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Hello lovelies so it's Halloween Saturday! How are you celebrating? Do you even celebrate it?

It will be Oscar's first time trick or treating this year I can't wait to see his face and do up his face with face paints! Oscar actually wants to be spiderman for Halloween and we got his outfit from the Disney store! Here is the spiderman one and here is the page full of all the costumes you can think of for trick or treating or getting dressed up for a party

All the time just before Halloween I love to carve pumpkins, oscar enjoyed it more this year as he is older, the great thing about having kids too is they get to scoop all the goop out, I hate scooping all the stuff out its gross and smells yack too. We all had fun even Dan got stuck in as you can see above aha.

Will you be getting dressed up this Halloween? 

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