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My little box Home edition £11/month £3.95 p+p

Hello lovelies, I thought I would share with you all what was in my February 'my little box', this months was based around the home. I love home bit's and bobs I find myself more as I get older get excited about bits and bobs for the home than I do for anything else. I am a massive lover of this box too as it has lifestyle and beauty bits in, beauty bits that I actually use! I've tried lots of different subscription boxes but I always come back to this, the others were just too many samples getting hoarded up but I love and use everything out of these gorgeous boxes, the amount of detail they go into the design on their boxes too, its just stunning.


SO, how can someone who has everything they ever wanted and more be sad, lonely sometimes even and really low? Depression and anxiety is why. Those together are a living nightmare, demons in your head constantly fighting between not giving a crap to overly thinking and worrying about everything. I have the most beautiful boys who mean the absolute world to me but day to day I feel like I really don't deserve them, they deserve someone so much better, stronger. My fiancé, we have been through some shit but always come out fighting, he has his demons I have mine we work through them together, thats what makes us a team. But how can I believe that he truly loves me if I don't even love myself?


Hello lovelies, next week the kids are of school, AHHH I hear you all scream. I actually can't wait but my sons only three so he only goes to nursery for three hours Monday to Friday but its dodge times, half twelve until half three, I hate getting out at them times I really regret not doing mornings now but thats that. So he has a week off next week and I've been thinking what can we do?