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Hello lovelies, I feel like I come on here and make the same excuses, but I really have been truly lost since I lost my mom this year and my head has just been a huge fog but these lovely people keep sending me lovely things for my kids so I need to get my butt into gear and start writing again. Even when I'm going through the worst time my children are what pick me up and when they're happy it gives me happiness. What has been making them very happy is getting messy in this glitter slime baff!


Ravensburger Incredibles 2 Jigsaw £8.99*

Here I am with another jigsaw for you, but who doesn't love a jigsaw? My kids love them and have really been enjoying doing this one in the summer holidays. A late review I apologise, a lot of personal stuff getting in the way at the minute and I'm trying to keep going for everyone but sometimes you just need a little breather! We had just that a lovely week away and whilst we were there we took this and watched the new Incredible 2 film, the film was amazing and got the kids even more excited to do the jigsaw.


Hello lovelies, we were recently sent this awesome jigsaw from Ravensburger of the new Jurassic World film, Oscar is only 5 but is dying to see the new film with me and his dad. I'm going to have to ring up our local cinema and see if they will let him in with us, he looks about 8 so we may be ok haha. This jigsaw is aimed for 6 year olds but Oscar did a great job at this.


Hello lovelies, I've been so absent on my blog and found it hard to come on here and write about toy reviews (I am late with a couple sorry) With a family day out too because I've wanted to address something more serious.


Brio Ball Pounder £24.95

Hello lovelies, I've been mia again, I'll explain why soon but for now another toy review haha! My blog is looking like a toy reviewing site at the moment, although that isn't bad my kids love toys and we all love reviewing them I want to bring the normal me back soon, beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc but recently we were kindly given another Brio toy. 


Mine It - £4.99

Hello lovelies! How did you survive half term? I actually did pretty well, my children surprised me! Does anyone else find that their over 4 year olds behave better when they are out of school for a few days? Oscar has such an attitude on him at the minute, especially after school but he was so pleasant over the half term, it was refreshing. Whilst we had lots planned over half term I did want one day in the house and luckily for us we got sent these lovely bits from Mine it so we could have our own little adventure indoors.