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Hello lovelies, yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Benefit's new mascara roller lash. I was a bit dubious to go in the back of a truck, but it was one marvelous truck! I met up with my favorite blogger babe Chloe and we met Rachel inside, was lovely to catch up with my blog girls and be treated to yummy cupcakes an offered pink Moet or apple juice by this unbelievably sassy man in an amazing sparkly jacket, I obviously opted for the apple juice whilst jealously watching Chloe sip away at her Moet. 

The whole of the inside of the Bene-truck amazed me, I was in ore of all the vintage tv sets on the wall, the neon light at the back with roller lash, hair dryer lights, mirrors and mini tables and comfy seats, it was lovely I want one in my back garden aha. We all got given the new mascara that launches in March, I was so excited and curious to try it as I am already a massive fan of They're real mascara, but the Benebabes showed us all how different it is and shared with us all there tips and tricks. I am looking forward to using this mascara and you can see my review very soon, so look out for that and a huge thanks to all the lovely ladies and gentleman that had us yesterday evening. 

If you can't wait until March Elle actually have a sample of this in there most current magazine!


L'Oreal Nouvelle Vague 851 £4.99

Hello lovelies, today I have a gorgeous pastel shade for you all, I am in love with this shade perfect for spring time and really compliments all skin tones I think. I was recently rummaging through the clearance baskets in my local Tesco's as they took down all there Max Factor and L'Oreal make up down so I picked up a few bargains, this being one of them I got this for about £2 and fell in love with it straight away.

I used two coats to make it more opaque, it is a lilac/off blue shade and I just can't stop staring at my nails,  it dried pretty quickly and it gives a gorgeous sheen to the nails. I love the patented brush you get with it to make an easier more precise application on the nails. The L'Oreal color riche range comes in all sorts of shades to suit your mood and skin tone etc and I love there slim sleek packaging.

Have you got a favorite L'Oreal nail polish shade?


Weekend Box Club - Theme Chinese New Year £7.50*

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a crafty Mummy Monday, me and little man had a fun day yesterday making Chinese artsy crafts things thanks to the Weekend Box, The weekend box is a fortnightly craft activity pack that gets sent straight through your letterbox for you and your little ones to get creative with, the age ranges from 3-6, Oscar is only 2 but I had lots of fun helping him as I love anything artsy and crafty. 

In this fortnightly box we got lots of activity packs to play with for the Chinese New Year theme, we were able to make -

- Fortune cookies
- Paper plate dragons
- A Chinese dragon &
- Chinese lanterns.

I just thought I would share with you one activity we did or it would be a very photo heavy post, we decided to make the Chinese dragon, with my fantastic artistic skills not, I drew a dragons head and tail then cut around it and stuck it onto the red paper and Oscar painted on some blue detailing and the lollipop sticks and had lots of fun running around the house with it shouting rarrr, because that's the noises a dragon makes, ok. 

We didn't need anything extra with this activity pack other than scissors but everyone has those in the house right? What we got in the pack -

Yellow Card
Red Paper
Lollipop sticks
Googly eyes
Blue powder (which makes paint)
A paint brush
Sticky paper

How to -

- You start by folding the yellow card in half, cutting it then drawing a dragons head and tail on the different bits of card. Cut around the card and save those pieces for later.

- Get the red paper, fold it into three parts, cut those out then fold them in 2cm chunks back on forth from each other until you get to the end of the paper then glue all the bits together. Then glue the head and tail on either side.

- Get the blue powder, put a few drops of water into the bag then mix together to make paint, paint the dragon to your liking, or let your child do this bit, Oscar had lots of fun.

-Then lastly stick on the googly eyes and lollipop sticks and have fun with your masterpiece.

I think the weekend boxes are a great idea for getting your child's creativity levels up and doing things together, for all the family. You obviously don't have to do it on a weekend if your more available to do it in the week etc, but for us as a family the weekends are the only time we get together really, so it was lovely this Sunday to get all crafty together and unleash our inner artists. I probably should of got Dan to draw the actual dragon, he is much better at drawing than I am, to think I got a B once in art... 

You always get a new theme though with the Weekend box and I look forward to what the next box will be, £7.50 is such a great price too but if you would like to try this out with your little ones I have a code for you to get one free box! 

Here is your promo code : PAIGE42 Just type that into their website HERE.

If you do get a free box I would love to see your posts on it or tweet/Instagram me and the Weekend Box club.

Weekend Box Instagram. 


Hello lovelies, I recently went to Birmingham to do some retail therapy after a rubbish weekend so I thought I would share with you all the few bits that I got. I am trying to get more into the swing of things of filming videos now and hopefully they get better as I go along, I's love your feedback and some video recommendations in the comments below, that would be great. Hope you enjoy it and hopefully see something you might fancy to put on your wishlist.



They have done it again, Make Up Revolution just keep coming up with great ideas and new beauty products, they must work damn hard. This is the perfect palette for taking away for the weekend or even on holiday, three looks in one is perfect and the fantastic big mirror you get with it means you don't have to take a spare. 

I love in this palette all the three little compartments I would wear all of the shades but my favorite is the first one you see to the left. They are very pigmented and feel so soft like satin on the skin, I always get excited when I get a parcel from Make Up Revolution though as I know its going to be good! Since I have been working with this brand I have branched out with their make up and always advising my friends who aren't that big on make up to try them out as they are super affordable and you get pleasantly surprised how good the quality of the products are for such a small price tag. My favorite eye shadow palette has to be the flawless one and that was only £8 for a lot of eye shadows. 

I look forward to doing three looks out from this palette for you all, you could easily do day to night looks out of these shadows, you don't just to have smoldering browns to make a gorgeous smokey eye look, purples are meant to be great for green eyes to make them really stand out. Into the night and Head over heels are my favorite shades from the whole palette though, you just can't go wrong with your neutrals, even better if you have this in your work make up bag you could dab a bit of Into the light all over the lids then add some Head over heels into the crease and some black winged liner for a night look for drinks straight after work. 

Have you tried Make Up Revolution yet? If not you need to jump on the band wagon they really are great. If you are on board of the wagon what is your favorite product from them? Let me know in the comments below. 


Barry M - Aquarium collection Mediterranean £3.99 

Hello lovelies, I had a big break on my nails for the first time in ages, my nails felt good after the breather and I have a fantastic buffer to show you soon on the blog that will make you not want to paint your nails for a while, but for now I have the prettiest mermaidesque nail polish to show you. As you may know by now I am a huge fan of Barry M nail polishes, they are super affordable and last a good few days before chipping, I noticed this aquarium collection in a local boots store and couldn't resist this mesmerising colour, its almost metallic with stunning shimmers running through it going from pink to copper in the light. The packaging is also cute too, I have had so many compliments since wearing it and I think it goes really well with my fair skin tone but I also think this would look gorgeous if you had a darker skin tone, it's way too beautiful to resist. 

Have you tried any of the Barry M Aquarium collection?


Hello lovelies, as the sun was out yesterday we thought it was the perfect opportunity to go out and enjoy it, Oscar got this battery operated car for Christmas of my granddad and hadn't really had a good play in it, unless you count in grans house at Christmas! He didn't seem to like going out in it outside but Dan's great idea was to let Oscar have a run around in the park for half an hour then get him in it, his plan worked. 

We only really get Sunday for family time as Dan works most Saturday's so it was nice to have some quality time together in the park, you don't always have to go to expensive places to enjoy yourself as a family, Dan does take us all sorts of places, we like to try out new soft play places, the Snow dome, farm yards, sea life center's etc but sometimes its just nice to enjoy the fresh out doors and it was great to see Oscar's face in his car, he loved it. He didn't really get to grips the whole steering wheel concept but he did rather well with help from his daddy. He laughed his head of as Dan pretended to be getting run over by him and running away, I couldn't stop singing 'they see me rolling, they hating' aha.  

The car itself is quite light so its easy enough to carry from a short distance if your little one gets tired of it, like Oscar did before we got back to the car and perfect if you don't live to far from your local park, we got this Chad Valley car from Argos here. I can't find the exact one, the one I have showed you is in pink and pretty much half the price my granddad paid, I think 2 and half on wards depending on the size of your child obviously and their development this toy would be perfect, but you can also get the ones with more parent safety pieces on. All your child has to do is press the pedal down to make it move and it also has flashing lights. Where you usually put your petrol in your car this car cap is where the battery goes, we charged it over night Christmas eve and it has lasted a good couple of hours, we haven't been out with him more than that to test how long the battery actually lasts yet but I think it is well worth the money and if it keeps in good condition we have it for his baby brother too. 

Has your little one got a battery operated car or what are your thoughts on them?


Hello lovelies, I hope you've all had a lovely week, isn't Sunday just the best day for really relaxing and pampering yourself after a busy week? These are the products I am currently using of a night time not including extras like face masks etc but this is what I usually use on a nightly basis.

Firstly I start with some DHC Deep cleansing oil, this stuff really is amazing! If you're one of those lazy people who can't be bothered to take your make up of after a tiring day you need this in your life! Just rub some of this into your face with some warm water and your make up literally runs of your face, its like magic liquid, yup even those stubborn mascaras and eyeliner, all gone after a good scrub on your face with this and washed away with a warm muslin cloth. I then like to double cleanse of a night so I use Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, this is the limited edition version they had out near Christmas, it smells amazing! I much prefer the scents to the limited edition versions to their standard one, but it works the same. This also gets rid of all your make up but this leaves your skin feeling so clean, refreshed and sparkly, its creamy and soft and I will forever use Liz Earle to cleanse my face with of an evening. Then twice a week I like to exfoliate my skin, to do this I use the Clarins Gentle Refiner exfoliating cream*, it isn't too abrasive but abrasive enough to feel like it is doing something to my skin, it has a pleasant smell to it and the little beads do wonders over my problematic areas, I have noticed such a big difference in my skin since using this and not skipping a day or night of my skin care routine. I love to spritz my favorite toner all over my face using Lush Tea tree water*, this is so cooling and refreshing on my skin after cleansing it, it's like my skin goes ahh once its spritzed all over then wiped with a cotton pad. My skin immediately looks brighter and glowy and the tea tree obviously helps to keep those pesky spots away. After toning I like to give my lips a vigorous exfoliate using Lush Santa's lip scrub*, this is my favorite lip scrub and it smells amazing, you can only get it near Christmas time at Lush but just stock up! It does last you a good while though, the smell makes it so tempting to eat, coca cola and this makes your lips feel a million dollars afterwards. Next step for me is serum, I have been using this a good few months now Keihls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, this serum just sinks into your skin like a dream, I only use about two tiny drops and its enough to cover all over my face, it helps clear my skin up but also hydrates it and keeps my tired mummy skin looking more radiant and healthy. Then lastly I moisturise under my eyes and face, for under my eyes I very generously got given the Bobbi Brown Hydrating eye cream* at an event I went too last year and I have not stopped using it since I got it, it really does make my eyes feel hydrated and helps a little with my tired bags, but I need to drink more water and sleep more to help prevent that.. but it sinks into my skin perfectly so I am not waiting around for ages and its very light weight. It has aloe vera and witch hazel extract inside to soothe and comfort the eye area as well as jojoba seed, avocado oil and squalane to condition and revive continuously, my under eyes have never been treated so well. Then to be honest I use any night cream at the minute, I have sorted all my skin care stash out and have a ridiculous amount so I am trying to get through my mountain of stash so I am trying out the Eucerin Even brighter night cream*, I love how this also sinks into my skin nicely yet it feels quite thick, which I like as I know its being soaked into my skin overnight ot really replenish it, it does make my skin look more brighter in the morning, I can't believe how good my skin is looking lately using all these products and not missing a night out, it really does make a huge difference sticking to your routine and obviously drinking a lot more water and getting those eight hours sleep a night, I admitdely don't always get my full eight hours but close enough and my skin is very thankful to it and these great products.

If you would like to know a little bit more about each product just ask away in the comments below or email me, I would be happy to help, obviously we all have different skin types and concerns but some products can work amazingly with all skin types, I have combination skin, an oily t-zone and dry cheeks and around my nose everywhere else pretty normal and I also worry about getting wrinkles already and these products do wonders to my skin and concerns.


Hello lovelies, as it has been a while since my last Youtube video I thought I would upload a simple neutral make up look, I always get so scared once I have filmed and finally uploaded it but I will only get better as I keep practicing. I am no make up artist as you can probably tell after watching the video and probably do my make up totally different to you all, but I thought it would be an easier option for my first video in a while and will also be uploading a haul very soon. I have mentioned in the video all the products I have used and you can see from my Instagram picture above what was involved, if you did happen to enjoy my video please give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see more of my videos in the future, as you will finally meet Oscar and the family before baby L arrives, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


Online Games


Hello lovelies, I was browsing through the internet today for some online interactive games I could get Oscar involved in, he loves toddling around in my room with his toys whilst I check emails and blog etc, so I thought it would be nice to do something with him on the laptop. I stumbled across this Fisher Price website, it has amazing things on there for children, babies and toddlers not only does it have online games, it has tips and tools, toy recommendations, all of their products and all sorts of activity ideas. I shall list below a couple of the games me and Oscar played, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and this is a great way to learn new things with your little ones. I also love how you can pick the age group suited to your little one on their progress and knowledge, the toddler games were a little too old for Oscar so I went with infant and they had lots of fun learning games. 

Letters Game - A great way to teach your little ones their alphabet, getting them to press any key on your computer/laptop and discovering the letter and an object to go with it, eg A - Apple. Then an alphabet song at the end.

Count with me game - Again like the alphabet game, counting with different objects to obtain that number then a little number song at the end which is now stuck in my head aha.

Animal Fun Game - This was Oscars favorite game, he loves animals and knows a lot of the noises they make but he doesn't say the name of the animals, if he sees a cow whilst were in the car or something he will just shout MOO aha, so I am hoping this game will get him to say the actual animal, but this game is very fun you press any button on your keypad and it shows you an animal, the name of the animal then the noise it makes.

There is also coloring games on there, jigsaws and learning shapes. I think I will have half an hour a day with him on these games now to get them stuck into his head, we have also been drawing shapes, letter and numbers on his chalk board. I think toddlers are the most exciting age to interact with them, they are also so funny, I think Oscar is very intelligent but have no idea where he gets it from aha. If you and your little ones end up playing on this website let me know in the comments below what you thought. 


Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you another one of my new years resolutions, which was to save some pennies as well as my beauty spending ban. I was looking on Pinterest the other night and came across this, I thought perfect! Especially if you live with your partner or house mate etc you could all chip in! The plan is to put in a pound a week, each week the pound adds, for example first week £1, second week £2 etc.

 As I am on week two now I have put two pounds in, I took these pictures just to help you out and give you the jist of it all, but if you would like to see the better real version here is a link - 52 week money saving challenge. I got the cute little jar from Wilkinson's for just £4 I love how you can write on the front with chalk, I recently got a smaller one too as they are in the sale. 

If like me you are rubbish at saving I think this is a great invention, if you can't trust yourself to not keep dipping into the jar either then get one of those smashable jars, at the end of it you will have over a grand! All worth it if your going on a holiday, saving for a car, to go towards a house or furniture for inside a new place or just a big old shopping trip! I wish you luck if you plan to join me on this money saving journey and keep me updated on Twitter or on the comments below, we can spur each other on. 



Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you my very mini mac haul, I was kindly gifted a Selfridges gift card from my Nan this year, I have always wanted to start a little Mac eye shadow collection so I thought with the gift card I would purchase a little quad and two eye shadows to start me of, as I am on a beauty spending ban for four months now I can treat myself when its up. II opted for the safest options, obvs neutrals as I am not that brave to spend to £10 on an eye shadow over the internet for me not to like it, I know I'm going to love a neutral shade so no love lost. I will next time however pop into my local Mac and try some more adventurous shades, I say this every time! 

Amber lights - This shade is a peachy toned brown with a hint of shimmer, perfect for just a one wash on all over colour for the lid or a base for a smokey eye look. It is quite gold looking in some lights but this suits my pale complexion very well I think, I was lured into this shade by looking through some of my blog friend Hayley's Instagram pictures, I will have to do an eye look with this shade for you in the near future. 

Woodwinked - A browny gold shade again with a hint of shimmer, this would look gorgeous in the crease or as an all over shade. I love neutrals/browns and this colour is perfect. 

I have played very safe with my two picks but I am very happy with them both, there both so soft to to the touch and apply like a dream on the lids, very pigmented and don't leave a crease. I am looking forward to expanding my collection but kind of gutted I didn't make the most of the Selfridges sale before my spending ban was up as I could have got a big palette for just over £50 saving me a lot of money in the future! Never mind, maybe next year, if there is any mac eye shadow shades you highly recommend especially for a pale complexion like myself please let me know in the comments below.