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Hello lovelies, so my gorgeous baby Lawson who weighed a whopping 10b 11 on May the 5th 2015 turned ONE last Thursday, I thought Oscar grew fast but that was the quickest year of my life by far! I seriously can't remember him being tiny and a baby for like five minutes? I am sad because I don't think I will be having any more children and babies are just so adorable but we have so many memories to make now and he is getting his own little personality, he is the worlds best hugger, he lights up the room and makes us giggle with his dance moves and his smile is just his best asset. 

Dan is working away for a long time so he sadly missed his actual birthday on the Thursday, we just has a little tea party at Dan's mums as my mum is ill and my Nan was on holiday so it was just me, Oscar, Lawson and Dan's parents we enjoyed a little buffet and lots of fun in the garden and playing with his new toys then Dan took us all to Gullivers Kingdom on Saturday so he was spoilt and got more of a birthday weekend than just a day, lucky boy! Lawson and Oscar loved Gullivers Kingdom, I wouldn't go again with the pram though it is VERY hilly and steep in some places but we loved it non the less. I'll let you enjoy our little vlog of Gullivers Kingdom and some pictures from his birthday. 


  1. How is he one already?! The last year has flown by. Hope you all had a fab day celebrating xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

    1. I know :'( Makes me so sad lol, it goes way too fast babe!! Thank you it was lovely.
      Thanks for the comment xxx


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