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1. Sabrina the teenage witch, Art attack, Sister Sister, Kenan & Kel - I loveeee orange soda, goosebumps, the fresh prince to just name a few, who else loved them?

2. Jelly shoes,  Jelly bags, Jelly everything.

3. Tamagotchi, I could never keep mine alive fyi.

4. 90's sweets! I want them all back.

5. The spice girls, they were my idols growing up, SPICE UP YA LIFE. I also hate to admit it but so was Britney spears, cringe.

6. When the only make up we wore was roll on body glitter!

7. Having a furry headband with your name written in iced pen and gems. (This was a big deal for me when there was hardly any shops with my name in, thanks mom. Although its more popular now)

8. Barbies, My little ponies, Sky dancers and Polly pockets were everything, anyone else talk american with their barbies, just me?

9. Gameboys! I had a bright green one.

10. Filling your bed with beanie babies.

What didn't rock so much -

  • 'Get of the computer, I need to call someone'...
  • When those bobbles with balls on knocked your knuckles or your head when you twisted it round to hard to your ponytail.
  • Those really uncomfortable blow up chairs, yet we still all had one.
  • Having to twist your finger in the vhs because rewinding took way too long!
  • Practically breaking your neck on those fisher price roller-skates.
  • The bad hair do's! Fountain head, (image above) Porcupine hair-do or chunky highlights.
  • When you taped something on the VHS then someone taped over, damn you.
  • When you see the TV cart all rolled up, yay no lesson just watching a film, oh it was left from the last lesson.
  • When your VHS finally breaks after watching it on repeat for a month solid.
  • When your 'shag band' broke #awks
  • When you lost one of those stacker pencil pieces, pencil was worthless now.

*All images from Pinterest, a very Pinterest inspired 90's posts for all those nostalgic 90's kids.
You can check out my 'childhood memories' board on Pinterest for more amazing things form the 90's here, comment down your Pinterest links below, I'm obsessed. 

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