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Wicked Uncle Story box circus 19 wooden pieces £24.95*

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a little toy review, we were kindly sent some toys from Wicked Uncle, I can't believe I had never come across them before their website would of made my life so much more easier! Especially for Lawson's first birthday that had just gone as I had no idea what to get him, there website is set out in ways of finding items based on children's ages, sex, categories and even their most popular products. So if you're finding it hard looking for a present for your own children or even birthday presents for your friends/family's children I think their website will save you a lot of time and effort!

I chose this Wooden Story Box Circus set with 19 pieces because not long ago we all went to the circus and Oscar absolutely loved it so I thought this would be a lovely little toy set he can remember it buy and act out some of the moves through his wooden toys. Lawson of course had fun playing this with his big brother but I was watching like a hawk because we all know tiny fingers like putting anything they find into their mouths, he did try a couple of times but he was very fond of the Lion as you can see above and placing him on top of his podium.

I think this is great for role play in young children, it horizons their imagination and vision in role play, Oscar already has a great imagination, I love hearing and watching him play with his toys. He really enjoys this toy, he has put the box up near his train station and pretends to get the people of his train and takes them to the circus, it's so sweet! They toy itself is so beautiful in colour very bright and well manufactured, the box it comes in his heavy duty cardboard so won't get ripped or teared after playing around with, you get all sorts inside - a ring master, elephant, monkeys, trapeze artist, a lion and more.

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