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Hello lovelies, today I have for you a beauty post, it seems like ages since I've done one. I am a massive eye shadow fan, I never used to bother, I used to be a gel liner, mascara and go kinda girl but now I'm like the smokier the better. For days where I am in a rush though and no time for a pal ru drag race kinda look I just throw on some cream eyeshadow, its fast and super easy to apply, you can't go wrong!


Hello lovelies, I've been wondering all this week what to do in the half term, obviously the usual, getting crafty, playing with toys etc but I want to do more things outdoorsy especially as I'm trying to loose weight now too and be more active. Oscar loves going on his bike and scooter but something he has been asking for a lot is roller blades/skates! I keep panicking every time he asks because he is terribly clumsy but Proline skates have an unbelievable range of roller skates! I have browsed and browsed and so has Oscar with me, I think it would be fun if we could skate together then we can hold each others hands if were anything like we are ice skating.