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Hello lovelies so I'm back with another #wcw but I think I will be doing this monthly from now on or I will run out of peoples blogs/vlogs to crush over! But here's Stephanies blog...

I've followed Stephanie's blog a while now, were friends on twitter and Facebook also we seem so alike we were both carers previous to having children and both stay at home mums loving every minute of it! Steph just looks like such a great mum seeing as it is her first she has adjusted so well and her and Emily do the cutest Youtube videos also. Steph does so much with her and reminds me of all the things I used to do with Oscar it's really hard sharing attention with two little boys when one is 3 and one is almost ten months but I get a lot of ideas of Steph's blog with her sensory play, baking, crafts and other bits and bobs.

Not only does she blog about Emily, she blogs about her life with her Fiancé Sam, her mental health journey and other personal things. Stephanie is so easy to talk to, very lovely and honest and would go out of her way to help you. I'm very lucky to know Stephanie and really wish we lived closer Oscar would adore Emily and she shares the cutest fashion posts

All of Stephanies social media followings are on her blog, if your a parent blogger check out Steph's Youtube also and plenty of crafty ideas on her blog if you get stuck. 

Who's blog have you been loving this week???

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