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Hello lovelies, I love the kids outfit of the day posts but I'm getting emotional looking back on Oscar's first ever ootd to now, look how big and older he looks, stop growing. I thought I would share with you this smart casual look with you and you don't have to spend lots to look good! I'm no snob to Primark as most of my wardrobe is from there, not gonna lie I'd rather look cheap than my children but I just never seem to buy their clothes from there because when I wash them they go horrible, but he got bought a couple of items here from Primark and they've actually washed great! I love the shirt you would think it would be from Next or somewhere like that but no about £6 from Primark. The Zara coat was a great investment too this has lasted him about 2 years! Here is an ootd post of him wearing it way back, again look how tiny and cute he was, he's grown into such a handsome little man though, obviously I'm biased but I do get stopped a lot for how gorgeous he is and stylish, get me aha. I loved this scarf when we got into River Island Dan ended up spending over £50 on a coat in there for him and I hate it, I can't seem to find any shoes that go with it! I'm quite a sales rail kinda girl though and love to make him look as stylish as I can but obviously he has his comfy days too. He hardly wears any normal clothes now though as he goes nursery for three hours Monday to Friday, less washing though I guess but I hope you enjoyed his little poses anyway. 

Do you like to splurge on children clothes or cheaper the better??

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  1. Aww what a lovely outfit! I have to admit that I do love to splurge on children's clothes with Boden and Joules and White Company but I will try and pick them up in the sale.


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