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Tea cup & saucer £15.50*
Side plate - £16.50*

Hello lovelies, so today I have some bits from a very talented friend of mine, she has always been really creative even with hair dressing but look at these beautiful things she kindly sent me.
I love tea and I love vodka so what better thing to have than a vodka tea set right? I love the floral with the skulls, grungy yet chic. Kirsty owns an adorable Etsy store called Pug & Vintage here where she sells prints, embroidery, tea cups and cards. 

If your a blogger reading this no doubt you are in love already, but how beautiful would these be used as a display for your make up items? Blog picture displays or use them to actually drink out of?! I'm going to use mine for display purposes only as they are just too cute! I am already using the tea cup to store all my hair grips and the plate for my rings. 

Kirsty sells a collection of all sorts of designs to go on the tea cup sets I think I want another one with Phsycho on to be honest, don't judge. But she has 'Mr & Mrs' ones, 'Bitch Please' my friend Jess reviewed some items containing this here, 'Rum' and 'Gin' just to name a few, want your tipple on a pretty floral tea cup? Get in touch with Kirsty on her Etsy store. How cute are Kirsty's pug stickers too? She actually owns a handful of pugs and they are adorable check out her Instagram you will be in love. 

I couldn't recommend checking out Kirsty's Etsy store enough, there are so many things on there I now want to buy, the cute little embroidery bits are amazing and would look so lovely hung on your wall or up on a shelf somewhere to give the room a bit of character. 

If you check out Kirsty's Etsy store let me know what you loved the most. 

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  1. OH my, I LOVE THESE!!! It's pretty and bad-ass at the same time?! Oh geeze, I'm going to have to check her out (even though I have no clue how expensive international shipping will be). . .


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