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Hello lovelies, I know my blog seems very mumsy at the moment, babies over load! But I am trying to keep up to date with my beauty posts too and hopefully when I'm feeling a bit more confident I will post some fashion posts soon too. I went to Birmingham last week mainly to buy myself some new clothes but ended up kitting the boys out instead but I did get my hands on a couple of new beauty releases and some Topshop beauty bits! 

I have seen the Topshop Lip Ombre out for a bit and been very curious by it, I was tempted to pick them all up when I went in the store but perplex got my full attention so popped that in my basket, it has a gorgeous fuchsia pink with a peachy orange shade, I can't wait to have a play with that, then I picked up some invisibobbles as these are great for your hair and I loved the colour of them and of course couldn't leave without getting any of the five year celebration bits, the gold packaging is just stunning! I picked up the nail polish in shade adrenalin and the lipstick innocent, the lipstick is a perfect day to day wear shade and a good few hour wear out of it. 

After Topshop I then popped into boots, I was going to get the new Barry M blushes but wasn't blew away by them so left it, I am a massive fan of their nail polishes don't get me wrong but not so much a big fan of their make up so I was having a mooch and spotted these gorgeous new Bourjois polishes, I wasn't even aware of a new release but picked them up straight away! As it was 3 for 2 also it would of been rude not to indulge. They are about £7 and the formula is stunning, so opaque after just one application and fast drying, looking forward to seeing how long they last on the nails, it says long lasting online so I shall let you know. Then lastly one new release I did want to try out was the new Revlon ultra hd lipsticks, hibiscus caught my eye straight away and when I swatched it I fell in love immediately so had to get it, so glad I did it smells amazing, lasts a good long while and feels beautiful on the lips, will definitely need to invest in some more shades in the near future. 

Have you picked up any new releases lately or just been treating yourself to new make up?


Dave's Breakfast Blast Off! 

Hello lovelies, I thought I would do something a little different on the Mummy Monday post today, so every Thursday I take Oscar to the library and he picks three new books every time we go. This book has been his absolute favourite from every time we have been. He laughed so much when we read this, I am going to have to purchase this book for him but I actually know it off by heart now word for word luckily. I think he only likes the last couple of pages anyway when Dave the cat lets off a big stinker from eating too many breakfasts aha.

It's basically about a big cat called Dave who wakes up one morning to an empty bowl so him and the animals in the garden come up with a plan to go to next doors house, they all help him over the fence and he pinches all next doors pets food. He ate far too much and let of a huge parp! Oscar shouts blast off now and makes a fart noise then laughs his head off through out the day bless him, what I liked about this book is the words are quite big so I touch the words as I say them and get Oscar to repeat me and sometimes I'll miss a word out so he can say it. It's very easy to read and Oscar thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm thinking of doing a book review on all the books he enjoys the most or maybe once a month pick one out to review, Oscar is two and a half by the way so the bigger the writing the better for him and it's easier to interact with him. We both had lots of fun reading this every night for a week amongst the other books so I really need to get this. 

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday Monday planned, if your a parent blogger reading what do your toddlers like reading/ being read to the most?


The lovely Alice from Annie Writes Beauty tagged me in this Spring Tag so I thought I would do it, it's been a while since I've done a tag post and I do enjoy answering the questions, so here goes...

1. What are three colours that remind you of Spring?
Yellow, Pastel shades and Green.

2. What is the first thing you added to your Spring wardrobe?
Long flowy skirts and light jacket/cardigans.

3. What is the first item of clothing you ditch to make it more Spring like?
Thick wooly jumpers!

4. What are your ultimate nude and bright lipsticks?
My favourite nudes are Mac - Hue, Illamasqua - Rosepout and Maybelline Colour drama pencil in Nude perfection and my favourite brights are Mac - Candy yum yum, YSL in shade 52 and Maybelline colour sensational in shocking coral.

5. What is your signature Spring fragrance?
I don't really stick to scents through different times of the year but I am loving Lady million by Paco rabbanne currently.

6. What do you add to or drop from your skin care routine?
I add anything with sf for the daytime and ditch heavy moisturisers.

7. Do you change your hair in the Spring?
Again I don't change my hair to suit the seasons but I am having a change after a long long time of having the same, I think I'm going to go for a lob with some sort of ombre going on.

8. Are there any exciting beauty releases that you are looking forward to?
I still haven't got my hands on those gorgeous new Clinique lipsticks so need to get some of those!

9. What are your top three nail colours for Spring?
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine -Papaya, Essie - Fiji and Rimmel Rita Ora super shine - Wilderness

10. Who do you tag?

I tag these lovely ladies...

Chloe - Unwritten Hollywood
Jessica - Blonde Of Carbs
Sian - Sian Marie Beauty Blog
Lauren - Beauty Division


L'oreal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss Lip glosses - £6.99

Hello lovelies, today I have for you quite a new release from L'oreal, their new mega gloss lip glosses. Now I'm not usually one for lip glosses as I just picture hair all sticking to the lips scenes as I go out the door, no one likes a hairy lip right? Not the most appealing look to go for along with bags under the eyes from night feeds aha. But these aren't sticky at all! They leave my lips feeling hydrated, plumper and they are really pigmented, another thing I think lip glosses usually lack. 

They come in three different formulas - cream, matte and dazzle so obviously I had to get one of each to try out. The matte ones obviously last a lot longer than the other two but you get a good few hours wear out of them before having to top up. The dazzle one in Disco ball is absolutely stunning, I think this will look gorgeous on top of any lipstick for a night out where you really want to stand out. The cream nude in Protest queen will most likely be more of my every day to day wear on top of a nude lipstick or even on its own, I had to layer this up a bit to get more of an opaque look but it feels so lovely on the lips then lastly the matte in Smoke me up is a gorgeous deep fuchsia pink, when I'm feeling brave I will wear this in the day with a subtle eye look or will be great for nights out as it leaves a subtle stain to the lips and will last a lot longer than the other two, who has time to keep topping up their lipstick when theres wine to be drunk or your favourite tipple?

A long with all those great qualities they have an excellent shade range for everybody's taste, the packaging is very chic I think and the applicators are amazing. They have a funny curve like shape to them which makes the great for hugging on to the lips for the perfect application and you can even turn it to get right into your cupids bow without getting in a mess! I love the shades I currently have but may have to get some more especially as boots have a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment with L'oreal make up and they retail at just £6.99 each. 

Have you tried these new mega glosses yet?


Hello lovelies, this post is very photo heavy incase you couldn't already tell. Yesterday we wanted to do something a little different to our normal Sunday routine of a soft play place or anything like that so we googles 'family day out near Stafford' and lots of options came up, I loved the idea of the Wildlife centre and I know Oscar loves animals so I thought we was on to a winner, Dan was happy enough to drive us to Eccleshall just over half an hour away from where we live and somewhere we have never been before, thanks sat nav! 

The Wildlife centre itself is situated just behind a garden centre, they have been going since the early 90's although its founder Rob Smith had been rescuing birds for many years before that, the centre was then open to the public in 1993 just hosting a few rescued/unwanted animals then the centre soon got more and more rescued animals. Some of the animals that they take in have never even seen their own kind of species before which is really sad but you can tell how well they are all looked after, the atmosphere is so relaxed, clean and the animals are gorgeous and look well. It is only £4 per adult to get in and the only way they stay open is by that small price tag and people's donations, I personally think they should charge more especially as they do such a good job and take in and look after unwanted animals and get them back to their usual selves. We all really enjoyed the animals, my favourite had to be the cute little marmosets, monkeys are my favourite animal and these tiny monkeys are so cute I really wanted to take one home. They also have reptiles, meerkats, bats, wild dogs, wild cats, owls, all sorts of birds, black capuchins, coati mundis, kinkajous, racoons, macaques, pigs and rabbits so there is plenty to look at. 

They also have a lovely little park there which they have a little pig sty and rabbit hutch on which is in the middle of the cutest little train, me and Dan both wanted a go so we took it in turns to go on with Oscar as it was only £1 a go, it took you all around the wildlife centre which you then got to see pony and horses and the ducks on the pond, Oscar really enjoyed himself and kids under 3 go free! It was a really cheap day out and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves we even started the day of with a bit of crazy golf, Oscar cheated a bit but had lots of fun. 

I am still trying to get to grips with my family life now we have a new addition so please bare with me until I get a proper rota for my blog but I will have lots of beauty posts coming up soon and hopefully some fashion once I have lost some weight aha. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 


Hello lovelies, sorry I haven't blogged in a while it's been a whirlwind of a week! Last Tuesday I gave birth to the most perfect baby boy, named him Lawson Daniel Kazoks weighing a whopping 10lbs 14 oz, I know you just take that in, all natural on just gas and air no stitches! OUCH. All worth the pain and tears though of course, just look at him. I love chunky babies but I nearly fainted when they told me how big he was but he's happy and healthy so that's the main thing. So I'm trying to adjust to life with two beautiful boys one who is two and a half and one who is now 8 days old, I still can't believe how quick that has actually gone but as much as its been an amazing week its also been a really tough one! 

I sadly found out the other day my Dad has Cancer, curable hopefully were just waiting on all the details to see if he's fit enough to go through all the surgery and everything but I'm trying to stay as positive as I can, I know there are great things they can do these days and my Dad's a fighter, he's taking it pretty well and he has a lot of support around him we will just have to take every day as it goes and just be there for him. If I've learnt anything this week it is to not take your family or anyone in fact for granted life is far too short to worry about the stupid things in life you have to try and be the best person you can be and be as happy as you can. Life isn't full of rainbows and daisies but you can make it as good as you can, if you can't find a good person then be that good person! We all make mistakes in life its about learning from them and making the most of the future. So as bad as that news is were all making the most of life, it's all you can do.

So not to end this post on a sad note and getting through the tough days I am also having amazing days, being a mum all over again is a rollercoaster I knew it was going to be hard work but every day is worth it. Oscar is absolutely in love with his little brother, he says hello every morning to him, kisses and cuddles him and says 'my baby cute' the little sweet heart. I am trying to get some lovely pictures of them together for a post and hopefully get back into Youtube showing my gorgeous family so look out for that! I will try to blog as much as I can and sort some sort of routine out for you, my loyal readers and new ones. I hope to post at least 4 times a week, with baby/toddler, fashion, beauty and life posts all thrown in there. Thanks to all the lovely comments I am already receiving on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the congratulations your all lovely and have an amazing week. 



Hello lovelies, the weather seems to have gone back to normal British weather, the sun never sticks around long enough does it? So today I thought I would show you what sort of clothes Oscar wears on a 'comfy' chill day if were just popping to town or staying in the house or he will even wear things like this to soft play as it is really comfy clothing and easy to manoeuvre in. 

Before it started to rain Oscar had some fun with play dough in his play house and he is modelling a plain white T which actually comes in a pack of three tops from Asda, they come in gorgeous colours seen HERE. For just £6 as well you get three lovely tops that are great quality and last through the washing machine, I also found it amazing hoe he managed to keep this top white through out the day and when he did finally spill something on it the mess came out easy enough without vanish! The joggers are super comfy too as much as I prefer Oscar in jeans I like to think of him being comfy and these are quite smart joggers I think so he still looks smart but casual and has all the comfort there.

These are his favourite shoes, he picks his own shoes when we go out of his box, if its not these then its his wellies! I didn't quite think his dinosaur wellies would go with this look but they would of matches his cute umbrella! 

What do you think to comfort and style on little ones? I'm currently eyeing up all the Zara joggers for baby L's arrival!


Hello lovelies, another month flown by so quickly just like my pregnancy can you believe I am having a baby in less than a week? Eeek, so excited now just anxious to when its actually going to be D-day but here is what I have been loving through out April. 

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Perfume - This and Alien by Thierry Mugler is my signature scent according to my fella, I always switch between these perfumes as they are my favourite! I tend to wear Alien more at night time and this during the day as its lighter yet still so powerful in scent if that makes any sense, I'm not the best at describing perfumes but its quite floral and feminine, I adore it and have been wearing it none stop lately. 

Mac Mineralise skin finish in Soft and gentle - I have been wearing this non stop also, I love to look glowy in the spring and summer and although people are telling me I have a natural glow to me I am pretty sure it's this beauty that's giving me all the credit! I add it where you can think of, I've even been wearing it as an all over eye shadow as I've hit pan on my Stilla In the light palette eye shadow Kitten and it is very similar thankfully! I have had this msf for ages and its still going strong, such a good investment.

Rimmel Lasting finish high coverage concealer - This concealer is amazing for just over five pound and I think it is a dupe for my Mac studio finish concealer, it is very high coverage and lasts well through out the day whether your concealing blemishes or hiding those bags under your eyes.

Rimmel Rita Ora 60 seconds super shine nail polishes - I have the shades here Glastonberry and Orangina my most worn polishes of April, I adore the finish of these polishes and the longevity! All the shades are stunning and I am slowly adding them all to my collection, I would highly recommend these and the 60 second normal polishes Rimmel do, they dry super fast and last ages.

Seventeen Eyeshadow in Statuesque - Along with my msf in soft and gentle I have been wearing those as a duo on my eyes, being a lover of matte shadows usually I have gone to the sparkly side, the glittery the better, they just make my eyes look real pretty and make the green really stand out. It's a gorgeous champagne sort of shade with a hint of copper, just the right amount of shimmer without
going over the top.

Aldi Lacura CC cream - I know your all probably thinking make up from Aldi? But don't knock it until you have tried it, I was scanning through the isles and was so curios I just had to get it, I am so glad I did! Firstly I thought it will just be another base that makes me look like an orange but I was pleasantly surprised! I picked up the light skin tones version and it is a perfect match for my face, it is amazing cover too and lasts really well, you may need to touch up in the late evening but you can't argue at about £4 a pop. It has 15SPF in it too which is perfect for the gorgeous weather were having lately and feels really moisturising on my skin, I'll do a review of it for you all soon.

Nars Satin lip pencil in Lohdi - I fell in love with this lip pencil when I bought it a while back but like many of you beauty bloggers out there I am sure with such a big lipstick collection it ends up getting thrown at the back (not literally I am a bit of a neat freak with organisation) with the rest of your lipsticks and sadly forgotten about but when I was sorting through all my make up the other day I found it and was in love all over again, its the perfect spring/summer shade a beautiful coral with a hint of pink, they last pretty well on the lips too.

What have you been loving in April? Share your favourites in the comments below.