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Happy Halloween

Hello lovelies, Have you been trick or treating? I feel kind of bad I didn't really get into the spirit this year but Oscar is still young and if I did carve pumpkins with him he would only try and eat the insides, eurgh! The smell is off putting enough. But I did take him to a kiddies Halloween party which was lovely. He really enjoyed himself and the kids did too. My friend who hosted the party but so much effort into it it was lovely, she dressed up as a witch and looked fantastic. Really wish I took a picture of her now. She put a lovely spread on and had little games for everyone and they all got a bag full of goodies when we left too. Oscar was dressed in a little pumpkin outfit he looked adorable but didn't like his picture being took today as he didn't want to stay still and miss any of the action. Whilst I post this I am actually burning my Halloween Yankee candle Candy corn, smells so sweet and amazing.

Just a short Halloween post for you today lovelies but hope you all got lots of treats. Do you make a big deal at Halloween? I think I may host a party next year, just a maybe.

Autumnal/Winter Lipsticks.

Hello lovelies, Hope your all well. Went for my first job interview today with a year out of work. So nerve wracking but so glad I've dipped my toes back in the working water. My partner wasn't really bothered with me getting a job till Oscar was in full time school but I need it for me, my own independence and earn my own pennies so I can be guiltless for my shopping habits hehe. I think it went well but I will hear for defo on Monday or Tuesday, so fingers crossed. I am sharing with you today my Autumnal/Winter shades of lipsticks. I do personally wear any type of shade lipstick all year round but the ones I have picked to show you I think will look great in these particular seasons. 

A range of different brands and shades, from vampy blood red to berry colors.

They are all very pigmented and lovely finishes. 

The Reds

Yves Rocher- Framboise, W7 - Pillar Box, 17- Red Devil, L'Oreal -Feeric Fuchsia and MUA- Shade 8.

All beautiful bright reds, like the reddest of apples. Shiny and moisturising. The L'Oreal and MUA one have a slight pink tint so them with the L'Oreal lipstick having shimmer running through. I have never been a red lipstick lover, I just never thought the color suited me and was never brave enough to pull a bold red lip of. But I've been a little braver and venturing into the red side and going to try and pull it of with certain outfits. I always think people look so beautiful with big red lips, I think personally the shade looks so well on women with black and blonde hair. But pretty much anyone can pull a red lip of surely? I think you just have to pick the right shade. If your like me and a bit nervous delving into the red for your first time why not try an MUA lipstick as they are so cheap at £1! There also not 'cheaply' made in my opinion I think its quite long lasting and a great finish. You don't really want to break the bank for a first time color do you? Unless your really brave obviously. All the reds I have I love, I just think they go well with certain outfits or make up looks. Red is defiantly more a winter color for me I think, a frosty morning/evening looks more warmer with a nice dark toned bold red lip. Have you got a favorite red lipstick? 

The more Autumnal colors I chose;

17-Autumn berries and Collection - Seduction from the Gothic Glam new range.
Autumn berries being the color as it says on the tin, a beautiful berry colour with undertones of peaches and pink running through and Seduction being a vampy purple with hints of reds and pinks. Both gorgeous colors and dark lips seem to be right on trend at the moment another cheap starter is the Collection Gothic glam range at only £2.99! Another brand I love and obviously there amazing prices. Two both lovely finishes a little shimmer running through and quite moisturising on the lips.

They all look pretty pink toned on the picture it might have been the lighting outside, as the colors inside look really dark and red. I'll have to take some more pictures for you to see the difference. All drug store brands but the Yves Rocher one, cheap and cheerful, they do the job perfectly without making you penniless. Great if your wanting to build your collection too. Is there any shades you would recommend for Autumn or Winter? Do you pick certain shades for certain seasons?

20 Questions Tag

Hello again lovelies, just thought I'd leave you with a little tag post. I was searching google for some tags and came across this one I seen it on Annies Blog no idea who's but thought it would be rude not to credit her. I love a good tag post and would like to think it makes you get to know me a little better also, so here are the questions.

1.Things you cannot leave the house without
My son haha, Phone, Keys, Changing bag, Lip stick I'm wearing that day.

2.Favorite brand of makeup
My collection is pretty mixed but if I could only pick one brand it would have to be Rimmel for me, they never seize to let me down. I have at least one product for each part of my face. There color ranges are amazing, lasting power, pigmentation, formulas for different skin types. I just love them and great value too.

3.Favorite Flowers
I love Gerbers but I also love tulips, but I love flowers in general my home never doesnt have some sort of flower in. There is always a vase full. At the moment I have put a house plant (rose) into a vase and it looks gorgeous on my living room windowsill.

4.Fave clothing stores
I like Topshop, New look, Primark, Asos, Dorothy perkins, H&M, TKM and River Island.

5.Fave perfume
My all time favorite perfume is Alien by Thierry Mugler, ahh such a gorgeous scent, I always have a bottle of this thanks to my lovely boyfriend treating me as he loves it on me too luckily.

6.Heels or flats
Both at different times. On a night out I couldn't wear flats I just don't feel dressed up at all with flats on and I couldn't go a full day shopping in heels.

7.Do you make good grades?
I am done with high school and didn't do as well as I would have liked to but I have got an NVQ in social care with looking after the elderly.

8.Fave colors?
In general? I love pale yellow, its a happy color I think, sparkly silver and lilac.

9.Do you drink energy drinks?
No not really.

10.Do you drink juice?
Yes occasionally if I fancy it, I love apple juice and cranberry juice. But I'm more of a diet coke lover.

11.Do you like swimming?
I only really like swimming when I'm on holiday, I detest getting my body out in my own home time swimming pool but I have done as I do like to take my son swimming, he loves it!

12.Do you eat fries with a fork?
No, naughty me. I love picking them up and waving them wildly in lots of tommy K!

13.Whats your fave moisturizer?
I am loving my Avene one at the moment.

14.Do you want to get married later on in life?
Of course, I can't wait to be a bride. I keep hinting to my boyfriend but I have give up now I'm sure it will happen at the right time. He says he wants it to be magical and surprise me, so we shall see.

15.Do you get mad easily?
It depends, if its that time of the month then yes! I get mad at the most stupidest of things around that time, sorry come near me with a warning around that time.

16.Are you into ghost hunting?
I am a very spiritual person who believes in spirits but I haven't been ghost hunting before, I have seen spirits in my lifetime but not by choice, not that I minded one of them.

17.Any phobias?
Spiders! I have really bad arachnophobia I'm even scared of money spiders its that bad! Also I'm ashamed to admit it but dwarfs, I feel so bad but I can't help it, maybe its because I'm so tall I don't know exactly what it is but it just freaks me out. I'm sure there lovely people and were all the same but not in height they just really frighten me. 

18.Do you bite your nails?
No, ewww I HATE this with a passion, I am always shouting at my boyfriend for doing this it really grosses me out.

19.Have you ever had a near death experience?
Yes but maybe I'll tell you about that in the future.

20.Do you drink coffee?
Oh yes! Every morning pretty much without fail, I can't seem to function without my morning coffee ritual.

Some very random questions in there but feel free to copy them if you fancy doing this 20 questions tag or know of any good ones I can do? I love a good tag post.

Stay Blushed!

Hello lovelies, finally Friday! What will you all be doing with yourself this weekend? Are you saving up for Christmas or just going to get stupidly drunk? Sadly my option is the first, well not sadly as I'm not a massive drinker myself but it is always nice to let your hair down once in a while. But I'm waffling again, and back to the drawing board. Blusher...

Rimmel - Stay Blushed to be precise, a fairly newish product on the scene. A blusher in tube form. 

I personally think this is more hygienic than pots to put your fingers in and get all grubby, I'm not quite sure if I like the packaging more or not but it is different. A liquid blush that you can easily apply just dab a little on your finger and dab on your face or rub whichever you prefer. All this dabbing and rubbing is sounding rather rude but all innocence here ladies and gents. I like the look of the packaging, it looks clean fresh with a pop of color. They only have two shades at the moment though so that lets it down as I'm sure not everyone will warm to these colors.

A very bright baby pink and a peachy coral shade. I love them myself but maybe not to everybody's taste. To me they smell a little like suncream, I quite like that scent though, fresh. I think they are fairly long lasting and very lightweight. You can make your cheeks look very subtle with a hint of color or keep applying for a more stronger flush of color to your cheeks. A very suitable size to pop in your make up bag also. I like to apply my cream blushers with the Real Techniques buffing brush, by squeezing the tiniest amount of blusher on to my hand spreading it out a little then dabbing my make up brush into the product then on to my cheeks, it just gives enough color to radiate my cheek bones. I love this product but defiantly think they should bring out more shades! They retail in boots at £4.49 the value is great for what you get out of the product.

Gorgeous shades, but that's my personal preference and very pigmented! You really only need the tiniest amount if your applying with your fingertips. The tube will last you a good while.

004 Sunkissed Cherry- A gorgeous peachy coral that really does make you look sunkissed. A lovely glow to your skin to make it look radiant. I find the formula to this liquid blush though moussy rather than liquid form as the pink one is.

001 Pop Of Pink- A beautiful bright baby pink that gives your cheeks that highlight them instantley to lighten up your face. It is a very flattering pink that really does give your cheeks that pop of color.

Hope you liked my little blush post, have you tried these yet?

My favorite concealers.

Hello my lovelies, mid week woo nearly Friday. Today I thought I would share with you the concealers I'm loving at the minute. Growing up I never even bothered with concealer as I never suffered with spots really or big bags! But since having a child and not eating the best of foods its took its toll on my skin so I've needed some extra cover ups for those nasty blemishes and no sleep under eye situations. So this is what I'm loving at the minute.

Mally - Cancellation concealer system, Light/Medium.
I love this concealer, most probably the best out of my whole collection including my favorites. As you can tell hitting pan! Mally is a brand I'd never heard of till I was flicking through the channels one day and seen them on QVC and they had an offer on and I'm not quite sure how much it was for the set around £30 which is fantastic as this alone prices for $35 on there own website. But defiantly worth it, it never cakes its lovely and creamy and hides my blemishes a treat and also my horrible dark bags there gone in seconds then you can use the translucent setting powder with it to keep it in place but I never tend to as I worry round that area as my skin is quite dry and maybe would make it look quite cakey. But this is brilliant for me and always have this on me for touch ups if needed.

Clinique - Airbrush concealer, 04 Neutral fair.
I adore the click brush setting on this concealer as it always gives you the right amount needed without any wastage. This is another of my faves as it is so illuminating, it makes you look fresh and alive after a night of hardly any sleep! Silky texture and amazing coverage. Although I don't tend to use this that much on blemishes as it is illuminating and makes your under eyes look awake and shiny I don't want the same effect on my spots. But this is amazing for those dark circles under your eyes, I would really recommend this to you for that purpose alone. I've had it quite a while and its lasted me such a long time, a little goes a long way.

Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer, 2 Light.
I'm sure you have all heard of this, if not have you been hiding under a huge rock? This is talked about everywhere I bet your Mums best mates Nan even has it. But you really can't go wrong with it. For under a fiver really, ticks all my boxes, covers blemishes and my dark circles. Not as good as the other two but still does the job. The only thing that lets it down is the packaging, but cheaper products that will happen. Nothing more annoying though when the writing all wares off and you can't remember what shade or actual product is if you wanted another. But still in my favorites as the job it does is more important to me. It lasts all day on me so it is lasting. If you've run out it's only £3.99 at the minute at boots, link above.

If you didn't already guess I like my concealers fairly light as it brightens up my under eye area and matches great on my skin where my blemishes are but if I am just getting concealer purely for my under eye area I always go quite light to make them look wide and awake. I personally like applying my concealer to my under eyes to cover those pesky bags, covering up bad blemishes to take the redness away, a little down my nose and a dab underneath my brows.

From left to right,

Collection, Clinique & Mally

Hope you liked my little favorite collection on concealers, what are your favorite?

Maybelline Color tattoo 24hr

Hello again lovelies, another little post for you on my favorite eye shadows at the minute. Maybelline's colour tattoo 24hr gel cream eye shadow pots. These are also 3 for 2 at the minute on all Maybelline cosmetics, I had to buy my partners mum a little something from Boots the other day, I got her a Maybelline lipstick and as I already had two of the eye shadows and loved them so I thought I would get a couple more. But I will show you them all that I have. 

I love everything about them, there pigmentation, staying power, easy application, cute little pots, colors, everything basically. The only thing I would say is a bit more variety on colors and they all seem to be a bit shimmery which I don't mind but I know its not every ones cup of tea. I have them in shades,
65- Pink gold; A beautiful pink champagne color with a lovely shine on it, looks beautiful as a natural make up look and just makes your eyes look that little bit more open.
70-Metalic Pomegranate; Which is a gorgeous dark purple, wine/raisin like color with gold flecks of shimmer running through would make a lovely dark smokey eye for Christmas I think.
35- On and On Bronze; The color I use the most, a perfect bronze, for an every day look or a smokey eye effect. Shimmer also people like to use these eye shadows as bases which will make your eye shadow on top last for ages and make the color more bolder but I think these are pigmented enough to use alone and you can make them as subtle as you like or keep applying more for a stronger deeper color on your lids.
Then lastly 40- Permanent Taupe; A gorgeous stone like effect color, grey's and purples entwined which is quite matte looking with no shimmer running through and actually goes really well with Vanilla Matte nail paint by Barry M if you feel like matching your nails with your eye shadow. 

I know MAC do paint pots and there quite pricey I would like to try them out but for £5 you can't really fault these and would really recommend trying these before you splurge on a MAC paint pot.

Try and ignore my dodgy hand gesture, but look how pigmented they are.

I love them all anyway and would like some more colors, I have seen a bright blue though and don't think I would ever wear that but personal preferences and all that. As I said I love wearing these alone and there perfect if your in a rush or not one of those people who likes spending a good ten to fifteen minutes doing there eye make up there super easy to apply and quick. The texture is beautiful on your eyelids not creasing and lasts hours! Mine has lasted me all day and night before. Is there any colors you would recommend to me? I love my little collection.

Boots Offer!

Hello lovelies, have you seen or heard of the boots offer yet? Buy two Barry M products for £9 or more and get a free Lash Vegas Mascara  which is usually priced at £6.49 and it is very easy for me to spend that amount on Barry M nail polishes as I love them. I did get three new nail polishes but I wanted to just show you the new matte effect polishes they have released. My best friend told me about this and I was so excited as I've been searching every where for a matte top coat but couldn't find one so couldn't wait to try these out. I will defiantly be getting more colors in this new effect as there fab! The other polish I got was a sparkly red which I will be showing you in the future for a nail art tutorial a Christmas edition! So keep your eyes peeled for that. But here are the new matte effect polishes.

I picked up for the time being, Espresso which is a beautiful patent black just as dark as a strong espresso a gorgeous effect. This will look great alone or underneath a white nail art tutorial or any colour in fact  A lovely bold colour. Then Vanilla which is a gorgeous beige with an undertone of lilac running through it a lovely nude shade which will look lovely any day of the week, season or on any skin tone, makes your nails look more alive. I love a good nude and this is perfect for me and makes them less dull if your not a massive fan of bold colors on your nails but don't want them too look to bland I would really recommend this to you.

Vanilla looks alot lighter on your own nail for some reason it looks darker here. Then this is the free mascara you get with your over £9 purchases.

Once I picked it up the look of the wand didn't really phase me I didn't really look that good to be honest, but it was free so can't complain and I might love it. But I will try it out for you and let you know how I got on with it, now added to my other 18 mascaras (hides face). It is in the shade black and supposed to give you BIG showgirl lashes so we shall see.

Hope you liked my mini post just to show you the offer, will you be picking this up or have you tried the matte effect polishes yet?

Magazine monthly freebies.

Hello my lovelies, nearly monday again. Why is it the weekends go far too fast? Boo. But anyway it is quite late into the month now but here are the magazine frrebies this month if you haven't got round to getting them yet. Also this month is far better from last month there was only one last month I think. So here is what you get this month.

Company £2.50 November 2013 Issue.

The gorgeous Lucy Hale from Pretty little liars on the front cover rocking a gorgeous russian coat that you can get from river island. She always has the most gorgeous smokey eyes. In this months magazine you get two little nail polishes Company's own brand. There are four to choose from and I got the shades Cara and Alexa? I'm presuming that's the name of the polishes. Cara being the pink toned one with a fuchsia undertone and Alexa being the dark stone like colour with a hint of purple. Both gorgeous colours I love my polishes as I love trying out new nail art designs so was happy with these freebies thanks Company! 

Cosmopolitan £3.60 November 2013 Issue.

J.lo still looking god damn hot after children with even tips inside to get her waist. Only four steps apparently for me I would have to stop eating would be one ha, but great freebie in this months issue! A St.Tropez Instant tan wash off for face and body! For those of you who are going out last minute this is brilliant or just for those people who hate having to wait for the tan to come of I find these much more easier the only thing is if you get a drink spilled down you on a night out or it rains your in danger! Well that's what happens with normal wash off fake tans but I shall do a review of this for you once I've tried it. I'm very excited and Light to Medium should be ok on me as I'm as pale as Casper. I've actually just rubbed I tiny bit on my hand and it blended in lovely and actually smells so nice like perfume! So no icky fake tan scent which you usually get a winner already in my eyes. Can't go wrong for a 50ml bottle with a magazine for under £4! 

Glamour £2 November 2013 Issue.

If you already have read my blog you know I have a really annoying puppy and yes as you guessed he got hold of this the bugger so I apologize for the state it is in. I get this magazine every month without fail and the one I picked up this month didn't have a freebie in! Until I walked in Morrison's and seen it with a freebie! But luckily I already had this so I could show you, so make sure you have a good look around first before you get this magazine if it is also a fave of yours. I absolutely love the Eyeko skinny mini liquid eyeliner every time I put liquid eyeliner on this is the one I always choose I think there is a review somewhere on my blog if you would like to check that out. I would really recommend getting this magazine purely just for that though as they are more expensive than a £2 bargain.

Marie Claire £3.90 November 2013 Issue.

Zooey Deschanel looking beautiful and elegant on the cover with beautiful make up sharing her life on love, bullies and revenge with a lovely freebie of L'Occitane hand cream, there are a few to choose from and I picked up subtle violet. It really is very subtle fresh floral scented, I love there hand creams there so rich, creamy and hydrating but don't take hours to sink into your palms so your not waiting around for ages flapping your hands about. A cute little 30ml size to to easily fit in your handbag for a quick fix. I love there packaging also so cute and colourful. 

Instyle £3.90 £2 November 2013 Issue.

How gorgeous does Drew Barrymore look with a bold red lip? With her flawless complexion too, I also think light hair suits her much more. Instyle only £2 this month too and to get a fantastic freebie of Ren goodies. A sweet little trio of skin care goodies including, Day cream, eye gel and gentle cleansing milk. All things I love, I've tried a different set of ren samples and loved them so I'm sure I will also love these. Looking much forward to trying them out. They come in a little handy packet too if you wanted to use them on your travels/holiday etc.

Red £4 November 2013 Issue.

In this months Red issue you not only get a free body lotion from this works but you also get a free style magazine in association with House of Fraser. The body lotion you get free with this magazine is supposed to refresh and firm your body for instantly younger looking skin, toning it and making it glow. So here's hoping, I shall try this out though and let you know how I get along with it. I'm not mad keen on the scent but as long as it works I can make do with the scent. Its the rose oil inside I think, I've never been too keen on that scent. But I will defiantly try this out maybe before all my other body lotions I have stacked up in a basket. 

Hope you found this useful if you haven't yet gone out to buy your magazines yet or see a freebie that your dying to try out. Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend lovelies and expect more posts next week.

Little Birmingham Haul.

Hello lovelies, how are you all? Enjoying your weekend I hope, I have this weekend and me and the boyfriend have been doing some well over due retail therapy. I love Birmingham for shopping it has everything I need/want which ever you prefer. So here is what I got today.

Apart from the shops you can see I've been to above I also went into the Disney store and got Oscar a Donald Duck teddy and a Christmassy Mickey Mouse bouncing ball, for once I insisted we kept them for Christmas and Dan usually being the scrooge of the pair of us said no we must give them him. So naughty us we did, but he loved them both very much! He loves his cuddly toys and does the cutest ahh sound with a big cuddle now, its the sweetest thing! Then Dan finally caved in and brought himself Fifa 14 so yes as you guessed that's the TV taken over now. But that means I can blog in peace without him shouting at me haha.

Now the more exiting bit, what I purchased thanks to my lovely boyfriend treating me.
Where shall we start first? Dying to see what I brought from MAC? Well don't get to excited, I'm still pretty new to MAC and only have a few things from there brand foundation, bronzer and lipsticks and as my favorite foundation ran out I needed a re purchase! I do really want to try out there pigments and was told vanilla was lovely but after speaking to a lovely assistant there she showed me vanilla and naked and naked looked more suited to my skin tone and not too white looking so really tempted to get that soon for a beautiful highlighter. But back to what I bought I got the MAC Studio sculpt spf15 foundation in NW20. This has been my most favorite foundation ever, I have quite an oily T-zone with dry areas every where else and this fits perfectly with my skin type. It is medium to full coverage which I love, its a creamy gel based foundation which is also hydrating on my dry areas that leaves no nasty patches and long wearing. It makes my skin look smooth and soft and I just have to dab a little bit of powder on my T-zone to keep the sheen at bay a little. But makes my skin look plush with a satin finish.

Next! Muji, I was having a good wander around the Muji store and wanted everything really but what I was really after was some deeper draws to fit my foundations in as my other drawers only fit in my lipsticks/mascaras in so was in need of one of those so that's all I brought from there today but I shall be getting some more for my blushers and bronzers in the near future. So here is my Muji Acrylic 2 drawers wide storage box. It fits all my foundations and BB creams perfectly and looks great on my dressing table I love the look of the acrylic drawers, I think it looks clean, fresh and much more tidy. I shall be doing another updated make up storage once I have filled most of my make up in the acrylic drawers as I love them!

Primark or as I like to call it Primarni haha, I only picked a couple of things up in here as I only wanted a pair of leggings but as the cute Christmas stock is in there now I couldn't resist a cute pair of slippers and socks! You can't not have a new pair of socks for Christmas! And these are the cutest socks ever, a pug saying ho ho ho?! Also Mickey mouse slippers which Oscar loves! He kept grabbing the Mickey's on them so don't know how long those are going to last on there. There cute non the less. Then just a standard pair of black leggings as I'm always finding little holes in mine and for £3 why not get another pair?

All you pug lovers must love these right?! 

Then lastly my favorite shop of them all LUSH! Most people like to get drunk on the weekend, Oh no not me there's nothing more I love than a hot bubbly bath with a Lush bath bomb or bath melt. Makes me feel all heavenly inside my boyfriend thinks I'm very sad of course to get so excited over a new bath product, well that's just me! Love me or hate me haha. All the Christmas stock is out and new things, I love there Christmas stock and actually suprised myself and did not buy snow fairy! I may get it when I venture to Birmingham again when the German market is on though as I do love the stuff smells amazing and so sweet. But this is what I picked up today.

I wasn't too naughty and only spent a little of £20 and got mostly what I was after, me and Dan both love The Comforter, it is our favorite product from Lush by far. Every time we make a Lush order we always have this. Weather it be online or in store its amazing smells so good. Its so fruity and sweet rolled into one and makes your bath all fluffy and pink you just can't wait to dive in it. It defiantly has the perfect name for it as it is the most comforting bath ever. 

Cinders, I brought this last year and fell in love with the scent, I love strong Christmassy smells such as cinnamon and strong fruits and this is meant to make you think of the crackling warm fireside and it defiantly does with the crackling sound the bath bomb makes at the bottom of the bath whilst smelling the rich tones around you, its the most perfect Christmassy wind down bath time.

Candy Mountain, I couldn't resist this cute little pyramid of pinkness. It smells just like snow fairy with a hint of vanilla. Its covered in sparkles and so sweet smelling but as you know I love the sweet smells and there not for everyone but for those of you who love snow fairy you will really love this! And who wouldn't want a sweet smelling pink sparkly bath to brighten up there day and bring out there inner child? Yum.

Star Light, Star Bright. This bath melt is a citrus dream, A creamy feeling nose dream I could smell this all day, it's so fresh and citrussy. Lots of shea and cocoa butter inside to make your skin feel amazing. I love the look of this product its so adorable a cute silver glittery star. I don't want to melt it away but I am really looking forward to this starry night. 'Catch a falling star and put in your... bath save it for a rainy day ;)' My key board is covered in glitter at the minute as I can't put this down it just smells amazing, go to Lush now and smell it honestly you citrus scent lovers.

The melting snowman, the cutest ever bath melt yet. I also bought this last year as it smells amazing! Cinnamon again with almond scents but how could you not buy this cute little thing? I hate popping him in the bath because I want him to stay on my shelf forever but he makes your bath so much better with mounds of bubbles and making you skin lovely and soft. Again if you love strong Christmas like scents you will adore this little fella as much as I do. The detailing is just brilliant even down to his cute little carrot nose.

Then lastly but defiantly not least a new product I couldn't wait to try was the Santa's Lip Scrub. I can't remember seeing this last year but I had to pick it up this year. It is adorable inside, Red with cute little hearts in a lot of love of Santa baby. Smells delicious of coca cola and cherries which is edible! So rub it all over you nasty chapped lips for softer lips this winter to kiss that special someone under the mistletoe this year. I currently use the Bubble gum lip scrub which I adore but I had to try this and I already love the scent and I've just tried a tiny bit on my lips and it tastes amazing! I just want to eat the pot.

I hope you liked my little haul and wonder if your all excited for Christmas this year as much as I am? Apologies if the picture quality isn't the best but we got back when it was very dark as the nights are getting darker very quickly now and I couldn't wait till the next day to take them and put the post up so had to make do with home lighting so I hope you don't mind. Also if there is any MAC products you could recommend to me please do in the comments below lovelies, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Lots of love.