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Hello lovelies, so most of you are aware that #wcw means 'woman crush Wednesday' well I thought I would do my own little twist on it, I would share with you weekly who's blog/youtube channel I'm crushing on. I've stalked/followed Jemma a while on Twitter but only recently got really stuck into her actual blog, her layout is just babin and she does that all her self all the pretty bits anyway and she's an inspiration! She has started this #thegirlgang group where we basically all stick together and share joy all around and support one another because I don't think there is enough of that and Jemma also thought this. I sadly miss most chats as its 6pm Monday's and my days are pretty hectic until 7.30 when my babies are sound asleep but I follow the Facebook page a lot and I just think it's so nice to have each others backs, real women support others than bring them down! 

Anyway more about Jemma, I just love everything about her blog and the versatility with it from lifestyle and fashion posts to beauty bits there isn't a post on there I can't not get stuck into with a cup of tea. She actually does some really helpful posts too with her best tips and often shares the love on her blog also on who she's loving etc. Her Instagram feed is to die for, Jemma literally reminds me of a unicorn! Look at her glittery face, a unicorn princess with a big heart and even bigger hair! I really want to meet her this year as I'm planning a trip to Liverpool with some of the girls so Central Perk here we come or probably an even cooler place she knows. All of Jemmas social media buttons are on her blog if you wanna stalk her too, she's pretty cool, a real life unicorn??? SO yeah, sharing the love with you this week Jemma well done for being super cool, creative and loveable.

Who's blog have you been loving lately?? 


  1. Eeeeep Paige! This honestly just made my whole week! I'm stuck in bed really sick right now, but this cheered me up so much! Thank you for being so so lovely to me, that's amazing! I honestly don't deserve it, but it's made me smile anyway! :D xx

    1. Oh it's came up, yay! You do deserve it lovely, hope you get better soon! I'll send you some unicorn magic xxxxx

  2. OK just the glitter on her face. . . CHECKING HER OUT MEOWWW


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