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Hello lovelies, next week the kids are of school, AHHH I hear you all scream. I actually can't wait but my sons only three so he only goes to nursery for three hours Monday to Friday but its dodge times, half twelve until half three, I hate getting out at them times I really regret not doing mornings now but thats that. So he has a week off next week and I've been thinking what can we do?

Visit a farm - We have quite a few local farms to us and Oscar loves animals, you could always make some little worksheets about the animals or circle what animals you find a long the way etc and take lots of pictures!

Movie day in - Cinema prices are ridiculous I think, I still go but by the time you've bought tickets for the family then all the snacks thats a good £50 gone maybe more... Why not get some snacks from the shop pick a favourite film an all agree on it and get snuggled with the duvet on the sofa!

Crafts - Have a day of getting crafty, make a space rocket out of boxes, paint something, make a tent, the worlds your oyster, Pinterest has loads of ideas if your stuck!

Play - Play with the toys your children already owns, tig, hide and seek or games in the back garden if the weathers nice.

Walking - Our family love walking especially up the forest, we are so lucky to live by such a beautiful forest and we visit regularly. If you live near someone beautiful go and take a walk there, leave technology at home!

Visit family - Have you got family that you haven't seen in a while? Perfect make them a lovely painting/drawing and go and give it to them, it will make their day.

Bake - I'm rubbish at baking, not going to lie but Oscar loves getting messy in the kitchen so I think I will try some baking with him this half term.

Soft play - Visit a soft play that you haven't tried already or go to the ones you love, they'e inexpensive and the kids can have hours of fun (and it will knacker them out).

Teddy bears picnic - My favorite aha, I love putting on a tiny spread, sandwiches, crisps, fruit and yogurts etc with your favourite bear invite some school friends round and you could make the day of it.

Bowling - See who can get a strike!

Ice skating - I really want to take Oscar ice skating this month, I'm sure at his age you can hold onto these really cute penguins, if not tobogganing again it is.

Go swimming - whether it be your local swimming baths, I'm sure its free for children and even better if you have a gym membership be free for you too or go to a water park.

Can you think of any ideas what to do in the term time?

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