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Hello lovelies, the other week me and the boys went to our nearest wildlife centre, once a month they have a different topic this day was obviously hedgehogs as you can see.

We all had a lovely walk around the wildlife centre and ventured to see if we could see hedgehogs in the wild, we didn't as hedgehogs do usually come out more at night time. We made clay hedgehogs and a big hedgehog picture out of nature we saw on our journey around the wildlife centre, I can't for the life of me think of the womans name who hosted this fab event but she was amazing, I only knew about this because I saw a post on Facebook and she said she had been running these events for 10 years! How amazing, it was amazing to be outdoors with my family and the whole thing cost one pound! That's just a donation for the willed centre itself so this lady devotes all her time into this for nothing. You can tell how passionate she is, bubbly and full of facts on wildlife, she is also a children's teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I know Oscar did, although I think me and Dan liked doing our hedgehog picture more than Oscar as he saw giant puddles to jump in. 

On our walk through the wildlife centre we saw lots of different birds and there was actually some rats scuttling around maybe for the fallen seeds on the floor if you can spot them in my pictures above, Oscar enjoyed watching the birds get the food and collecting bits of twigs and leaves for our picture.

The lady who was supposed to come and do a little talk about a hedgehog let the woman hosting it down but just as everyone was leaving her neighbour found a hedgehog in the street and brought it down to show us all, she was more worried about the hedgehog getting run over or something so she said she would put the hedgehog back somewhere safe after we all got a closer look, I have actually saw a few hedgehogs in my garden and I always feed them and try and find something for them to sleep in but after this event we were thinking of building a good home for the hedgehogs that venture into our garden as Dan's a carpenter he can hopefully build a pretty decent one, hopefully.

Next month is Owls so I'll let you know how that goes down but we all had a lovely time, it just shows there is so many things to do in the outdoors for pence! You just have to search a bit harder or just look around a near forest/wildlife centre and see what nature/wildlife you come across. 

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