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Hello lovelies, so some very exciting news! I am officially apart of the HiPP organic #weanteam it's a 12 month blogger programme which will follow every step of Lawson's weaning journey. 

Me and I think 9 other bloggers got chosen out of god knows how many others, I feel so honoured and privileged and above all excited to be apart of it all, not only is this an amazing opportunity but I get to document everything here and have it all to look back on later, I massively regret not doing this with Oscar now to see if I changed things and to look back on because it all goes so fast but I can't wait to do it now. We all got invited to a special HiPP event in Birmingham not long ago which we all got told so much more about HiPP as a whole and we got to speak to a nutritionist and many other lovely people who work for Hipp we could also sample the food pouches they do which was very kind of them, they set the room up beautifully and accommodated to everyones needs, they even provided high chairs and baby toys and even food and drinks for us! It was so refreshing to go to a blogger event and actually be able to take your children! 

I learnt that HiPP organic is actually a family ran business! Created by Joseph HiPP who in 1899 created the rusk after his wife was having difficulties nursing their twins. The popularity of the rusk grew and grew, then in 1932 Joseph launched his own company. Later in 1956 Josephs son Georg expanded the family business and developed new industrial manufacturing process for organic baby food in jars. Today HiPP organic is run by Georg's son Claus and grandson Stefan.

A bit later on in the month just before Christmas all of the #weanteam got sent an amazing crate full of goodies! Then a day or two after we got sent a box full of food and they even got us a personalised stocking! So sweet and touching, I couldn't believe what I saw when I looked inside, I really wanted to do an unboxing for my Youtube channel but we have all come down with the flu! Devastating but I can barely talk so would of been pointless, I will however show you a picture below. I want to thank HiPP so so much for choosing me amongst others to be apart of their team and I look forward to the following 12 months with them. 

HiPP has a product range of more than 150 products in the UK, the HiPP organic portfolio includes milk, cereals, tray meals and pouches. 


Hello lovlies, I haven't been on blog form at all this year but next year has some very exciting things coming on the blog and my blog game will be strong! One of my resolutions is to get my shi* together and be a hell of a lot more organised. I have really enjoyed bringing my 'Mummy Monday' posts on here but have missed the beauty posts, you know your a mum when you get more excited for baby/toddler things coming through the post than a beauty order! I haven't treated myself to new make up in a long time but I've been really realistic and thought do I need another lipstick/blusher? No.. I also want to save a lot more money in the new year with our mortgage going trough and extension, I am going to share everything what we do on here alongside my Youtube channel I can't wait, but back to the lipstick post....

Who doesn't love a berry toned lip? If you're scared, don't be! I was always slowly walking away form the dark lipsticks before hand, I thought no, don't do it, you will look stupid! You're the same shade as casper, you girl are not going to pull of the sexy vampire look going on. But here I am pulling of the sexy vampire look, kind of.

There are so many shades to choose from as you can see above I picked out quite a few different tones and finishes. For long lasting lipsticks obviously go for a matte but if you apply plenty of lipliner before hand any lipstick will do, here are some of my faves I've loved this year..

Topshop Beguiled - By far the most loved berry lip I've been wearing this year, I wore this a lot when I had darker hair but looks even better with my blonde hair so no matter your hair shade this colour will rock! I love it against my fair skin also but I think it would look gorgeous on a dark skinned face too. It's very creamy but goes on quite matte and lasts so long! I went out to watch the christmas lights even though I got absolutely soaked, I ate a curry and had a glass of wine and it stayed put through all that, winner. 10/10

Chanel 81 - The most expensive of the bunch but who can resist the gorgeous chanel sleek packaging? So so sleek and sassy and doesn't take any room up what so ever in your make up bag, its very glossy but lasts a good 2-3 hours, it's quite a pinky berry shade with a slight iridescent shine to it.  8/10

Clinique All heart - It took me a while to like this one to be honest, I always thought it was quite a granny shade but after breaking it in a bit I got to grips with it, I think it suits my skin tone a lot and the formula is gorgeous. Again it's quite pinky with a metallic like sheen to it lasts around 2-3 hours. 6/10

Rimmel Kate Moss 30 - Along side the Topshop lipstick this has been my go to lipstick through out autumn and winter other than my nudes! It is a matte finish but not drying at all lasts through drinking and eating and with the right lipliner could last you all night. I actually love the smell of the Rimmel lipsticks too, this is a deep fuchsia berry shade. 10/10

Revlon Super Lustrous Black Cherry -  One of the darkest shades of the bunch, a very deep dark purple, you have to be very brave to pull of the black cherry! I think this would suit any skin color and hair shade, such a gorgeous purple but make sure you apply this perfectly as it could look messy, great staying power with its matte finish. 7/10

Revlon Colourburst Red Velvet - Did anyone else think of Red Velvet cake straight away then? No, just me. This is so so similar to the Chanel lipstick above so if your after something similar for a hell of a lot cheaper I definitly recommend picking this one up first, glossy finish with an iridescent shimmer just a bit more of a red shade than the chanel pinky shade, feels nourishing on the lips and lasts 3-4 hours. 6/10

What are your favourite berry lip shades?


Hello lovelies, so I'm so annoyed! The lovely team at Baker Ross sent us a big brown box full of goodies, I filmed it and I've only gone and lost the video, absolutely gutted! But along side these gorgeous owl tea light holders they sent us some christmas ones, some jelly like dinosaur toys and does anyone remember those jelly men you threw up the wall and they would fall down by themselves? Well we got sent them too with some paint pads and paint pens, thank you so much Baker Ross and huge apologies for not being able to share with people what we got!

The Owl tea light holders anyway... We received this four pack of tea light holders and had lots of fun painting them, I thought these would make great christmas presents, I think family members would really appreciate something personal and 'handmade' from the kids at christmas and they also have a huge range of christmas stock on their website, if you love arts and crafts then you will absolutely love their website its amazing they have everything you can think of on there.

I thought the paint pens were awesome, less messy and a lot easier for Oscar to hold onto. He really enjoyed painting all of his owls and I will try my best to get a video of us doing the christmas tea light holders! Was really gutted because I showed Lawson of too in this video a no one has seen him on my Youtube channel yet, I will try my very best to get us all in. I would get crafting for Christmas now, spruce your house up or give gifts to loved ones.