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This weeks Save VS Splurge is -

Highlighters Make up revolution baked highlighter in Golden lights and Mac mineralise skin finish in Soft & Gentle.


Hello lovelies, so valentines is soon approaching... It's obviously a big ploy to spend more money on chocolate, cards, gifts etc but I'm not complaining who doesn't love receiving flowers and chocolates? But we should show our appreciation every day that we love our partners. Dan tells me he loves me every morning and kisses me on my head before he leaves for work and I tell him I love him every night before I fall asleep, that's important to me. A lot of people show there love in different ways, cooking tea, running baths, ringing to make sure they are safe etc. But it is nice to have one day out of the year to really spoil your other half like Christmas all over again, well not as extreme unless you have more money than sense aha. But for all you singletons don't feel left out get slammed up and give your best friend a card/gift they will appreciate the love! Today I thought I would just show some ideas how you could celebrate valentines as parents.


Hello lovelies, today I thought I would talk to you about a serious topic! We all know how bad it is when its that time of the month but what we do have is nice warm bubble baths, hot water bottles and more importantly clean clothes and sanitary items to change ourselves with when we need them. 


Hello lovelies, so on the blog every Saturday (don't shoot me if I miss a week) I thought I would do a save vs splurge post on some of my favourite make up bits or something I find to be similar, maybe not in shade entirely but it could be finish, formula etc or all together. I personally love theses types of posts I know people hate the word 'dupe' so thought this would be a better alternative.


Hello lovelies, so I very luckily have a friend who is a masseuse who asked if I fancied reviewing one of her new massaging techniques, I obviously jumped at the chance who wouldn't? Bearing in mind I'd previously paid for a massage from Natasha and left feeling so relaxed so I couldn't wait to see what this bamboo massage was all about, really curious. 


Hello lovelies, so I thought I would share with you a high street/drug store make up look then next week I will do a high end one. I am no make up artist as you can clearly see but I love playing around with make up and this helped me dig out items I haven't used in a while, also to come up on the blog in the near future is 'splurge vs spend' and 'shop the stash'. No need to buy more make up then right? Boots points don't count...


Hello lovelies, hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I've said it before here on my blog about how lucky we are to be situated so close to a beautiful forest! There is nothing we enjoy more as a family than long walks outside and the Cannock Chase is always our first destination choice, just look how gorgeous it is. You can spend time with your family without having to spend spend spend, after all children want more than gifts, they want your time and presence. Oscar adores the Gruffalo and the forestry commission have a Gruffalo trail, we did that, we built wig wams out of big sticks, we visited the fairies and we played on the park there, it was freezing but we wrapped up well and had the best time, Oscar even so lovingly said 'Mummy, I've had the best time'. This just melts my heart and knowing we did all that for free made it even better! We even managed to bag ourselves a free tea at my Nans house after. 

What do you like doing with your kids that doesn't cost a penny? 


Kimono - Snug (Vintage shop in my town)
Top - H&M
Scarf - Primark
Jeans - Newlook
Boots - Tesco
Engagment ring
Bracelet - Pandora
Nails - Dream nails USA
'No make up make up'

Hello lovelies, I still feel totally cringe worthy when I upload a fashion post but I need to embrace my curves and mummy fashion aha, as you cans see I don't really have 'style' I just dress to be comfortable. I also did this for a way to see how far I've come, I'm getting married next year and I need to be able to fit in the wedding dress of my dreams so I really need to eat better and work out more, posting pictures of me will keep the motivation going. I feel ridiculously huge on these pictures but this kimono is the most comfiest thing I have ever bought myself and it keeps you so so warm! My mother in law bought me my boots after Christmas and I'm in love with them, they are so comfy and easy to clean and have good grip on the slippy roads. I hope to get more photo savvy in my future outfit posts and hope one day I will take a photo of myself and think wow girl you did good, you've lost all that weight and you look good! 

I went for the 'no make up make up' look using affordable brands if anyone wants a post on that?


Hello lovelies! Hope you're all well, I've been yo yo dieting for a good 4 years now! Before kids I was a size 10/12 without having to work my ass of in the gym or watch what I eat, two kids later I have put on way too much and let myself go, I'm happy in life just not in my body so I've vowed to myself this year it needs to change for good! Be even more happier an healthy, healthy being the most important. I've done slimming world previously and loved it but when I have a day of slipping up I find it hard to get back to so this year I'm basically just eating better an trying to cut out more of the bad stuff. I'm constantly on Instagram on healthy foodies and dribbling of all the good foods, I found this recipe on +Slimmingworld_ Gal Instagram and although I'm not following slimming world this time around I thought it would be a healthier alternative to a cupcake with extra frosting! 

Want to know how to make these? Carry on reading...

What you will need -

  • 2 weetabix
  • 2 tbsp of sweetener
  • 1 tsp of vanilla essence
  • 1 level tsp of cocoa powder (1 syn if following sw)
  • 1/2 Toffee mullerlight
  • 2 eggs

  • 1 tbsp of nutella (4 syns if following sw)
  • Strawberries or any fruit you love.
The Method -

Pre heat your oven to 180, blend your weetabix into a fine powder then add all the other ingredients together and blend them all until it is smooth. Divide the mixture into 5/6 silicone cup cases and bake for 25 minutes. Allow to cool then add your desired toppings.

These are 1 syn for five without Nutella when using your hexb, 7 syns if your not using your hexb and
11 syns altogether with Nutella.

Do you have any healthier alternatives to deserts/snacking? Snacking at night time is my downfall.


Redan Fun to learn First friends £3.99 (monthly)

Hello lovelies so the popular Redan Publishing team who started out in 1991 having made magazines such as 'Friends' 'Ben & Holly's little kingdom' 'My little pony' 'Sparkle world' and more. Recently, I say recently this is their seventh issue but fairly new is their 'First friends' addition, they aim their magazines at pre schoolers ranging from the age of 2 to about 7 years of age this new magazine they have brought out is aimed from the ages of 2 - 4 and I have found this the best magazine for Oscar who is aged 3, I'm obviously biased but I think he's quite clever for his age but the magazines aged 3 - 7 are far to forward so this magazine is just right for him.

He enjoys the stories that are in there, they're usually written from the popular characters on the television, he loves the colouring and obviously the free little toy you get inside. The toys aren't usually the most amazing but it's a nice touch. You always get a sticker sheet and plenty of activities to do throughout the magazine, plenty of learning games and posters you can pull out to keep looking back at and learn more. There are even added extras at the back where you can do little competitions to win and feature in their magazine and on the very back of the magazine you get to see what's in the next months issue and it tells you when its on sale which I love, I used to always pop in my nearest newsagent scanning all the magazines trying to find the one Oscar liked, Oscar loves this one the most also, he enjoys our little hour together putting all the stickers in, reading the little stories and learning new things.

What's also great about this magazine is there is a different topic every week, for example this months topic was 'colours', Oscar picked random things in the house he could find for those colours or if they were too big to go on the page he would go and point to something that was that colour or he would tell me what thing was a certain colour. He even got to share this months toys with his little brother Lawson, he got a key fob with a little toy phone which Lawson was very fond of. Next months topic is 'Playtime' and I think i get as much as excited as Oscar does when the new magazine comes out, maybe I'm just sad but I love stickers and I love teaching Oscar new things and what better way to teach your children whilst having fun at the same time! I didn't actually know that Redan made the Peppa Pig magazine until I did a little research and that was the magazine I picked up all the time before this one came out, I would recommend them both for learning and fun and so reasonably priced! I won't be changing my magazine for Oscar anytime soon.

Do you pick up magazines for your pre schooler? 


How cute does Lawson look in his cute Zara outfit? I picked these up a couple days after Boxing day and managed to get them in the sale, I say sale Zara knocked about £2 of the price, cute either way. His trouser/legging type bottoms are unbelievably soft and have a tweed like effect to them and even has a back pocket on the rear no idea why a baby needs one but there you go and the tee is just simply white with a little animal type thing on it saying woof. I love buying clothes for the boys even more so baby things because they're so cute and tiny, not long until he's in 1 year old things though, cries. Heres a link to the Zara sale if you fancy a mooch. 

Where's your favourite place to shop for boys clothes?


Hello lovelies, another year has passed before us so quickly! What happened in 2015? Well I gave birth to a whopper 10lb 14 ounces, a gorgeous baby boy and named him Lawson he is already 8 months, it goes too quickly. Oscar turned three too, where does the time go? Daniel finally proposed! He did it Christmas eve and think Love Actually style (the bit where he does the 'it's carol singers' on the boards). If you want to see a remake of the original look on my Instagram 'wallypaigex' It was delightfully romantic and made me and him cry! I obviously said yes considering the amount of crap I have had to deal from him, more of that coming up on the blog in the future but will hopefully be an end for good to that! I have finally settled on an amazing bunch of girlfriends who always have my back, they're there for me whenever I need them and are just amazing. There has been amazing ups but also downs, my dads going through some really tough chemo process still, me and the kids have been really ill but finally yon the mend and we adopted a Chihuahua long story again will be on the blog soon but we named him Duke and despise the many accidents he has done on my bed we love him and he's permanently apart of the family! But for 2015 I will be glad to see the back off and so excited for 2016!

  • Learn to drive finally!
  • Help the less fortunate/others more as much as I can.
  • Stay away from drama and have a positive life.
  • Keep of my phone so much.
  • Loose weight for good! Like 4/5 stone.
  • Keep being the best mother that I can be.
  • Try not to stress so much.
  • Get help for my anxiety and depression for good.
  • Blog more!
  • Focus on the more important things in life.
  • Go to the gym at least 3 times a week.
  • Choose a new hobby.
  • Learn to love me.
  • Stop being so much of a hermit.
  • Enjoy every day.
  • Save money!

Happy New Year readers, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and have the best year.
Do you have any new years resolutions?