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My favorite concealers.

Hello my lovelies, mid week woo nearly Friday. Today I thought I would share with you the concealers I'm loving at the minute. Growing up I never even bothered with concealer as I never suffered with spots really or big bags! But since having a child and not eating the best of foods its took its toll on my skin so I've needed some extra cover ups for those nasty blemishes and no sleep under eye situations. So this is what I'm loving at the minute.

Mally - Cancellation concealer system, Light/Medium.
I love this concealer, most probably the best out of my whole collection including my favorites. As you can tell hitting pan! Mally is a brand I'd never heard of till I was flicking through the channels one day and seen them on QVC and they had an offer on and I'm not quite sure how much it was for the set around £30 which is fantastic as this alone prices for $35 on there own website. But defiantly worth it, it never cakes its lovely and creamy and hides my blemishes a treat and also my horrible dark bags there gone in seconds then you can use the translucent setting powder with it to keep it in place but I never tend to as I worry round that area as my skin is quite dry and maybe would make it look quite cakey. But this is brilliant for me and always have this on me for touch ups if needed.

Clinique - Airbrush concealer, 04 Neutral fair.
I adore the click brush setting on this concealer as it always gives you the right amount needed without any wastage. This is another of my faves as it is so illuminating, it makes you look fresh and alive after a night of hardly any sleep! Silky texture and amazing coverage. Although I don't tend to use this that much on blemishes as it is illuminating and makes your under eyes look awake and shiny I don't want the same effect on my spots. But this is amazing for those dark circles under your eyes, I would really recommend this to you for that purpose alone. I've had it quite a while and its lasted me such a long time, a little goes a long way.

Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer, 2 Light.
I'm sure you have all heard of this, if not have you been hiding under a huge rock? This is talked about everywhere I bet your Mums best mates Nan even has it. But you really can't go wrong with it. For under a fiver really, ticks all my boxes, covers blemishes and my dark circles. Not as good as the other two but still does the job. The only thing that lets it down is the packaging, but cheaper products that will happen. Nothing more annoying though when the writing all wares off and you can't remember what shade or actual product is if you wanted another. But still in my favorites as the job it does is more important to me. It lasts all day on me so it is lasting. If you've run out it's only £3.99 at the minute at boots, link above.

If you didn't already guess I like my concealers fairly light as it brightens up my under eye area and matches great on my skin where my blemishes are but if I am just getting concealer purely for my under eye area I always go quite light to make them look wide and awake. I personally like applying my concealer to my under eyes to cover those pesky bags, covering up bad blemishes to take the redness away, a little down my nose and a dab underneath my brows.

From left to right,

Collection, Clinique & Mally

Hope you liked my little favorite collection on concealers, what are your favorite?

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