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How stunning is this hand held mirror? When Oscar's boutique emailed me I was overwhelmed by their website because everything is so beautiful and shabby chic, if you're into that sort of thing you will fall in love with their website! As i said I was overwhelmed so when they said what would you like to review I said I love everything and I would be more than happy to review anything you have, so when they sent me this gorgeous mirror I was over the moon, not vain or anything aha.

It is very shabby chic, stunning detail on the back of the mirror its cream with a wash gold finish, it's about 32cm so big enough and will look beautiful on your dressing table. It reminds me of my great nans mirrors she used to have on her dressing gown I used to love watching her at her dressing table putting her make up on, I think that's where my passion from make up started. It's nice to have a little memory from that also and a gorgeous mirror to have displayed on my dressing table. It feels so luxurious so for under £20 this would be a perfect gift for any one in your family that loves putting on their make up or for those close ups to touch your brows up etc. 

I am in love with their website too, there is everything on their form mirrors to ornaments to home accessories and trinkets etc, for anyone who loves shabby chic you will want everything on their website like I now do. I know where I'm sending my family for the Christmas list.

Have you been on Oscar's Boutique website before?

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