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Hello lovelies so it's Halloween Saturday! How are you celebrating? Do you even celebrate it?

It will be Oscar's first time trick or treating this year I can't wait to see his face and do up his face with face paints! Oscar actually wants to be spiderman for Halloween and we got his outfit from the Disney store! Here is the spiderman one and here is the page full of all the costumes you can think of for trick or treating or getting dressed up for a party

All the time just before Halloween I love to carve pumpkins, oscar enjoyed it more this year as he is older, the great thing about having kids too is they get to scoop all the goop out, I hate scooping all the stuff out its gross and smells yack too. We all had fun even Dan got stuck in as you can see above aha.

Will you be getting dressed up this Halloween? 


No7 Mini eyeshadow palette | Jo Malone Candle | Yankee Candle 
Liz Earle Gift set | Kiehl's facial cream | Charlotte Tilbury mini lipsticks

Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you what I am lusting after and would love to get these on my birthday or maybe get them myself with money I get for my birthday. I am 25 on the 11th of November and I feel so old I know it's only 25 but to me thats like ahh half way to 50! I've gone off splurging on make up to be honest, I know shock horror! But since we have two beautiful boys I would just rather all my money go on them, clothes especially! I love shopping clothes for boys but my lovely partner is treating me to a night in Liverpool the weekend of my birthday and he said he's going to treat me so it will be really nice to spoil myself with my birthday money and get some time for ourselves and shop till we drop.

I loved the shades in the mini No7 eye shadow palette, especially the plum type one gorgeous and perfect for autumn and winter, I have always wanted a Jo Malone candle too but still think its freaking ridiculous priced for a candle I'll be scared to burn it but sweet almond and macaroon just sounds like a dream for the nose! I love my yankee candles and haven't tried the snowflake cookie one so may have to purchase that, LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of the Charlotte Tilbury mini lipsticks, like I need anymore but cute little lipsticks? I NEED them. I also love my Liz earle cleanser so will be good to get another cleanser its one of my favourites and they always bring out some great gift sets near Christmas then lastly I'm in need of a life changing moisturiser! I have tried so many and none of them make me think wow that's dong a good job so maybe this one from Khiels will? Who knows.

What's on your wish lists? If you have one comment below I love seeing what other people are lusting over. 


From this...

To this...

How we got there...

Hello lovelies, so a couple of weeks ago an old friend of mine Zoe came over and gave me a little pamper! I wanted to go lighter to match my new caroline flack bob I have going on and she did just that! I hadn't seen Zoe in absolutely ages and she openly admitted she had never done a balayage on a human head before, I obviously had full faith in her!

As you can all see she didn't let me down! How amazing to do a whole new look without doing it before, with a little help from youtube believe it or not. Zoe made me feel so at ease, we chatted a lot and it was nice to be pampered in the comfort of my own home, benefits of being a mother! It's hard for us mums to go to salons with little ones and struggling for child care, you wouldn't be able to relax at all so Zoe has that great advantage of working from home in her own lovely salon which I will show you in a moment and also comes to your home if you live locally in Rugeley/Cannock. 

I was so happy with the results and want to go even lighter now, I'm seriously debating a fringe too what do you think? I always crave a fringe in the autumn/winter because you haven't got to worry about that awkward sticky forehead situation. Anyway back to the balayage journey, as you can see Zoe did a clingfilm process, which we both thought was way better than foiling as you could see the bleach working in full force instead of clock watching and guessing. Zoe used Wella bleach and hair colour on my head to get the finished look, I always get complimented when someone I haven't saw in ages see's me and they all want to go lighter so I point them in the right direction (Zoe). Considering Zoe has only been doing this for 6 months she has been doing amazingly, I love some of the work she has done which I will share below now but not only is she great at hair she can do nails and spray tans! She is also now starting to do hair extensions all keeping up with being a mum to two little darlings, what a woman. 

I'm so glad I went for the plunge of going lighter, my hair is still in great condition and it was lovely to catch up with Zoe, I loved feeling so at ease and comfortable as sometimes when I walk past certain hair dressers they can give you glares and it really puts me of even wanting to step through the door, there is nothing better than sitting in your own home with your own brew enjoying a pamper or if you do want to get out the house enjoy Zoe's lovely little salon she has at her own home.

Zoe is the pretty little thing bang in the middle of my little collage sporting her new fringe! Her lovely salon above too, thanks so much Zoe for making me feel great and I'm looking forward to you making me even lighter this week! I wouldn't hesitate to spur any of my friends on to try Zoe out if there thinking of a hair change/nail change or fancied a spray tan! 

Check out Zoe's Facebook pager HERE x


Hello lovelies, the other week me and the boys went to our nearest wildlife centre, once a month they have a different topic this day was obviously hedgehogs as you can see.

We all had a lovely walk around the wildlife centre and ventured to see if we could see hedgehogs in the wild, we didn't as hedgehogs do usually come out more at night time. We made clay hedgehogs and a big hedgehog picture out of nature we saw on our journey around the wildlife centre, I can't for the life of me think of the womans name who hosted this fab event but she was amazing, I only knew about this because I saw a post on Facebook and she said she had been running these events for 10 years! How amazing, it was amazing to be outdoors with my family and the whole thing cost one pound! That's just a donation for the willed centre itself so this lady devotes all her time into this for nothing. You can tell how passionate she is, bubbly and full of facts on wildlife, she is also a children's teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I know Oscar did, although I think me and Dan liked doing our hedgehog picture more than Oscar as he saw giant puddles to jump in. 

On our walk through the wildlife centre we saw lots of different birds and there was actually some rats scuttling around maybe for the fallen seeds on the floor if you can spot them in my pictures above, Oscar enjoyed watching the birds get the food and collecting bits of twigs and leaves for our picture.

The lady who was supposed to come and do a little talk about a hedgehog let the woman hosting it down but just as everyone was leaving her neighbour found a hedgehog in the street and brought it down to show us all, she was more worried about the hedgehog getting run over or something so she said she would put the hedgehog back somewhere safe after we all got a closer look, I have actually saw a few hedgehogs in my garden and I always feed them and try and find something for them to sleep in but after this event we were thinking of building a good home for the hedgehogs that venture into our garden as Dan's a carpenter he can hopefully build a pretty decent one, hopefully.

Next month is Owls so I'll let you know how that goes down but we all had a lovely time, it just shows there is so many things to do in the outdoors for pence! You just have to search a bit harder or just look around a near forest/wildlife centre and see what nature/wildlife you come across. 


How stunning is this hand held mirror? When Oscar's boutique emailed me I was overwhelmed by their website because everything is so beautiful and shabby chic, if you're into that sort of thing you will fall in love with their website! As i said I was overwhelmed so when they said what would you like to review I said I love everything and I would be more than happy to review anything you have, so when they sent me this gorgeous mirror I was over the moon, not vain or anything aha.

It is very shabby chic, stunning detail on the back of the mirror its cream with a wash gold finish, it's about 32cm so big enough and will look beautiful on your dressing table. It reminds me of my great nans mirrors she used to have on her dressing gown I used to love watching her at her dressing table putting her make up on, I think that's where my passion from make up started. It's nice to have a little memory from that also and a gorgeous mirror to have displayed on my dressing table. It feels so luxurious so for under £20 this would be a perfect gift for any one in your family that loves putting on their make up or for those close ups to touch your brows up etc. 

I am in love with their website too, there is everything on their form mirrors to ornaments to home accessories and trinkets etc, for anyone who loves shabby chic you will want everything on their website like I now do. I know where I'm sending my family for the Christmas list.

Have you been on Oscar's Boutique website before?


Gumigem Bubba Bag £19.95*
Gumigem Cat pendant Salem £12.95*

Hello lovelies, so I was very kindly given some products by the brand Gumigem not that long ago, we have put them to the test well more importantly baby Lawson has put them to the test! He has no teeth yet but he is forever putting his fingers in his mouth so it can't be that far of now before some cute little toothy pegs come through. I absolutely love the idea of the 'gumi' bag, Lawson is starting to get really good at grabbing things and placing them from one hand to the other, the keys are his favourite! Oscar loved the phone, he was walking around the house calling nana aha so it entertains all ages of children.

The cat necklace is also a perfect idea! Lawson is always grabbing my hair/necklace/chest or whatever he can grab so this is amazing not only for him to soothe his gums of teeth that are coming through but for entertainment value also. He can tug at this necklace to his hearts content and get all his slobber on it other than my clothes. I chose the black one as I think it will be easier to go with most outfits, yes I'm totally cool with me cat woman like necklace, I know you'll all want one even if you haven't got a child! 

The bubba bag is super cute and as I said it entertains from birth up to toddler years, Oscar loved carrying the bag around and putting things in it, it's also useful and easier to take to other people's houses with the handy little bag. I am always forgetting to take entertainment with me when I go to friends or families houses so it's super useful, both of my children love it and they also do a range of bangles for older children, stylish and great for your teeth! 

I will defiantly be recommending this brand to my friends who have just had a baby or with one on the way, babies go through such a tough time with teething I really think these will help massively, the cat pendant has a smooth side and the other side has raised nubs for really getting in there on the gums for babies who want to chew on things like that, they will really benefit from it. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to trial these out my sons love the products. Thanks again Gumigem. 

Have you tried Gumigem products for your babies before or what are your best teething solutions?


Landmark Moments baby cards £8.99*

So I recently got some beautiful moment cards sent to me and I'm gutted I din't get any before Lawson was born because how sweet are they? They have cards such as 'I took my first bath today' 'I slept through today' then you put the dates in so I've missed quite a few but I think these would make the perfect baby shower gift or just to give to a friend/family who's expecting. It's different and lovely at the same time. I still have quite a few to get through though anyway such as 'I'm five months old today' which he actually is today! With the rest of the age updates, 'I said mamma today' 'I said dadda today' so cute. I'm really hoping he says mama first this time as Oscar said Dadda! Gutting aha. 

I love how bright and colourful they are and the perfect size to add to pictures of your little ones to keep in frames when they are older. I'm so pleased I have some and can't believe I've never seen anything like this before or when I had Oscar they're a bit more creative than doodling in your notebook. 

What do you think to Landmark baby moment cards?


Hello lovelies so last week I very kindly got invited to a Lush event, anyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with Lush and its one of my absolute favourite shops ever! So when I get invited to a Lush event I'm like yeaaaaaah! So obviously I went and I took my blogging friend Amie along with me as I knew how much she loved Lush too, she adored it even if it was quite an adventure getting there, a million tolls and a diversion, we got there in the end fashionably late! Kyle who works at Lush greeted us straight away and we jumped straight into testing bath bombs out! He showed us the stardust as you can see above, it's so beautiful and sparkly as soon as you throw it in to your bath it fizzles and beautiful tiny stars appear! One you mustn't forget for Christmas, a star isn't just for the top of your tree its to throw in your bath too. 

Then my favourite thing of the night we all had the challenge of making something christmassy with Lush's play range I used 'snakes and ladders' and made a Grinch but people thought it looked more like a green Hitler... I'll let you decide on that one, be kind. I obviously didn't win this challenge as my other blogger friend Aimee made the perfect 'christmas package' see what I did there. We were obviously all perverts to let her win that one. Then the event went on to show us all the christmas and halloween products that had come out, some new things I liked the look of was 'five gold rings' 'salt and peppermint bark' and 'knighting' because who doesn't want to shower themselves with a bat?! We also got asked if we wanted to see any demonstrations of the projects, there is just something about Lush that gives me a rush, its the smells, the colours and what they do in the bath its just magical, I'm in another world when I'm in lush Im in my comfort zone!

These are the couple of things I bought at the event, I was so well behaved! I have a glass vase full of things so I thought don't go overboard Paige plus I'm going to Oxford St in November, I know right. I picked up 'Salt and Peppermint bark' because it smells bloody gorgeous! Think of candy canes and rock from the beach it smells just like that. I can't wait to review it for you and see if it makes my skin go all smooth, there body scrubs are usually ahhmazing. Then I also picked up 'Candy mountain' because it smelt so sweet and scrumptious. 

We also all got gifted an amazing individual goodie bag! What's better than a Lush event I hear you say? FREE LUSH. I was so pleased I got stardust as Oscar will love watching this in the bath to spot the baby stars inside, I got a sparkly pumpkin! I wonder if it will help me become cinderella? probably not but it will make me smell like a princess, close enough. I also got Rose Jam i love this scent and Snowman shower jelly I can't wait to use all these products and share them with you all (not literally, creepy) but over the internet. If you love lush you will love all their new products. Christmas is my favourite time in Lush, it's just heaven.

Have you purchased any of the Christmas range yet or got your eye on anything? 


Hello lovelies, just thought I'd make a quick little post for all the parent bloggers who read my blog, incase you didn't know Miffy is back on tiny pop tonight at 7pm! Did you ever watch Miffy as a child? A cute little bunny that gets up to a lot of things, I can't wait to show Oscar a programme I watched as a child, 60 years old this year!

 Thanks to the Miffy team also for sending us these gorgeous colourful books, Oscar loves them.