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Dave's Breakfast Blast Off! 

Hello lovelies, I thought I would do something a little different on the Mummy Monday post today, so every Thursday I take Oscar to the library and he picks three new books every time we go. This book has been his absolute favourite from every time we have been. He laughed so much when we read this, I am going to have to purchase this book for him but I actually know it off by heart now word for word luckily. I think he only likes the last couple of pages anyway when Dave the cat lets off a big stinker from eating too many breakfasts aha.

It's basically about a big cat called Dave who wakes up one morning to an empty bowl so him and the animals in the garden come up with a plan to go to next doors house, they all help him over the fence and he pinches all next doors pets food. He ate far too much and let of a huge parp! Oscar shouts blast off now and makes a fart noise then laughs his head off through out the day bless him, what I liked about this book is the words are quite big so I touch the words as I say them and get Oscar to repeat me and sometimes I'll miss a word out so he can say it. It's very easy to read and Oscar thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm thinking of doing a book review on all the books he enjoys the most or maybe once a month pick one out to review, Oscar is two and a half by the way so the bigger the writing the better for him and it's easier to interact with him. We both had lots of fun reading this every night for a week amongst the other books so I really need to get this. 

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday Monday planned, if your a parent blogger reading what do your toddlers like reading/ being read to the most?

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