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Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you all how I try to cope in the new year for a few months with not buying another lipstick in the new year or another mascara to add to the 29 I already have, I know. I shall be repurchasing my favorite high street foundation when I run out though that's about it. This will not only give me a chance to save money for the new baby and other things around the home but give me a chance to try everything I already have in my collection. Lets be honest being a beauty blogger it's damn hard going on a spending ban, especially when your reading reviews about this amazing primer/lipstick/blusher etc or Selfridges have a sale on or any beauty store, it's an addiction that it really hard to crack, but like all addictions you need the will power which this time I really do have. I have lots of plans to help me save money in the new year from spending ban on beauty products, my food for the week as I wasted far too much this year and a 52 week money saving pot, more details on those posts soon! But today I thought I would share some tips to help me not slip up on the way.

  1. Plan out blog posts, FOTD, Most loved products, Empties, Different make up looks etc.
  2. Stay away from the make up aisle in Boots, Wilko's Superdrug etc.
  3. Skim past emails saying SALE now on.
  4. Keep your card at home.
  5. Don't go to Birmingham unless your meeting friends for lunch.
  6. Think about what the money could go on, holiday, essentials for baby and Oscar or the home.
  7. Stay away from beauty sites.
  8. Step away from the laptop when your feeling run down or sad (always leads to retail therapy)
  9. Set myself new goals every week and praise myself with something else.
  10. Make a list before I leave the house and stick to it, surely I'm not the only one who plans to go out for milk and comes back with 20 other objects? 
  11. Get into another hobby, try baking? 
If any of you have any other tips I'd love for you to share them with me in the comments below and if your planning on doing a spending ban add me on Twitter and we can spur each other along! It's going to be tough lets face it, but we can do this. At the end of the spending ban which I plan to do for four months we can always treat ourselves to a Tom Ford lipstick?! Aha or a holiday...


Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you a Christmassy 'what's on my nails' who doesn't love a bit of glitter and sparkles on Christmas right? Also I think red and silver are very Christmassy colours so I thought I would team the pair together and do a sparkly number on my finger tips, the top coats I used from Barry M are quite sparse on their own, you would have to do about four coats and I am not a patient nail painter so I opted for a base coat in the same shades. 

Butter London - Come to bed red, I firstly painted my nails with this red to give my nails a more red opaque look, this stuff is gorgeous and glides on the nails like a dream. It is a stunning red alone but I wanted some sparkles for Christmas.

Barry M - Red Glitter, I painted this on top of the come to bed red for a gorgeous glittery finish, it really is stunning and looks like Dorothys slippers from the Wizard of Oz.

Nails Inc - Soho silver, I painted this on my ring finger for the perfect base for my silver sparkles, again this is a beautiful colour on its own, very festive and great for new year parties too. 

Barry M - Silver, I don't think this is as pigmented as the red glitter but it just gives that little bit of glamour to your nails and makes them look like pretty silver sparkly baubles. 

What have you put on your nails for the festive season?


Nars - Radiant creamy concealer Chantilly £22

Hello lovelies, about time I wrote about a beauty product right? I have wanted this concealer for a while and as I got some Christmas pennies not long ago of my granddad I thought this was the perfect opportunity to pick it up. For twenty two pounds it is on the pricey side for someone who is a huge fan of the collection concealer under five pounds! 

But it is worth it, plus it's nice to have a luxury item option as well, it is a very creamy concealer and highly pigmented, I got it in the shade Chantilly as I like to really brighten under my eyes, this does this perfectly even with my very pale skin tone this brightens it up a treat and also works great as a highlighter base. This stuff doesn't budge once it has been applied and covers up any complexions you have beautifully, it isn't cakey and it comes in a nice sleek tube with a dofa applicator which makes it very easy to apply in all access areas. 

This and the collection concealer are now my firm favorites and this is perfect if you want your make up to stay in tact all day and for a night out to really bring out your eyes and cheek bones, I would highly recommend this if you were looking for a luxury concealer and it comes in ten shades from very pale to dark to suit everyone's skin tone. 


Hello lovelies, long time no see. I promise in the new year I will be a lot more organised, I have already purchased about five new notebooks and a sparkly diary to keep me on top form! Now this post isn't all about 'New Year, New me bullshit' but some of the things I hope to achieve and just to be bloody happy more than anything really, so without further a do I shall post my list and I would love to know what some of your resolutions are in the comments below.

  1. To be more organised.
  2. Learn to bake, I am diabolical!
  3. To dedicate one day all to play time and to leave the washing, polishing, cleaning etc that day.
  4. Stop hoarding.
  5. Not loose millions of pounds but to just be fitter after baby arrives.
  6. Try not to get stressed over the stupidest things.
  7. Make more of an effort to see friends and stop being a hermit.
  8. Get more crafty, I love crafts I just don't give myself enough time for it.
  9. Read 10 books! This might sound very small to most of you but I can never seem to finish one.
  10. Save pennies and generally budget.
  11. Spending ban to help the one above, I do not need another mascara/lipstick/eyeshadow...
  12. Donate to a new charity, I have been thinking a lot about guide dogs!
  13. Go to a local kennel and do some charity work.
  14. To blog at least 3/4 times a week.
  15. Visit more places in the UK and explore the culture and history.
  16. To enjoy motherhood all over again, in MAY!
  17. To go back to college and study Psychology.
  18. Stop letting people who don't matter to me anymore take over my life.
  19. Try to cut out fizzy drinks, lemon and water is good.
  20. Limit the time I spend on my phone! 
  21. Believing in myself.
  22. Just to be happy and make the most of my life and my families and let them know how much they mean to me every day.
What are yours? I am sure I could go on and on, but look out for posts in the new year of how I am getting on with budgeting meals for families, spending bans, getting crafty etc. I hope you all have one amazing Christmas xxx


Hello lovelies, apologies for my neglect on the old blog but I have enjoyed a bit of me time and family time for that matter, the fella has been doing lots of overtime so its been nice to have some quality time together as being a mother it's pretty hard blogging in the day so I focus on blogging more of a nigh time, anyway I won't bore you with that, recently I was kindly invited to the Bullring bloggers Christmas event, anything remotely Christmassy I am there! Yes they did have cheesey festive music and they put on a lovely spread for us all, there was a gorgeous table of food from Chaopraya my favorite being the chicken satay sticks yum and they also had lots of chocolate, sweets and refreshments. 

There was a lovely lady doing nails 'tamorenails' so I jumped straight in there first, I'm not shy when theres a nail freebie going aha and especially when I rocked up to the event with no polish on! How bad beauty blogger of me but she soon transformed them into a gorgeous Frozen like detail, blue, glittery and snowflakes, I loved them and my blog gal Chloe had a snowwy nail look which were beautiful too. 

There was plenty of stalls to admire, Benefit, Umberto Giannini were doing some lovely hair make overs mainly giving the ladies luscious curls, lots of beauty bits from Selfridges, how stunning are those Tom Ford lipsticks though? I wanted them all, they all had male names my favorite was Patrick ;). I also adored the make up bags especially 'The fairest of them all'. They also shown us the great personalised gifts you could get for your loved ones for Christmas, I love the sacks and might have to get my little man one and a Mr Men photo frame, they are adorable!

I had a lovely time at the event, we got a lovely goody bag full of chocolate, candy canes and offers and more importantly it was great to see my blogging friends and meet new blog friends. Christmas is definitely the perfect time to get together with your loved ones and let them all know how much they mean to you, this event was perfect to get me in the festive spirit, get some ideas for presents and more importantly ideas for my own Christmas wish list aha! Thank you so much to Emma and the team for having me. 

Do you like the idea of personalised Nutella or a mug with Mrs. Always right? Aha 


  • You're forever cleaning up, your house looks like a bomb has hit it even though you just did the biggest spring clean. 
  • You're always apologising for their actions 'oh sorry he didn't nap today he's just tired.' 'He's just hungry, sorry.'
  • Your bag is always loaded with snacks whether its fruit or crisps, anything to shut them up when there having toddler pmt or something to occupy them with.
  • The only social life you have in the week is play groups, unless your not totally boring unlike me aha.
  • You hold on to those precious pictures that they made even though you have no idea what it is supposed to be, a leaf stuck on some paper with a few squiggly lines may look like a load of rubbish to a stranger but to you, your child is the next Picasso!
  • Your Instagram is full of pictures of your child, there just too beautiful not to share with the world, also your phone in general is chocka block full of pictures of your child.
  • You know all the words to Disney Junior/CBeebies programme intros. 
  • You get death stares by those 'perfect' mums at soft play places because your child just felt like pushing their child over, however embarrassing it is there children, there not Satan. 
  • You always have a smile on your face however your mood being exhausted or dealing with tantrums all day, they only have to do the littlest thing to make your day and you just look at them and your eyes fill up with pride and joy.
  • You have a naughty chair or step in your house somewhere.
  • Being a two year old is so hard when you get refused a biscuit for breakfast! 
  • Your house looks like Toys'r'us, there are toys everywhere even if it is just a trace of a toy, luckily he hasn't got any lego yet I heard that stuff is like hot coals on the feet!