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meal plan

Hello lovelies, I thought I'd start of the year with my weekly meal plans. Maybe it will give you all a bit of inspiration if you're sick of eating the same meals. Ever since we've stuck to weekly meal plans we've stopped wasting food a considerable lot to before meal planning and we save money also! These meals are fairly healthy too as I'm trying to shift a bit of timber. But they was all gorgeous too, approved by my 8 and 10 year old and fiancé!  

Monday - Pitta bread pizzas with homemade chips and salad.

Super quick and easy and you can even get the kids involved after school! You just need pitta breads, slather on some tomato puree, sprinkle some garlic on or oregano if you're feeling fancy and top it with your favourite toppings! 

Tuesday - Gammon Roast.

I always slow cook my gammon whilst I'm at work and prep my potatoes and veggies before hand so I can quickly through the cooked potatoes into the air fryer and whisk up some gravy, no fuss roast dinner.

Wednesday - Chicken, ham and mushroom pie.

I used the nights before gammon and used a Pinch of nom recipe for this!

Thursday - Pork stir fry.

Just fry of your pork or I like to add mine to my air fryer in some seasoning of choice then through in a pan with noodles, bean sprouts and your choice of veg.

Friday - Macaroni Mince.

It's basically just mince meat with macaroni pasta. I cook the mince until browned then add in onion powder, garlic, mustard powder and beef stock, once pasta is cooked I mix it all together then add cheese and fresh onions.

Saturday - Chicken Kebab.

Again, Pinch of nom recipe, I love their books! Would highly recommend.

Sunday - Beef stew.

Not pictured but we finished the week off with a nice hearty stew! Just what we needed after a wet doggy walk with the kids. I just throw everything into the slow cooker in the morning. Beef, potatoes and any vegetables of choice with mixed herbs, gravy granules and pepper. 

What was your favourite meal you had last week? Let me know in the comments if you meal plan or just wing it. xx


  1. I love the sound of these meals Paige! I do love a Gammon dinner, it's one of my favourites! x

    Lucy Mary

  2. Ohh! You have given me some ideas for next week. I love the sound of the Macaroni mince and the Chicken Kebab from Pinch of Nom is so good. x

  3. I definitely need to start meal planning it would make my life so much easier! You've reminded me I need to get my slow cooker back out too!
    Amy x

  4. Love this! I desperately need some foodie inspo. I'm so bored of cooking the same things. I love a good slow cooker recipe! I get so much use out of mine around this time, but then put it away during the warmer months. I love a good stew after a cold walk outside. Looking forward to reading more of these!

  5. Love this - we meal plan every week so that I know what I'm having and I can get organised. Love your ideas, I'll be stealing some of these!


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