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Hello lovelies, as the sun was out yesterday we thought it was the perfect opportunity to go out and enjoy it, Oscar got this battery operated car for Christmas of my granddad and hadn't really had a good play in it, unless you count in grans house at Christmas! He didn't seem to like going out in it outside but Dan's great idea was to let Oscar have a run around in the park for half an hour then get him in it, his plan worked. 

We only really get Sunday for family time as Dan works most Saturday's so it was nice to have some quality time together in the park, you don't always have to go to expensive places to enjoy yourself as a family, Dan does take us all sorts of places, we like to try out new soft play places, the Snow dome, farm yards, sea life center's etc but sometimes its just nice to enjoy the fresh out doors and it was great to see Oscar's face in his car, he loved it. He didn't really get to grips the whole steering wheel concept but he did rather well with help from his daddy. He laughed his head of as Dan pretended to be getting run over by him and running away, I couldn't stop singing 'they see me rolling, they hating' aha.  

The car itself is quite light so its easy enough to carry from a short distance if your little one gets tired of it, like Oscar did before we got back to the car and perfect if you don't live to far from your local park, we got this Chad Valley car from Argos here. I can't find the exact one, the one I have showed you is in pink and pretty much half the price my granddad paid, I think 2 and half on wards depending on the size of your child obviously and their development this toy would be perfect, but you can also get the ones with more parent safety pieces on. All your child has to do is press the pedal down to make it move and it also has flashing lights. Where you usually put your petrol in your car this car cap is where the battery goes, we charged it over night Christmas eve and it has lasted a good couple of hours, we haven't been out with him more than that to test how long the battery actually lasts yet but I think it is well worth the money and if it keeps in good condition we have it for his baby brother too. 

Has your little one got a battery operated car or what are your thoughts on them?

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