my grandad. I got my nails painted pretty whilst I had a week off for half term. We went to Jaspers for the first time which is a gorgeous bakery. We also visited Pillaton farm for the first time, the boys absolutely loved that. They had a huge jumping pillow, a lovely park and a great cafe that sold gorgeous coffee and pizzas and desserts. 

We went to Lichfield, we did Go Ape! Oscar was a lot braver than me and Lawson but I'm still super proud of us both that we took part. Oscar thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to go back! We visited Hawkstone Follies, the most stunning place for a nature walk just outside of Shrewsbury. We then went straight from there to Holyhead where Dan was working away. We stayed in his holiday home and absolutely loved it. We went back to Aber Falls which is breathtaking. We went to a National trust and lots of beach walks. It was truly the best half term ever! Then it was back to crap work and school! Roll on the next half term in five weeks! 

Book I'm reading this month - Call of the penguins Hazel Prior. I know I failed the one book a month but I have 4 chapters left so at least I'll have a new book by next months round up! I managed to read loads when we went to Wales because it's away from all the distractions at home. I've really enjoyed this book and don't want it to end! I would highly recommend this and the first book in her collection. 

 Music I've loved and listened to on Spotify - Coldplay and Dermet Kennedy. I also usually have heart radio on. 

Products I've loved this month - I've really fallen back in love with L'Oreal Infallible foundation, it always takes me back to my youth, even the smell transports me back to my mates house getting ready for a night on the town! But it gives you such a flawless base. Its a drugstore find so totally affordable too. 

Films I've Watched - Jack the reacher 3/5 Mrs Doubtfire 5/5 Titanic 5/5
I watched Jack the reacher because Dan had put it on and I just continued to watch it when he fell asleep, there was gripping parts but wasn't anything special. Mrs Doubtfire and Titanic because of Lawson! He's obsessed with Titanic at the moment and has watched it 6 times this year already! Mrs Doubtfire is just a classic I had to get him to watch and he loved it! Obviously. 

Tv shows I've watched - Happy Valley and Sort your life out.
I haven't really watched much TV at all this month! I love Stacey Solomons Sort your life out show, it's just everything I adore all in one programme. Then Happy Valley me and Dan was very late to the party with this one and binge watched all three series this month and wasn't disappointed until it ended anyway! I absolutely loved this show so much and I'm so gutted its over, Sarah is fantastic! 

What did you get up to in February? Hope you all had a lovely Half term. x



Hello lovelies, did anyone else feel like January had 1356,0987 days in it?! I couldn't wait for pay day to arrive! Felt like I was holding on by a thread, but everything has been paid up and were all back on track, even though the heating bills are astronomical and so are the food shops, were healthy and have a lovely home to keep us safe! 

Despite us being skint in January we had a lovely month, lots of walking! My steps have been amazing on my fitbit, thanks to my cute puppy! He gets walked twice a day and nice longer walks on the weekends. We've had family walks, date walks and even been on walks with friends. Oakley had his first ever groom this month and its helped massively with the bath time now, he sits so lovely now where as before he was fighting me to get out haha! We took the kids to clip and climb, we've been to local parks, fields and we've been to mcdonalds, slim chickens and stags leap. Me and Dan managed to sneak two little dates in this month! Both at The Horns Inn, the first one was a cute coffee and dog walk and the second one was a dog walk and lunch, the food was absolutely stunning! 

I met two new cute babies! Dans cousins and my friends. My poor little niece has been in and out of hospital bless her with her colds causing her to struggle breathing but hopefully she recovers soon! 

My brother and his partner came down from Evesham and we met their adorable puppy Max. We visited my dad and sister together. Still can't get over how positive she is through everything she is going through. Her radiotherapy is now done, the next is chemo! 

I joined a new fitness class this month, Martial Arts! I've been absolutely loving it, I joined with my work bestie Holly and its so much fun. Kickboxing and punching, my arms are really aching today mind! But it's great for my body and mind. I've been enjoying some lego sets, particularly the floral ones. I also started journaling this year and I'm really going to try hard and stick with it this year, It's nice to look back on all the nice or not so nice things we got up to. 

I've been juggling mom life and work whilst Dan has worked away all of this month, it's been tough and I've missed him loads but he has to go where the money is in his job role sadly! We're both in a really good place at the minute, it's nice to feel really happy and in love after 13 years together. We've had our ups and downs but were really happy at the minute and enjoying it! Planning future date nights and little family trips for the year. 

Book I'm reading this month - 

Call of the penguins Hazel Prior, I loved the first one and I'm enjoying the sequel I just really haven't prioritised reading this month and sadly didn't get chance to finish it! I really wanted to read at least one book a month but I'm working on it! I've set myself a challenge to read 10 books this year as I'm such a slow reader and never give myself time to do so. 

Music I've loved and listened to on Spotify - 

Wednesday soundtrack, 80's, 90's, Golden hour JVKE and Miley Cyrus Flowers. 

Products I've loved this month - 

L'Occitane body milk*, it's from their new Lavender CBD range, it smells insane and is so quick and easy to put on after the shower, I'm so lazy with body skincare but I use this almost every day at the minute! DHC Cleansing oil, I used this all the time back in the day when I was a full time beauty blogger and I saw it on offer online over the Christmas period and fell back in love with it! L'Oreal infallible foundation, again another throw back I remember wearing this back when I used to be able to get in the pubs at 16/17 and the smell just sends me right back! But it still really works for my skin and I love my complexion using this foundation and it doesn't cost the earth. 

Films I've Watched -

On the line 3/5 and Lyle Lyle Crocodile 5/5. 

I adored Lyle Lyle Crocodile me and the kids watched it in my bed whilst Dan was away and we had a bed full of snacks and it was a real good family feel good film! Who wouldn't enjoy a singing crocodile right?! On the line had potential, it was very gripping in parts but I had a feeling the ending was going to happen the way it did and it did it was just a bit uhh after all of that! But it was ok. 

TV shows I watched - 

Rosie Malloy gives up everything, Ernest Shackleton Documentary, Simpsons, The Light in the hall, The family pile, Traitors US, Sort your life out and one and only one episode of The Last of us. 

So The Last of us just wasn't something for me anyway but I was willing to give it a try for Dan, he also got bored after 3 or 4 episodes so gave up. My eldest was enjoying it but didn't want to watch it alone. Rosie Malloy, Don't watch if you're an addict! It was basically about an alcoholic and drug addict who keeps going in and escaping rehab! A really pointless show to be honest and I love Sheriden smith! We binge watched the US Traitors after loving the British one so much, we only agreed on watching it as we didn't know the 'celebs'. We watched the Ernest Shackleton documentary because one Oscar was learning about him in school and two Dan said he watched it before and it was an amazing story! That is was. Simpsons was just a throw back, I watch it with the kids sometimes and it takes me back to my youth. The family pile was a very easy light hearted watch on ITV, they're only 25-30 min episodes. I adore Stacey Solomon and I love anything to do with sorting so Sort your life out is a bit of me, this is the second series, I absolutely love it. Then lastly The light in the hall, this was a fantastic drama on I think ITV too! Highly recommend. 

What did you do in January? I'd love to know and if you have any TV recommendations xx 



meal plan

Hello lovelies, I thought I'd start of the year with my weekly meal plans. Maybe it will give you all a bit of inspiration if you're sick of eating the same meals. Ever since we've stuck to weekly meal plans we've stopped wasting food a considerable lot to before meal planning and we save money also! These meals are fairly healthy too as I'm trying to shift a bit of timber. But they was all gorgeous too, approved by my 8 and 10 year old and fiancĂ©!  

Monday - Pitta bread pizzas with homemade chips and salad.

Super quick and easy and you can even get the kids involved after school! You just need pitta breads, slather on some tomato puree, sprinkle some garlic on or oregano if you're feeling fancy and top it with your favourite toppings! 

Tuesday - Gammon Roast.

I always slow cook my gammon whilst I'm at work and prep my potatoes and veggies before hand so I can quickly through the cooked potatoes into the air fryer and whisk up some gravy, no fuss roast dinner.

Wednesday - Chicken, ham and mushroom pie.

I used the nights before gammon and used a Pinch of nom recipe for this!

Thursday - Pork stir fry.

Just fry of your pork or I like to add mine to my air fryer in some seasoning of choice then through in a pan with noodles, bean sprouts and your choice of veg.

Friday - Macaroni Mince.

It's basically just mince meat with macaroni pasta. I cook the mince until browned then add in onion powder, garlic, mustard powder and beef stock, once pasta is cooked I mix it all together then add cheese and fresh onions.

Saturday - Chicken Kebab.

Again, Pinch of nom recipe, I love their books! Would highly recommend.

Sunday - Beef stew.

Not pictured but we finished the week off with a nice hearty stew! Just what we needed after a wet doggy walk with the kids. I just throw everything into the slow cooker in the morning. Beef, potatoes and any vegetables of choice with mixed herbs, gravy granules and pepper. 

What was your favourite meal you had last week? Let me know in the comments if you meal plan or just wing it. xx